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Chapter 55 - Serial Number 27149

 Chapter 55 - Serial Number 27149

"Is my identity exposed now that I'm on the Wanted Players list?" Gu Fei asked.

"It isn't as long as you don't get caught," Brother Assist answered.

"Won't my name be revealed?" Gu Fei asked.

"No," Brother Assist shook his head, "The people on the list are assigned a serial number each. Right now, you're probably displayed as fugitive serial number XXXXX on the list."

"So that's how it is...."

"Players who accept the 'Bounty Mission' will have your location updated on their quest log every five minutes. You just have to calculate the interval properly and move every five minutes, and the players won't find you easily," Brother Assist said.

"That makes sense! I'll get moving, then!" Gu Fei checked the time and saw that he was approaching the five-minute mark since he got online.

"What do you want to buy? I'll buy it for you," Brother Assist walked toward the touchscreen interface of the Auction House.

"Okay. Get me an appropriate level 30 mage robe, as well as a necklace, ring, and emblem that increase the proc rate of a weapon's fire attack," Gu Fei said.

Brother Assist distanced himself from the interface while saying, "It's about time. You should get out of here!"

Gu Fei did not even have time to reply.

The two rushed out of the city as they left the Auction House. After walking for a short distance, they heard a flurry of footsteps. Gu Fei looked back and saw a bunch of players heading straight toward the Auction House.

"They can't all be after me!" Gu Fei expressed his shock.

"It appears they are," Brother Assist affirmed.

"There're so many of them!" Gu Fei exclaimed.

"Just turn yourself in," Brother Assist calmly replied.

"Nah..." Gu Fei declined.

"Perhaps you should cover your face. With many people looking for you, there's no guarantee that a sharp-eyed player won't discover you. Those who have accepted this mission will see a conspicuous serial number marking on you," Brother Assist advised.

"Alright. But I'll leave the city first. There're too many pairs of eyes around, which make things difficult," Gu Fei hastily bolted out of the city. Brother Assist's speed was not a match for Gu Fei's, so he could only shout after his fleeing figure, "Be careful!"

Gu Fei waved his hand in acknowledgement without even turning around.

Brother Assist returned to the Auction House alone. Countless players were searching the place thoroughly, with more joining in as time went by. Brother Assist thought he had a good grasp of the situation's severity, yet he had not expected Gu Fei to attract these many pursuers. Human's curiosity was indeed a frightening thing.

Brother Assist contacted Young Master Han and his fellow mercenary mates once he had left the Auction House. All were extremely astonished when they heard the news, "WHAT? That guy didn't know about the PvP rules?"

"That guy is hopeless! Meeting! We're having an emergency meeting!" Young Master Han first criticized Gu Fei before telling everyone to meet at the usual hangout, Ray's Bar.

Meanwhile, Gale Force of Traversing Four Seas hurriedly sought their guild leader, Oathless Sword.

"Our chance is here!" The main door to Traversing Four Seas' guild house almost flew off its hinges when Gale Force came crashing through.

Oathless Sword was currently at the lounge, conversing with a few beauties from their guild. Gale Force's abrupt interruption made Oathless Sword feel slightly annoyed. He furrowed his brows and said heavily, "Conciseness is a merit. But you must remain calm even when things happen and avoid panicking!"

"The Masked Slayer is on the Wanted Players list!" Gale Force shouted immediately.

"After cutting down No Smile so many times, of course he will be on it," Oathless Sword said matter-of-factly, remaining composed in front of the babes, "Come. Let's go take a look."

Oathless Sword suavely waved goodbye to the ladies and calmly exited the guild house. He gently closed the door behind him as he agitatedly said, "F*CKING HELL! HE'S BEING HUNTED?! Why did he not turn himself in and squat in prison? Won't his identity be exposed now that everyone is after him?! What's the point of covering his face, then?!"

Gale Force was speechless.

"Say something!" Oathless Sword's hurried expression was completely different from how he had acted inside the guild house just now.

"I don't - I don't know either! All I heard is that the place with 'Bounty Mission' released a new Wanted Players list with a fugitive with 15 PK points. Who else could it be besides that Masked Slayer?"

"Let's go take a look!" Oathless Sword and Gale Force hurriedly strode off toward the Bounty Assignment Hall.

A large crowd had gathered in front of the Bounty Assignment Hall's Wanted Players list interface. Oathless Sword's eyes swept through the crowd and noticed that many core members of the various guilds in Yunduan City were here as well. Oathless Sword easily guessed their intentions; they hoped to befriend this powerful expert and pull the Masked Slayer into their guilds. Although Oathless Sword had such thoughts as well, he figured that mulling over it was pointless since nobody could tell who would receive such privilege with these many competitors.

Oathless Sword turned to check the Wanted Players list. The Masked Slayer was listed high on the board - PK points: 15, serial number 27149.

Many of the people inside the hall did not immediately receive the mission as they were confident that Gu Fei would turn himself in. They closely observed all the players coming and going since this hall was also a place where fugitives could turn themselves in. Their eyes would periodically gleam whenever they saw a Mage and then be followed by a look of disappointment.

"This explains why he did not turn himself in. Doing so is as good as walking straight into the lion's den," Oathless Sword mumbled to himself. Quite a few Mages were entering and exiting the place, yet the serial number 27149 remained on the top spot.

In one corner of the hall, July, Luo Luo, and Lie Lie were observing the human traffic as well.

"Ah, that one! That's definitely him! He's wearing a beginner robe!" Lie Lie boomed as she pointed to a player for the seventeenth time.

Luo Luo appraised the player and sighed, "Lie Lie! A pro may not necessarily be handsome, so curb your wishful thinking and stop calling my attention to every good-looking Mage here! That last one is only at level 12."


"How long have we been here, anyway?" July asked.

"Close to half an hour," Luo Luo answered.

"Is it possible that he does not intend to turn himself in?" July wondered.

"That can't be. With a PK value of 15, he'll have to drift outside the city for thirty hours. Doesn't he have to go offline? If he goes to a designated log-off point, any player who has taken the 'Bounty Mission' might manage to kill him off before he reaches the safe zone," Luo Luo said.

"How else would you explain why he hasn't shown up yet?" July swept her gaze across the Wanted Players list.

"Maybe he has predicted that there'll be plenty of people waiting for him to surrender himself, so he found a place to while his time away instead!" Luo Luo suggested.

"Oh! Guess we've got to wait a bit more, then!"

They held onto that sort of mentality as they patiently waited until it was past an hour.

"Ah! It's - It's - Oh... It's just a Priest," Lie Lie exclaimed as she pointed at the most beautiful individual she had seen by far.

Luo Luo followed Lie Lie's gaze and her eyes shone.

Luo Luo gently tugged at her friends as she indicated the same person and whispered into their ears, "That's Young Master Han."

Young Master Han circled the Bounty Assignment Hall once and left quickly. Luo Luo dragged July and Lie Lie and stealthily followed him.

Young Master Han walked at a slow pace. Once he crossed two streets and got on to an isolated alley, he abruptly turned around. The three ladies quickly hid in a corner when they saw him turn.

"Stop hiding and just come out! Someone's already watching your every move!" Young Master Han called out.

"Don't move. He's bluffing," Lie Lie said.

"He's not bluffing..." a clear voice sounded from behind the three ladies.

The ladies were dumbfounded. Lie Lie looked back and immediately felt bewildered, "Did you guys hear someone speak?"

July stood still and looked behind them, sighing into the air, "There's a Thief on Stealth behind us!"

"Can you all come out now?" Young Master Han called out once more.

The three walked out from behind the corner restlessly. Lie Lie hurled some punches and kicks behind her, yet she struck nothing solid.

"You're pretty careful! To actually have someone trail you," Luo Luo complimented.

Young Master Han ignored her praise and coldly stated, "Our deal ended yesterday."

"That's true. But a new deal can always be made," Luo Luo reasoned.

"We're busy right now to accept any new deal," Young Master Han bluntly said.

"What could you be busy with?" Luo Luo asked.

Young Master Han chuckled dryly, "Do you have to ask?"

"Since the whole thing started because of us, we feel obliged to offer our assistance," July said sincerely.

"Miss, our service has been paid at a reasonable rate by you. You don't owe us anything. Everything happening right now is our group's business. We don't need you to worry about us. Please take back your kind offer and just be on your way!" Young Master Han turned and prepared to leave after saying this.

"Young Master Han!" Lie Lie hastily shouted.

Young Master Han stopped mid step.

"We know your name and appearance. Aren't you afraid that we'll leak this out?" Lie Lie hollered.

"Lie Lie!" July and Luo Luo did not expect Lie Lie to say such a thing.

"Are you threatening me?" Young Master Han turned around and stared at Lie Lie.

"No. What I meant is since you're okay with us knowing your identity, then why aren't you fine with letting us know the other members of your group as well? We'll surely keep it a secret!" Lie Lie promised.

Young Master Han laughed and said to July, "You should ask your guild leader. I believe she'll understand my intention."

July froze on the spot.

"Stop following me. My personality isn't that great and I'm having a bad day, so I may lose my temper. I'll give you a friendly advice: Don't acquire the 'Bounty Mission' just to find out his identity. He's cruel and will not go easy on anyone! He's a real killer!" Young Master Han was filled with resentment as he grinded his teeth over these last few words, turning to leave once more.

"He is far too arrogant!" Lie Lie said indignantly.

"Miss, it's not polite to speak ill of someone behind his back," the unseen person suddenly quipped.

"Why are you still here?!" Lie Lie stamped her feet in anger, "Scram, you voyeur!" She threw kicks and punches in the air once more.

"Let's go, Lie Lie," July dragged Lie Lie along.

"So are we taking the mission, Sis July?" Luo Luo asked.

"Of course, we're taking it," July said decisively, "But we're not after his identity; we'll try to see how we can be of help to him."