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78 Capturing the Adulterers

 The next morning, as soon as Han Yufan and Mo Yurou entered the office, they were greeted with a mountain of presents on Han Yufan's desk. Mo Yurou looked around and realized she had forgotten Han Yufan's birthday...

Previously, for his birthday, she had always planned something special to hold onto him so Tangning would be left to wait around stupidly. However, times had changed. After experiencing the excitement of cheating, Mo Yurou realized she could no longer turn back.

"Yufan, I've been unwell the past few days, so...I haven't prepared a present for you," Mo Yurou said as she hung on to Han Yufan's shoulder and drew circles on his chest with her delicate fingers; she knew this was his weakness.

As expected, Han Yufan grabbed onto her right hand and responded forgivingly, "I know, it's hard for you to be pregnant, but tonight, you need to make up for it..."

Han Yufan's ambiguous words passed through her ear. At the same time, she could also feel his hot breath on her earlobe. Mo Yurou smiled shyly as she nodded, "OK..."

After all, they had been together for a few years now; she couldn't possibly disregard him completely...thinking that Tangning may take this opportunity to get back with Han Yufan, she felt like she had to protect her pride.

Even if she didn't want him...

...she couldn't let Tangning have him!

So, she decided she'd cancel the meeting with Mr. Li and spend the night with Han Yufan.

"Yufan, do you think...amongst these presents, there would be one from Tangning?"

In reality, Han Yufan had already questioned this. Would Tangning still care about his birthday? In previous years, she had always prepared a present for him wholeheartedly; but he always ended up spending the night beside Mo Yurou making Tangning wait all night by herself. At that time, he thought Tangning would always be like that; in the palm of his hands...

"Let me have a look..." Mo Yurou was determined to humiliate Tangning as she searched through the presents, however, she was disappointed to find nothing, "Seems that sl*t has learnt to behave. But Yufan, it's been a while since we've had a meal with the staff. How about Tangning to join us for lunch?"

Han Yufan understood her intention as he furrowed his brows. In the end, he nodded in agreement, "You give her a phone call then."

Mo Yurou gave a girly smile before grabbing the phone from Han Yufan's pocket and ringing Tangning's number.

"Tangning, today is Yufan's birthday. We are having a staff lunch, will you come?" Mo Yurou asked with the attitude of a winner; she felt proud that she was using Han Yufan's phone to call her.

"Oh, Tangning is busy. She is currently filming something for TQ..." Long Jie's voice responded from the other side of the phone.

"Is she busy or is she not brave enough to attend?"

"Miss Mo, I know you are desperate for Tangning to see your live show of affection, but Tangning does not have the time to attend so-and-so's birthday. You don't have any work, but her schedule is full..."


Long Jie sneered as she hung up the phone. She couldn't be bothered to continue with Mo Yurou.

Tangning noticed Long Jie smiling at her and she smiled back; this would be Tianyi's final celebration.


Night hit. Han Yufan and Mo Yurou entered Champagne Hotel together. Han Yufan had blacked out from drinking too much, so after placing him on the bed she started unbuttoning his shirt.

At this time, she received a phone call from Mr. Li. Mo Yurou anxiously ran into the bathroom to pick up the phone, "Mr. Li, didn't we agree tonight was canceled?"

"Then do you still want Creative Century's contract? I am in room 3029..."

Hearing Creative Century being mentioned, Mo Yurou's heart raced. This was an opportunity she had been waiting for for a long time, she couldn't let it go. After all, Han Yufan was completely drunk, he probably wouldn't know she's gone.

After weighing the pros and cons, Mo Yurou stopped hesitating. She helped Han Yufan settle into bed before catching the lift to the 30th floor. However, she never expected, Han Yufan would wake up in the middle of the night...

Realizing Mo Yurou wasn't in the room, Han Yufan immediately sat up and rang Mo Yurou's phone; Mo Yurou didn't pick up. It was the middle of the night, where could she have gone?

He ended up questioning the reception desk and checking with the monitoring room; afraid that Mo Yurou may have gotten in danger. But, after the hotel showed him the security footage, he realized Mo Yurou had gone to the 30th floor and snuck into room 29.

"Mr. Han, do you want us to send someone with you?" the security guards asked.

"No, it's OK," Han Yufan's face looked sick. Although he hadn't witnessed it himself, he could already guess what was going on. So he clenched his fist tightly where others couldn't see.

Normally, the hotel respected their guests' privacy; footage like this was normal, but they never dared to expose it. However, this man had just caught them in the act!

Everyone looked at Han Yufan in sympathy. The feeling of humiliation tore his heart apart painfully.

"Mr. Han, are you OK?"

Han Yufan's face was pale and his legs were weak. However, he maintained his calm attitude as he stepped out of the monitoring room and boarded the lift to the 30th floor.

He didn't know when he ended up knocking on the door of room 29. He pretended to be a staff member...until the door opened and Mo Yurou stood in the doorway wearing her nightgown...

Upon seeing her, he slapped her square across the face like a lion releasing its anger; Mo Yurou fell to the ground. Meanwhile, at this time, the man that was having an affair with Mo Yurou was lying sideways on the bed; sound asleep...

"Yufan...Yufan, don't offend him, you can't offend him," Mo Yurou held onto Han Yufan and pushed him out of the room before closing the door.

"Go away..." Han Yufan pushed Mo Yurou away.

His tall figure quickly disappeared at the end of the red-carpeted hallway.

Mo Yurou collapsed; her eyes contained a sense of fear as she trembled...

Everything had happened too quickly and too suddenly...

A while later, the room door opened and Mr. Li stepped out to help Mo Yurou back in the room as he convinced her, "What do you need a man like that for? You will be leaving Tianyi soon and you will be receiving a Top Ten Model Award. It doesn't matter if your relationship is destroyed at this point..."

"As for Tangning, she's so arrogant, do you think she can continue on like this? Sooner or later she will be stepped all over by you."

Hearing these comforting words, Mo Yurou slowly calmed down; this was the truth.

Han Yufan, you should blame yourself for being useless, not me for being heartless...

"But, he holds important evidence against me..."

"Precious. If he exposes it, it won't be beneficial for him either. If he is smart enough, he will stay quiet!" Mr. Li sneered.

Just to make sure, he got someone to erase the footage from the hotel later that night.