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Chapter 372 - Certification

 Gu Fei did not dawdle as he ran off, the decisiveness in fleeing apparent through his actions alone. After all, this was a question that martial art families had long pondered over. The decline of kung fu was clearly related to their strict criteria when choosing potential disciples. It could be said that it was far more difficult to find a disciple than a teacher simply from the fact that it was pointless if the person was unable to shoulder the responsibility of protecting world peace, nor was there any discernible benefits for day-to-day life as well as the high requirements expected of potential disciples.

Despite this, the Gu Family Gu Fei hailed from never once wavered from this principle. It was their staunch belief that kung fu should be used to cultivate an Ultraman, and it should never be used to create a monster. Considering how many people disdained practicing martial arts within his own family, what more could be said about outsiders?

As Gu Fei thought about these matters, he could not help but feel a wave of sadness overcome him.

When those players from Yunduan City saw how determined Gu Fei was to flee, plenty of them quickly gave up chasing him. It was clear the message he was sending by running off like that. There was no point in giving chase if he had no wish to impart his skills. Quite a few of them revealed their displeasure at this, thinking Gu Fei was being far too arrogant playing this game; he had already been such a strong entity for so long, he should contribute his methods to the public so everyone could become strong together.

But since Gu Fei appeared to be unwilling, the rest had no choice either, and all they could do was wallow in their anger deep down. But more to the point was the fact that even if they gave chase, a large portion of them did not even have the movement speed necessary to catch up to him.

But out of all these people, there was indeed someone whose movement speed clearly outstripped that of Gu Fei. This person did not give up, continuing the chase with rugged determination. This person's speed was so formidable, that Gu Fei did not even need to turn around to look, just from the footsteps alone, he was able to recognize who this person was.

There was only one person that Gu Fei knew that could so easily catch up to him: Svelte Dancer.

A quick glance confirmed this red figure to be her. Gu Fei had already lost count how many times he had seen this figure of hers fiercely plunging into clouds without any restraint, causing bursts of white light to follow moments after. Never would he have guessed there would be a day when this person would be chasing after him!

But if it is this woman who wishes to learn... Gu Fei considered this and felt that Svelte Dancer's character was not particularly bad. Aside from being a little overbearing and her habit of insta-killing people regularly. Teach her kung fu? Gu Fei could not decide at this moment.

Honestly speaking, Gu Fei did not have much experience when it came to accepting disciples. According to the rules, he would have to obtain the approval of his own master before he could open his own Martial Hall. Gu Fei's master was, of course, his father, but he had never given him this right. It was fine for him to casually give a few pointers to Coward's Savior, but Gu Fei was not yet certified to take in disciples like a real master.

Svelte Dancer had already rushed up to Gu Fei in the time it took for him to think about all this, and before Gu Fei could even say a word, she had already verbally lashed out at him, "Oi, I never thought you were the petty sort!"

Gu Fei's train of thought stopped abruptly as he quickly registered what she said, smiling bitterly. "You don't understand."

"What don't I understand?!?! You shouldn't be like this; gotta share it with everyone if you've got something fun to play! To think you actually fled in fright, that's just so unsightly! This is so unlike you!" Svelte Dancer said.

Gu Fei could not hold back and asked, "So what exactly am I like?"

"Uhmm.. This.." Svelte Dancer was evasive, thinking for the longest time before realizing she actually was not particularly well acquainted with Gu Fei, finally saying angrily, "Don't run even if you're unwilling to teach them! Just kill them all!"

Gu Fei was speechless.

Svelte Dancer was extremely pleased with herself. "So, at a loss for words eh? That's why I'm saying, how could you act like that!"

"I told you, you don't understand!" Gu Fei sighed as he turned to gaze over at the crowd. It looked as if no one elsehad continued to stubbornly give chase like Svelte Dancer did.

Not one of them did. Even though Gu Fei had already stopped running now that Svelte Dancer had caught up to him, the other players from Yunduan City still remained where they were, not a single one making their way over. At most some of them were looking over in their direction.

Gu Fei was not omniscient, so he did not know that even though none of them had run over, the topic of discussion was still about him.

"Ah, Svelte Dancer caught up with that youngster," someone sighed in awe.

"With her speed, I doubt there is anyone out that that could compete with her. Looks like even Thousand Miles Drunk is no match, either!"

"Thousand Miles Drunk has stopped too!"

"The two of them seem to be talking!"

"Wonder what are they talking about?"

When someone raised this question, many of them instantly thought of the answer. Everybody had only one reason for chasing after Gu Fei, and Svelte Dancer was no exception. Whenever Svelte Dancer wanted something, unless it was something non-existent in the game, there was nothing that she would not have trouble obtaining, since she had really deep pockets.

With that thought in mind, plenty of them began to regret their actions. They regretted not realizing the situation at hand from the start, actually pursuing Gu Fei for his tutelage so nakedly; they should have cried out their bids upon approaching him! But now the deed was done. With Svelte Dancer taking the starting bid, how would anyone else be able to match the price she set?

The average person would often have the misconception that rich people were all unscrupulous; anything that could be ordinarily be bought with five hundred dollars would surely become a thousand dollars in order to flaunt the fact that they were a rich person, but the reality was far from this.

Tthe actual reality right now was that Svelte Dancer had not even mentioned money when talking to Gu Fei. After Gu Fei elaborated further about the problem with imparting martial arts to people, Svelte Dancer was confused by all this, blankly saying once he finished, "Is there a need to complicate things like that?"

"Of course. There's fewer and fewer people learning kung fu largely due to all the restraints that exist," Gu Fei said.

"Just ignore them!" Svelte Dancer said.

"That's even worse. The more profound the knowledge is, the greater the necessity for these limitations," Gu Fei said.

"Stop blowing your own trumpet!" Svelte Dancer was discontented.

Gu Fei laughed, yet Svelte Dancer seemed to have thought of something as she suddenly asked, "Do you think I'm qualified?"

Gu Fei was stunned. From Svelte Dancer's words and actions, Gu Fei knew that this lady originally held no intentions when she first approached him. After all, she already possessed the strength to dominate most of the players in Parallel World; even Gu Fei found this woman's speed and reaction time difficult to deal with. When she asked this question at this point of time, Gu Fei knew that she was probably asking for the heck of it, not really seriously considering the notion in the least.

"Well... that..." Gu Fei hemmed and hawed.

"What are you trying to say?" Svelte Dancer pressed him as her eyes sharpened.

"You're fine.. You're fine.." Gu Fei vaguely answered. He had no choice but to say this, because when talking to Svelte Dancer about his struggles with taking in disciples, he mentioned that the thing he placed the greatest importance on was the person's character, not caring for the qualification, talent, or even the physical fitness of the person in question. Thus, if Gu Fei were to say Svelte Dancer did not qualify, it was as good as saying her character was problematic. Seeing how she was, Gu Fei would likely have to risk his life if he really said that.

Indeed, Svelte Dancer nodded her head when she got this answer, even commending Gu Fei as she said, "In that case, this lady here will allow you to teach me a few things!"

"Sorry, but I don't have the proper qualifications to take in my own disciples yet," Gu Fei chuckled. As expected, Svelte Dancer really took up the chance when offered, but Gu Fei had already prepared for this, lightly rebuffing Svelte Dancer with a convenient excuse.

"Hah, you wish!" Svelte Dancer said, "Did I say I would take you as my master? All I'm saying is that you can casually give me a few tips and tricks to entertain me."

"In that case, I'll have to think about it. I'll teach you something suitable for you once I think of something," Gu Fei said.

"That's more like it!" Svelte Dancer was finally satisfied.

"Alright, head on back first!" Gu Fei said.

"What about you?" Svelte Dancer asked.

"I... I think I'll wait till they've calmed down a bit before saying a few words. Otherwise I'll follow them from a distance like this, lending a hand if anything crops up," Gu Fei said.

"I'll try and explain the matter for you when I get back," Svelte Dancer said.

"Mmm, that's not bad, too."

With that, Svelte Dancer returned to the main body, attracting quite a commotion from the rest of players.

"Svelte Dancer's back!"

When she got closer, the Sharpshooters among them had already noticed that Svelte Dancer looked to be elated as she made her way back.

She got it! Everyone thought this as they stared at Svelte Dancer. Many of them could hardly hold themselves back, as they recited the sentence they had readied in their minds over and over again.

Even the guild leader of Traversing Four Seas, Oathless Sword was no exception. He licked his dry lips, thinking that no matter how high the price Svelte Dancer had negotiated, he was sure to be able to afford it with the backing of his whole guild. How wonderful it would be if he was able to share it with the rest of the comrades in his guild after he learned it himself!

With such an optimistic thought in his mind, Oathless Sword was just about to step forward and ask Svelte Dancer about the matter when Young Master Han stepped right before him.

"Guild Leader Oathless, are we still doing this quest or not?" Young Master Han asked icily.

"Ah, quest!" Oathless Sword was immediately reminded of the matter at hand. Those five men that had been blocking their way left, but they had yet to make a move after all this time. They should have been seizing every second they had to quickly send Todd into the Prison. The faster they did that, the less problems they would meet!

Oathless Sword quickly gave out his orders to everyone, "What are we all standing around idly for, let's hurry and carry on the journey!"

The company began to move, and Svelte Dancer had already melded into the crowd, returning back into the circle of ladies from Amethyst Rebirth.

A player sneakily made his way over to immediately, nodding his head with a slight bow, "Lady Svelte."

"What?" Svelte Dancer glared.

"That, how did it go with Thousand Miles Drunk?" that person asked, as the rest of them stood by the side listening in.

"What do you mean, how did it go?"

"Of course I'm talking about that. Thousand Miles Drunk's kung fu; how much did it cost to get him to teach you?"

"Cost?" Svelte Dancer angrily replied, "Is kung fu something you use money to obtain? Let me tell you guys something, if you wish to learn kung fu, you gotta first think about your character; anyone who conducts himself or herself poorly can forget about it. This is a craft for that man, the first thing that he attaches importance to is your virtue. Money, money, money! All you think about is money! Just from that thought of yours alone, I think you're already disqualified!"