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Chapter 77 - Stay Far Away from the Lunatic

 Chapter 77 - Stay Far Away from the Lunatic

"Where are we right now?" Gu Fei inspected the map.

"Here," Will-low pointed their location on the map using her index finger.

"It's quite far from the Mage Academy. That person will probably leave that place before we get there," Gu Fei said while calculating the distance between the two locations on the map.

"Mhm... But we do know Vast Lushness' destination," Will-low said.

"Where?" Gu Fei asked.

"The underground prison; to visit Silver Moon," Will-low answered.

"We can even visit a prisoner in-game? Where's that underground prison located?" Gu Fei asked.

Will-low stared at Gu Fei for five whole seconds. His remark seemed like something a noob would say, so she found it rather hard to associate him with that person who had caused quite a stir in the entire gaming server through his killing.

"Oh, it's here!" Gu Fei found the underground prison's location on the map himself, "We can intercept Vast Lushness on the way if we leave now. So let's go!"

As the two hurriedly left the house, Will-low hedged for a bit before saying, "Umm... I'm sure you're aware of this, so just take it as a reminder... You currently have PK points; if you enter the underground prison, it's considered as you surrendering yourself."

"Oh. I didn't know that. Thanks for telling me," Gu Fei said.

Will-low remained silent.

As the two were rushing toward the underground prison's location, Will-low pointed a spot on the map to Gu Fei, "We can intercept Vast Lushness over at this point with our speed, unless that person did not choose to travel through this shortcut to the prison."

Gu Fei nodded his head in acknowledgement. The pair managed to quickly reach the location indicated by Will-low. Gu Fei casually hid into a wall corner while Will-low stayed by the roadside under Stealth mode.

"Point out Vast Lushness to me later," Gu Fei told Will-low once they had gotten into position.

Two minutes had passed before Will-low ran back toward Gu Fei's hiding place. "They're here!" she excitedly announced.

Gu Fei peeked from his hiding place and saw quite a few people heading their way. He recognized some of the faces as belonging to those Past Deeds' ambushers from before.

"It's the one walking at the very front," Will-low said.

"The very front..." Gu Fei scanned the group with his eyes, "...That's a lady."

"Yup! That's her!" Will-low confirmed.

"Our target is a lady?!" Gu Fei reiterated himself, feeling quite dumbfounded.

"Mhm-mhm! She's the wife of Silver Moon," Will-low nodded her head.

Gu Fei slowly nodded his head as well, "Alright. We're leaving!"

"What?!" Will-low exclaimed in shock.

"I didn't say I'll take action now. And I've seen some of them before; they're tough to fight," Gu Fei gave her this reasoning.

"Oh," Will-low nodded her head once more, "If only she's alone."

"You'll get your chance," Gu Fei patted Will-low.

Will-low received quite the shock. "You can see me?" She faded into view as she asked this. A Thief's Stealth would forcefully get canceled if he or she came into any contact with a living being or an extension of a living being.

"Not just me. Everyone can see you now, too," Gu Fei grinned.

"What do you mean?" Will-low stared at Gu Fei in confusion.

"Uhh... I want to see if she's as vindictive as you've described her to be," Gu Fei said mildly, before suddenly pushing Will-low out in the middle of the street.

The Past Deeds' guild members just happened to arrive at the two's location, so they immediately spotted Will-low. Gu Fei heard a shriek travel to his hiding place, "You f*ck*ng b*tch! How dare you still come out?!"

Gu Fei peeked just in time to see the men of Past Deeds stop moving, as the lady leading them gave Will-low a withering stare with her almond-shaped eyes. Vast Lushness indeed looked vindictive the way she chewed Will-low out.

Gu Fei shifted his gaze on Will-low, whom he had tossed out to the wolves. Although she appeared to be at a loss, she still stood tall with no intention of backing down. She quickly countered, "On what grounds should I do as you say and stay away from the game?! Did your family come up with this game?!"

"On the grounds that I'll kill you if I ever see you in-game! Since you can't tell chalk from cheese-"

"Killing them just because they appear before your eyes! You're quite domineering!" someone suddenly interrupted Vast Lushness' speech.

Gu Fei looked toward the direction of where the voice had come from and saw no one. But upon raising his head, he spotted someone crouching on a corner of a rooftop on the opposite side of the street. That someone was currently admiring his fist while he looked down from time to time, projecting an everyone-is-beneath-me sort of vibe.

Having the courage to reveal one's self in a situation like this showed the person's strength of character. However, Gu Fei could only feel nausea at the sight of the figure, since he knew who the guy was. It was Coward's Savior, the one he had branded on his heart as the most idiotic existence in-game - and quite possibly in reality as well.

"Who are you?!" a player of Past Deeds yelled as he pointed up the rooftop.

"The one and only Coward's Savior! You lot of Past Deeds have been rubbing me the wrong way for a long time now! Come and kill me if you can!" Coward's Savior said while thumping his chest as if he was King Kong.

A few Past Deeds' guild members rushed forward at his provocation, trying to climb up the rooftop. Coward's Savior took two steps backward as he continued hooting, "Come and get me! Come and get me!"

The idiot's unneeded intervention infuriated Gu Fei as it disrupted his plan. He had yet to determine whether Vast Lushness was truly an unreasonable person or not. Gu Fei wanted to observe for a while first before taking action, but now that plan would not work anymore thanks to Coward's Savior's interference.

"Ignore that guy," Those who had been trying to climb up stopped once they heard Vast Lushness' command, "Deal with him later. We'll deal with this brat over here first. Don't let her escape by activating Stealth."

The guild members all headed back toward Will-low. Coward's Savior was stomping his foot on the rooftop while saying, "You bunch of as*holes! Come and get me instead!"

Vast Lushness smiled frostily, "Alright you scum, listen well. From this moment onward, Yueye City no longer welcomes you. Scram as far as you can! If you wish to die that much, then just continue wandering around the city every day! Like what I've said to this b*tch before, I'll kill you if I see you again!"

"She's truly vindictive!" It was Gu Fei who had spoken this time. He stepped out of the wall corner while clapping his hands.

Everyone was stunned.

"Who are you?!" The words spoken to Coward's Savior were repeated once more.

"Master!" Coward's Savior hollered.

"Who's your master?!" Gu Fei was enraged.

"Don't think you can fool me by changing your clothes, Master. Your outstanding disposition and distinctive gesture can't be masked by any clothes you wear! That melancholic gaze of yours is especially profound! You...."

Before Coward's Savior could even finish his words, everyone already felt like vomiting. Gu Fei flushed with embarrassment. Luckily, his face was concealed so it was not too obvious. He took two steps forward, arriving beside Will-low, "You can leave first."

"You believe me now?" Will-low asked.

Gu Fei nodded his head.

"Please!" Will-low unexpectedly bowed to Gu Fei.

"That's not necessary, right?" Gu Fei felt bewildered. Before he could speak further, Coward's Savior, who had gotten agitated on the rooftop on other side of the road, stopped his nonsensical adulations and jumped down, "What's with you?! I'm the one who came across Master first! If we're bowing, then I should precede you," after saying this, he bowed to Gu Fei as well. He punctuated his words with, "Master, please!"

This lunatic! Gu Fei roared inside his head.

"Oh, come on! Don't look at us like that, Master. We're in the twenty-first century already. Must we kneel down and do a real prostration?" Coward's Savior was grinning cheekily.

"I don't know this guy. For real," Gu Fei said sincerely to the surrounding people.

The members of Past Deeds had long turned livid, especially Vast Lushness. She pointed at the trio and yelled, "Kill! Kill them all!"

"One really can't judge a book by its cover! She's pretty on the outside but beyond ugly on the inside!" Gu Fei took out his Chinese broadsword while saying this.

Will-low staggered a bit as she said, "Didn't you say that they're difficult to deal with as a group?"

"I fibbed," Gu Fei smiled sheepishly.

"Master! Head Disciple here will cover for you! Junior Sister, follow my lead!" Coward's Savior said seriously, as he stepped forward and stood abreast with Gu Fei.

"I should keep myself far away from this lunatic," Gu Fei swiftly took two steps to the side.

The opponents with melee job classes continued to charge onward.

"Mantis Fist Style!" Coward's Savior roared as he prepared to advance ahead, but a kick from Gu Fei had sent him rolling two meters away instead, "Say Mantis Fist Style one more time, and I'll hit you till you're dead!"

"Understood!" Coward's Savior nodded his head in acquiescence and bowed. Turning his body around, he hollered, "Seven Stars Mantis Fist Style!"

Gu Fei felt like weeping but no tears came out; instead, extreme vexation rolled off of him in waves. At the same moment that they were conversing, a Thief crept toward them using Stealth. As soon as the Thief emitting killing intent arrived beside the trio, Gu Fei swung his Chinese broadsword and struck him down. He then stomped on him twice while yelling, "Mantis Fist Style! Mantis Fist Style!"

The Thief cried out, "I didn't say those words!"

Vast Lushness who was about to bestow Heal on the Thief pulled her magic staff back upon hearing his exclamation. With a frosty expression, she said, "Pathetic. You deserve death."

Coward's Savior was still a force to be reckoned with, despite being badly beaten by Gu Fei before. He started his assault with level 0 skill Heavy Punch, carried onward with level 12 skill Uppercut Punch, and ended with level 30 skill Seismic Toss, skillfully tossing the heavy armor Warrior away. Nonetheless, the Warrior job class was not just for show. The term 'insta-kill' was totally inapplicable to Warriors in Parallel World. A single Seismic Toss from a Fighter could leave Gu Fei in a half-dead state; in contrast, the Warrior had received the three consecutive attacks and got up like it was nothing. Vast Lushness bestowed Heal on that Warrior in a jiffy, rendering Coward's Savior's combo attack useless.

Gu Fei kicked away the Thief under his feet and dashed toward Vast Lushness. Since he considered the others as walking PK points instead of targets, the best-case scenario for him was to avoid fighting all of them.

However, his opponents were part of a well-trained group versed in protecting the Priest, especially one like Vast Lushness who lacked the capability to survive on her own. Just as Gu Fei revealed his intention to get close to Vast Lushness, the other guild members gathered together with Vast Lushness in the center. Even those who had been fighting Coward's Savior abandoned him and made their way back to her side. Vast Lushness, for her part, did not appreciate their good intention, "What's there to be afraid of? There're so many of us! Charge!"

And with that, she commanded the others to charge onward once more.

Gu Fei had been fighting the current battle with a handicap, as he was mindful of adding points to his current PK value. The setting of 'PK value' in the game bummed him out to the point of vomiting blood.

He was forced to go easy on them, even though Vast Lushness the Priest had exceptional healing skills. Her timely Heal just boosted the guild members' morale as the battle dragged on. They were all smiling in a carefree way as if the fight was just a leisure activity.

Gu Fei boiled inside. He shifted his gaze on to Coward's Savior who was near him. Coward's Savior's attacks had looked impressive at the start. Right now, however, he was running all over the battlefield like a dog as he was chased around by a few Past Deeds' guild members. He was barely holding up, and a slight misstep on his part could cost him his poor life.

Gu Fei's chest heaved and he roared, "Da*n it! I'm not going easy on you lot, anymore!"

He immediately targeted the opponent closest to him and unleashed Nine Blades of Tang, slashing the target multiple times.

Gu Fei had previously restricted himself from cutting the same opponent twice. At this point in time, however, he no longer cared about all that and slashed with wild abandon at the opponents to prevent them from retaliating.

Sacred Flames of Baptism's Physical Attack was not actually impressive; what was truly terrifying was its additional fire attack. Now that its proc rate had been raised to nearly 50%, the flames it released burned even more fiercely. The effect of equipping Flaming Robe was visible as well, as it boosted the additional magic damage of the fire attack to a whole new level. Vast Lushness could not keep up with the sudden change of tempo in Gu Fei's attacks, preventing her from healing a guild member in time. This resulted into that guild member turning into a stream of white light under the scorching flames of Gu Fei's Chinese broadsword.

"PK value, I'm back!" Gu Fei cried out.