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43 Precious First Time

 At the end of the class, Xiao Luo felt like he had gone through a catastrophe. During the break between classes, he quickly lay prone on the table and closed his eyes for a brief while. It was too tormenting. A class was 45 minutes, and he ended up catching flies for 45 minutes.

Most certainly, sleeping on the table also meant warding off An Huanhuan's harassment.

When he was comfortably sleeping, Ding Kai beside him suddenly shoved him and said with a shaky voice, "Brother Luo, S... Song Jianan..."

"Who is Song Jianan?"

Xiao Luo straightened himself and asked subconsciously like someone who wasn't fully awake yet.

Zhu Xiaofei almost collapsed, "Brother Luo, my good old Brother Luo, how could you forget Song Jianan? Remember Tang Yuze from third year's Social Studies who came looking for trouble? That's the guy that backed him up!"

"Oh, the president of the mixed martial arts club!" Xiao Luo suddenly remembered and said.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai nodded in synchronism like woodpeckers. Although they said that they will fight it out with him, that was already days ago, and their dauntlessness was already long gone. When they see Song Jianan again this time, their expressions changed drastically, especially Ding Kai. He was looking outside the classroom with no courage to even let out a gasp.

"H... he's coming in. He must be here to find trouble with us!" Ding Kai suddenly opened his eyes wide as his scrawny body begun trembling faintly.

Zhu Xiaofei had his jaw clenched as he peered at the entrance of the classroom with a stiffened body.

Tracing down their line of sight, Xiao Luo saw a guy who was 1.9 meters tall and wearing a black sleeveless garment paired with a blue sport casual pants. The muscles on his body were distributed like blocks, stacked up in individual pieces on the surface of this body. He was so brawny that even his singlet was stretched tight. It seemed that If he were to be just a little more muscular, even his singlet would be torn apart.

He had a square-shaped face, bad skin, and very thick pores. Looking at him from a distance, it felt like he was pitted with craters.

Sure enough, he was as fit as an ox!

Xiao Luo could finally understand why Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai used the word "raging bull" to describe Song Jianan. With such robustness, he might be able to lift and hurl a 200-kilogram pig all by himself.

And this guy was An Huanhuan's boyfriend. One was petite, and the other was all tall and mighty. How in god's name did these two fell for each other?

Xiao Luo couldn't help but feel a little peculiar.

Aside from Song Jianan, Tang Yuze and Chen Jie with faces full of pimples also arrived. They were like Song Jianan's lacqueys that were following him at both sides.

When the three people came in, they attracted the attention of everyone in the Professional English class. But An Huanhuan, who was Song Jianan's girlfriend, was having a hard time concealing the loathsomeness contained in her eyes. Learning from Xiao Luo, she pretended to be asleep on the table, seemingly lazy even to have a glance at Song Jianan.

"You three, what is your major? We are going to start our class soon. If you're here to do revision, would you please help yourself to another classroom?" having looked at their menacing entry, the English class lecturer politely asked the three of them to leave.

Song Jianan halted his steps, turned his head around and smiled calmly, "Sir, we are very interested in English, and hence we are here to listen to your class. But rest assured, we will not disturb the class!"

The English class lecturer was out of words. As an educator, he couldn't possibly chase away students who came to his class out of their passion for English.

Following a dry cough, he said with a severe countenance, "Since you're here for the class, find yourselves an empty seat!"


Song Jianan nodded. After he glanced over the classroom, he walked towards An Huanhuan in the end.

"Pretty lady, can you please give me this seat?" Song Jianan said to the girl sitting beside An Huanhuan.

That girl certainly was aware that this big and bulky guy in front of her eyes was An Huanhuan's boyfriend. She immediately packed her books and was about to vacate her seat.

An Huanhuan stood up and grabbed her, "Don't give him your seat, who is he to ask you to do this? Lingling, sit here. Don't be scared of him!"

"But... I..."

Wang Ling was extremely anxious. It was impossible to say that she wasn't afraid of Song Jianan. He was colossal, and all the more, fierce-looking. Any girl would've been afraid of him.

"What are you doing Huanhuan? Cut it out already! I already came to you myself. Can we make peace?" Song Jianan said with his eyebrows knitted.

"Make peace? I already broke up with you! Don't ever come to me again!" An Huanhuan said straightforwardly.

Song Jianan said, "Huanhuan, stop joking with me alright? I already said that I and Liang Huili are only ordinary friends."

An Huanhuan said exasperatedly, "Will ordinary friends hold their hands with ten fingers crossed? Song Jianan, I've had enough of you! That's it between us!"

The lecturer on the podium couldn't help but sigh in his heart, "Sigh... students nowadays... how outrageous they have become. Their parents send them here to learn with their hard-earned money, but all they know is to fall in love. I can't even conduct a class in peace."

That girl named Wang Ling quickly slipped away. There was no reason for her to be caught between An Huanhuan and Song Jianan.

"Never! You are the only one I want in my life!" Song Jianan waved his hands dignifiedly.

At this moment, Huang Ruoran stood up and yelled solemnly facing them, "We are going to have our class soon, if you have anything, please discuss it among yourselves in private after the class ends. This is a classroom, a place to learn, not for romance!"

"Shut up, who are you to interrupt while Boss is speaking?" Tang Yuze shouted at Huang Ruoran while pointing at her.

As soon as this sentence came out, several girls stood up immediately to criticize Tang Yuze.

"She is our class monitor! And who do you think you are?"

"Yeah! This is the classroom for Professional English! Who are you to talk?"

"If you guys aren't here for class, get out! You're not welcomed here."

About one-third of the girls stood up. Although it was a bunch of ladies, they were not at all less imposing when they stood up.

Song Jianan waved his hands to stop Tang Yuze from speaking and said to Huang Ruoran with a false smile, "Ah, so you're the class monitor. Sorry sorry, my friend is a little impulsive. If you feel offended, please forgive us."

Huang Ruoran was reluctant to argue with the likes of him. But if they went overboard or dare to bully the girls in the classroom, she would never sit back and just watch.

"What's wrong with An Huanhuan? Why would she agree to be Song Jianan's girlfriend? What's so good about that kind of guy? His muscles across his whole body look so disgusting," Chu Yue who was in her seat couldn't make sense of An Huanhuan's choice.

"Young mistress Chu, you can't say that. Everyone has their own preferences. Besides, Song Jianan isn't all that bad. At least he can give girls a sense of security!" Bai Ling chuckled.

Chu Yue plucked out the lollipop in her mouth and shook her head, "Girls should give themselves their own sense of security. How pathetic it would be if a girl depends entirely on her boyfriend."

"It's not wrong to say that, but aren't we girls the weaker gender? We will need the boy's protection. You will know when you get into a relationship yourself."

"Knock it off. I will never get into a relationship at university. Dating is a waste of time, and I will even have to give away my precious first time."

Precious first time?!

Bai Ling blushed instantly and said shyly, "W... why did you suddenly go there?"

"What? Aren't you going to kiss if you date someone in university? Doesn't that mean that we will be giving out our precious first kiss?" Chu Yue said with a frown.

Bai Ling was relieved, "So you're talking about first kisses. I thought..."

"What do you think I'm talking about?"

"I thought you were saying..."

Bai Ling stuck her mouth to Chu Yue's ears and said in a volume that only the two of them could hear.

After listening to her, two patches of blush immediately appeared on Chu Yue's gorgeous face. Even her ears had turned red. She pushed Bai Ling and said, "You little filth. How could you come up with such a thing? How embarrassing of you."