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Chapter 213 - Charge!

 Chapter 213 - Charge!

The six men of Young Master's Elite received quite the scare upon seeing the mess that High Cloud was.

It was not possible for all seven hundred fifty members of a level 5 guild like Traversing Four Seas to know each other, but since there was an item like an emblem that could not be faked to prove a member's belongingness into a guild, whenever there was a group PvP, no one would mistakenly kill or be killed as long as he or she was wearing the said item.

Mercenary groups, for their part, did not have emblems to prove the identity of their members. Perhaps, this was because the current size of mercenary groups had yet to reach the level in which the members would have to prove their identities. The highest level mercenary group right now was at level 5 with just one hundred members, after all. While recognizing all seven hundred fifty players of a guild was impossible, familiarizing with the faces of one hundred individuals was not. This was why there had never been cases in the mercenary PvP tournament where players would mistake their comrades for the enemies and vice versa... until now, that was.

It was a wonder how High Cloud mercenary group had managed make it into the Final 16 with some of its members not being able to differentiate between their fellow mercenaries and enemies. But while the enemies mistook the members of Young Master's Elite for their comrades, the six men did not mistake the enemies for what they were. It must have been a surprise for these people for Royal God Call to wave at them friendlily. And yet, Royal God Call's wave was not really done to act friendly with the enemies but was due to him feeling excited at having the chance to test out his newly bought equipment on them. Who knew that the enemies would actually be driven off by his greeting?

All six were at a loss for words. Royal God Call was the first to recover himself. Revealing a vicious expression on his face, he hurriedly rectified his mistake by sending off an arrow to one of the men walking away.

Royal God Call's bow was called Sniper's Scream, yet the arrow he had fired off from it did not produce a loud whistling sound and instead produced a crisp shrill sound as it sailed through the air.


"AH!" The arrow made its target gasp for his final breath, which eventually turned into a scream that filled the air.

The screaming person disappeared into a stream of white light. Royal God Call was elated, as he had never experienced insta-killing a player of the same level before. While he could insta-kill any player at level 30 or lower, such a feat was just like how the common saying on the internet put it: "Insta-killing a noob is never amazing. It's only amazing when one can insta-kill a player of the same level." The self-proclaimed top-expert Royal God Call had been after this achievement, but his equipment had unfortunately not been up to par. Thanks to his newly bought equipment, he could finally experience this kind of exhilaration once more.

Having accomplished the feat, Royal God Call grabbed Gu Fei, "Enhanced Snipe! Snipe is enhanced!" Among them, only Gu Fei had tasted the joy of insta-killing a player of the same level, which was something Royal God Call had been envious of for the longest time.

"What are you on about?! Get outta the way!" Gu Fei shoved Royal God Call to the side as he picked up his sword to attack.

"No, don't! Leave them to your bros!" War Without Wounds hurriedly shouted, fearing that Gu Fei would cast a spell that would kill off all their enemies.

"You don't understand anything about me!" Gu Fei said to War Without Wounds in frustration before rushing down the hill.

Sword Demon did not let himself to be outdone by Gu Fei. Pulling out his dagger, he then activated Fleetfoot and chased after Gu Fei.

"Oh, f*ck! Wait for me, you two!" War Without Wounds was in tears as he charged after the two down the hill.

"Blessings! Don't you guys want my blessings?!" Brother Assist quickly waved his staff about, yet he only managed to grant Blessing of Strength on War Without Wounds.

"Go ahead and run along. I won't heal you guys if you leave my range!" Young Master Han said indifferently. He then decisively sat on the ground and took out another bottle of liquor.

Young Master's Elite also strongly lacked unity at this moment, but this was only because these experts did not need to team up just to dispose of four enemies.

Gu Fei sprinted down the hill first, yet Sword Demon swiftly caught up to him, seemingly even able to accelerate past him now. This gave Gu Fei quite the scare. Having allocated all his points into Agility and having afforded of the additional movement speed trait of Windchaser's Boots, the Mage Gu Fei had always bested the Thief Sword Demon in terms of speed. Before, Sword Demon could only match Gu Fei's speed by activating Fleetfoot. Right now, however, he appeared to be even slightly faster than Gu Fei and seemed to be capable of leaving the latter in the dust.

"Did you change your footwear?" Gu Fei asked.

Sword Demon smiled, "Windchaser's Boots."

"Oh! You got a pair, too!"

Sword Demon nodded his head.

"Was it tough? You should have told me; I would have lent you my Windchaser's Emblem!" Gu Fei said.

"It's okay. I managed to acquire it in the end," Sword Demon said.

Gu Fei was thoroughly impressed. Completing one hundred consecutive 'Bounty Mission' was no easy feat. Royal God Call risked failing the task without Gu Fei's help, so he could say that Sword Demon was truly a first-rate expert in comparison.

As the two men exchanged casual words with each other, the remaining four enemies came to the realization that the six men atop the hill were not from their guild. They regretted their carelessness, as it had cost the life of their companion! When they saw the two men sprinting down the hill toward them, the four men yelled in unison, "CHARGE!" Two of the enemies went forward to engage Gu Fei and Sword Demon, while the other two arched their bows. The enemies were made up of Thieves and Archers, so their movement speed was fast as well.

The Grand Kiting strategy relied on fast movement speed to drag the time out. The enemy men assumed that their high movement speed could naturally counter this strategy, yet their thoughts were too short-sighted about this. Believing that Gu Fei and his fellow mercenaries were only able to run these players with very high movement speed, they inadvertently revealed their weakness: they had low HP.

Sword Demon rushed toward the Thieves on Fleetfoot before suddenly veering toward the two Archers. "I'll leave these two to you!" Sword Demon yelled as he brushed past the two enemy Thieves.

"Aye! You gotta give me cover!" Gu Fei acquiesced.

Sword Demon was stunned, "Cover for what?" With Gu Fei's skill, Sword Demon was only worried that he would slay all of the enemies without leaving one to him. Therefore, why would Gu Fei need someone to cover him? He looked backward, just in time to see Gu Fei knock off a high-speed arrow with Moonlit Nightfalls.

"What high hit rate!" Sword Demon commented using gaming term.

"That's cheating! You can't do that!" Royal God Call yelled from afar. He had been aiming for the two Thieves, yet Gu Fei and Sword Demon had effectively blocked his firing line by charging forward. Just as he had changed his target over to the two Archers, Sword Demon had suddenly appeared right before them.

Royal God Call quickly fired off an arrow as he assumed that Sword Demon was coordinating with him at the moment. Unfortunately for him, Sword Demon was actually coordinating his attacks with Gu Fei. Expecting Royal God Call to fire off another arrow from atop the hill, he positioned himself to the side to better bat away the incoming arrow with his dagger. This made Royal God Call incessantly curse in rage.

Gu Fei raised his left hand and flashed Royal God Call a 'victory' sign. He then swung Moonlit Nightfalls in his right hand across the two Thieves' chests as he chanted, "Twin Incineration! Incinerate!"

Gu Fei continued to dash forward after insta-killing the low HP Thieves with that one slash on Twin Incineration. The Thief job class had no means to survive Gu Fei's high Spell Damage and his sword's Physical Damage, so the two Thieves expectedly turned into streams of white light even before Gu Fei passed through where they once stood. Sword Demon turned his head to see Gu Fei deflect Royal God Call's arrow, but before he could turn his head back to look at the enemy Archers, Gu Fei was already hurtling over to his direction.

"You're too greedy! Aren't two kills enough for you?!" Sword Demon smilingly asked.

Gu Fei merely smiled back. Seeing that he could not catch up to Sword Demon, he decided to activate Blink.

The two Archers were each aiming at Gu Fei and Sword Demon respectively. Sword Demon skillfully ran in a serpentine motion to prevent the Archers from locking on to him, while Gu Fei simply dashed in a straight line. Just as the Archers were about to fire off arrows, Gu Fei disappeared from his position and appeared five meters closer to the enemies.

Blink was truly an instant-movement skill, as it allowed Gu Fei to appear at a new location at the same time he disappeared from his original position without losing a millisecond. While an onlooker would not be able to see Gu Fei's disappearance from his original position, the person would be able to see his reappearance at another location.

When the Archer Gu Fei was targeting saw this happen, he blinked his eyes twice in disbelief. This gave Gu Fei ample time to reach the target.

"Take that!" Afraid that his spell would coincidentally kill off the other Archer Sword Demon was targeting, Gu Fei thrust his sword forward without Twin Incineration. Out of respect for the only morally upright member of Young Master's Elite, Gu Fei had restricted his attack so that Sword Demon's effort of running all the way here would not go to waste.

Sword Demon was upon the other Archer now. Just like any other Archers, the one Sword Demon was facing got flustered when he engaged him in melee. Circling the back of the Archer, he swiftly plunged his dagger right in.

"That's..." Gu Fei noticed that Sword Demon's moves just then greatly resembled Svelte Dancer's fighting style on Fleetfoot. But for a number of reasons, Sword Demon had yet to reach Svelte Dancer's level of elegance and adroitness. These reasons were Sword Demon's lack of equipment that could further raise his Agility, his limited experience at executing such moves, and his... zero ounce of elegance. While Svelte Dancer would exude grace when she was executing those moves, Sword Demon's use of the same moves could only be described as... demonic. Even Gu Fei, who had a favorable impression of Sword Demon, would vehemently disagree if someone said that the latter's combat movement was exquisite, as that would just be sarcasm - complete sarcasm!

Gu Fei and Sword Demon made short work of the two panicked Archers. Feeling comradeship toward Sword Demon, Gu Fei let him deal the killing blow to the remaining Archer as well. Sword Demon did not decline his offer and briskly slew the Archer with a stab of his dagger.

War Without Wounds, who was still meters away from the skirmish, let loose a rage-filled roar, as Royal God Call incessantly fired off messages on the mercenary channel, "MILES IS SHAMELESS! DOCK HIS POINTS! MILES IS SHAMELESS! DOCK HIS POINTS! MILES...."

"I'm sorry. I didn't see any of that," Sword Demon casually replied as he smiled at Gu Fei, repaying Gu Fei's kind gesture moments ago.

"A bunch of people is coming from 278, 345 direction. Take care of them!" Amid Royal God Call's streams of messages, Young Master Han sent off this instruction on the mercenary channel.