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60 All Your Contracts, Ill Look At Them

 "She already predicted I wanted to become her manager, so she showed me offers from both Creative Century and Star Age as a threat. If I dare to publicly announce I am to become her manager, she will also publicly announce she is canceling her contract with Tianyi," Han Ruoxue spoke to Han Yufan with an extremely cold tone as she looked at Tangning. "Yufan, she is using this method to tell us we should be grateful that she is staying in Tianyi and that we shouldn't treat her casually."

"She has no shame, so cheap!"

"I have never hated an artist to this extent. I hate her so much that I want to tear her into a million pieces. Go speak to her, this can't be her only request."

From the looks of it, after all the times they had confronted each other, Han Ruoxue had developed a certain level of understanding towards Tangning.

She had never thought, as a top manager, she would fall into the hands of someone like her.

Han Yufan looked at Tangning and motioned her to meet in the waiting room. Accompanied by Long Jie, Tangning headed backstage. The three of them stood in a room as Long Jie looked cautiously at Han Yufan.

"What do you want?"

"Give Lin Wei her freedom," Tangning set out her condition, "Or else I will set both Lin Wei and myself free - far away from Tianyi."

"Fine, I agree to let Lin Wei go. But you can't leave," Han Yufan spoke coldly. The waiting room was silent for a while before Han Yufan continued, "How badly do you hate me for you to think of so many sinister plans to force Yurou and I to this point? My sister wanted to be your manager so she could support you. Who would have thought you'd use canceling your contract to threaten Tianyi..."

"Han Yufan, to you, everything Mo Yurou and your sister do are right, whereas my counterattack is sinister and scheming. I've said it before...I don't initiate an attack on others, but no one should be calculative towards me," Tangning's voice was calm, but also contained an undeniable power. "By the way, how come we don't see Mo Yurou?"

"Did you think I would allow Yurou to come here and get hurt?"

"Whether she would get hurt, I'm not sure. I just know that you should keep your eye on her...don't tell me you don't understand what kind of person she is? The cutoff for the Top Ten Model Awards is tomorrow. What do you think she would do to get what she wants?"

Han Yufan was stunned for a moment, but he remained stubborn, "Did you think she is calculative like you? To me, she is a bit careless, but...she would never be ruthless like you - stabbing your ex in the back and stepping on the sister that treated you like family."

"Really?" Tangning asked as she looked at Han Yufan, suggesting she thought otherwise. Afterwards, she turned around to leave the room. Not long after, Han Ruoxue entered the room to question Han Yufan.

"What does she want?"

"She will stay, but Lin Wei will be set free," Han Yufan replied.

"Yufan, I'm guessing, with other big companies throwing her alternative options, the fact that she's choosing to stay in Tianyi, must mean she has an even bigger plan ahead. Tangning obviously wants to destroy the Han family; she hates you so much. Yet, we can't seem to do anything about it," Han Ruoxue gripped onto the wine glass in her hand as if she was strangling Tangning's neck.

"Then, what's our next move?" Han Yufan felt powerless towards Tangning.

"I think it's time I go look for mum..."

As the wife of a famous director, Mother Han had many contacts within the industry. They would have to see if she had any ideas on how to easily defeat Tangning.


Hong Fan Hotel. In a strictly confidential room. An ambiguous atmosphere lingered. Mo Yurou lay in the arms of a stranger and successfully obtained a promise, "My precious, you don't need to worry, go home and wait for the good news. The Top Ten Model Awards is pretty much guaranteed."

Mo Yurou smiled as she peeled away the bed sheets and got up. While she put on her clothes she asked, "Mr. Li, for the sake of insurance, you don't mind that I recorded a video, right? After all, you and I are both clear about this industry; nothing is guaranteed. So...I need to have all bases covered."

"What? You recorded a video?" he had no idea Mo Yurou would do something like this.

"As long as I receive an award, the video will immediately be returned to you. Mr. Li, I'll go home and wait for the good news..."

Mr. Li's face twitched. In the end, all he could do was watch as Mo Yurou left. He never imagined he would have to suffer the consequences of his carelessness.

Mo Yurou walked out the main lobby of the hotel and boarded the car her assistant had prepared for her. In the dark of the night, she left without anyone noticing.

"Yurou, should we go to the hospital for a check-up?" the assistant looked at her and asked.

"No need, I'm fine," Mo Yurou shook her head. In order to please Han Yufan in bed, she had already trained herself previously and understood the best way to protect herself. "Hurry, let's go home. I don't want Yufan to suspect anything."

"Yurou, you've given up too much."

"If not, what would I use to go up against Tangning?" Mo Yurou looked out the window; her face was full of hatred. However, she had no idea, all the effort she was putting in to get the award, was in fact...throwing herself into Tangning's trap.

This was the entertainment industry; an industry where people were eaten whole. On the outside, it appeared bright and glamorous, but, within it, how many people actually managed to keep their bottom line?

Hyatt Regency. 10pm.

After Tangning finished speaking to Lin Wei on the phone, she turned around and looked at Mo Ting who was sitting on the sofa. On the table sat her 20-30 offers. No matter how big or small they were, he was going to personally look through each one.

Tangning's heart ached as she sat by his side, "Don't look at them anymore, leave these contracts for Long Jie to handle, it's not an issue."

"It's OK for Long Jie to look at the contracts, but she doesn't know how to pick out the good ones." Mo Ting wrapped his arm around her and spoke, "Is the issue with Lin Wei sorted?"

"Tianyi has canceled her contract and allowed her to go," Tangning nodded. "Ting, you really don't need to look at them anymore, I want you to get some rest..."

"Do you think I would look at just anyone's contracts? Mrs. Mo, no matter how small of an issue it is, if it is yours - then in my heart it is important."

"In that case, let me give you a massage," Tangning stood up and walked behind Mo Ting as she started massaging his back.

"Tianyi definitely would have figured by now they can't hold on to you. Throughout the judging period of the Top Ten Model Awards, I will help you take note of what they are doing. Han Ruoxue definitely won't let you go easily. So, during this time, all your contracts - I'll look at them."

"Who else's contracts have you looked at?" Tangning asked with a slight smile, this wasn't something that had ever crossed her mind.

"Do you really want to know?" Mo Ting asked her back.