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 Melting Snow was in a jovial mood as he skittered past the last few burnt fruit trees exiting the grove. He couldn't wait to tell Drifting Cloud all about the amazing things he had found while he was out exploring.

'I bet Drifting Cloud will be over the moon when I share my findings with him,' The boy could already picture the man's reaction when he tells him about the grove's hidden treasures.

After breaking through the tree line and reaching the open terrain, Melting Snow's view was no longer hindered, and he could finally see Drifting Cloud. From his position, it appeared as though the man was rummaging through what was left of the farm's destroyed cottage.

"Drifting Cloud! I'm back!" Melting Snow excitedly shouted as he walked towards the green-haired man.

Getting up out of his squatting position Xinya turned towards the furry-eared boy with a smile on his face. "Welcome back, Melting Snow. Did you discover anything of interest out there in those trees?"

"Did I discover anything?" Walking up to the man, Melting Snow let out an amused huff at Xinya's words. "The question you should be asking is what I didn't discover."

"Oh, do tell. Did you find an animal out there or something?" Xinya asked.

Although he had told the boy that there might be some things to find out there in the grove, Xinya never thought that he would be able to find anything. But from the excited look on Melting Snow's face, it seemed that he was proven wrong.

If anything, Melting Snow's smile got bigger once Xinya had asked that. "Yes, I did! I found a baby goat! There was a freaking baby goat on your farm, Drifting Cloud!"

"Really? You found a goat, what a wonderful find. Did you bring it back?" Xinya asked, peering around the area as if the goat would pop out from somewhere.

"Well, there was a tiny problem with bringing it back," Melting Snow begins sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. " The baby goat had climbed up really high onto a cliff that was on the side of the mountain, and I was unable to get to it. I absolutely need to get the climbing skill."

Xinya had forgotten all about the climbing skill, this was one skill he needed to get as well. If not for the other goats, he would get, because goat milk was a thing, then for all the different types of plants that grow on cliffs.

"But why didn't you just try luring the goat to you, with some food from your inventory? Because I know you have some in there," Xinya asked.

He had a feeling that the goat was probably surviving by eating bits of plants, it could find underneath the rocks on the mountain and would have been interested in a more better substantial meal.

"I didn't have anything in my inventory to lure it..." Eyes widening, Melting Snow stopped speaking mid-sentence, and with a shake of the head, he slapped himself on the forehead. "Oh, for crying out loud, how could I be such an idiot."

Melting Snow felt like such a dunce; he couldn't believe that he forgot all about the fruits he had found. He had written it down and everything. Sighing to himself, he opened up his interface and pulled out the strange fruit he found and showed it to Drifting Cloud.

"This was one of the other things I found back there. There are three rows of untouched fruit trees at the very edge of your farm. While handing the fruit over to the man, Melting Snow wondered if he should go back and grabbed another one to lure the goat with.

"I know what you're thinking Melting Snow, leave the goat be for now," Xinya stated while taking the fruit from the boy's hand. "We don't have nowhere to keep it yet. We should head to town, and buy a cage for it first before bringing it back."

As he stared at the reddish-green hairy fruit in his palm, the sudden ding of a system notification sounded.

[System: A rare ingredient has been discovered! Check your ingredient menu to learn more about it!]

Ingredient menu? Xinya didn't remember having one of those. Opening his interface, he started to search for it as Melting Snow continued talking.

"That's a good idea I wouldn't want the baby goat to get hurt by these burnt pieces of wood that are everywhere?" Melting Snow told him. He thought that it would be a great idea, and while they were in town, he would be able to stock up on taming supplies.

"Now, you said you found these fruits while you were exploring?" Xinya frantically asked. After finding the ingredient menu on his interface, he read the strange fruit description and was in disbelief over what it said.

"And there were more of them, right?"

"Yes, as I said, there were three rows of five trees that were untouched by the fire. What kind of fruit are they anyway?" Melting Snow questioned, wondering why Drifting Cloud was this excited about it.

Staring at the fruit in wonder, Xinya turned to Melting Snow and said, " This is a fruit called Rambutan. In reality, it can only grow in tropical climates, such as in Malaysia and Indonesia. But in the game, I guess it can flourish in any climate."

"Is it something good? Melting Snow curiously asked.

"Good, no. That word can't even come close to how excellent this fruit is. I can't believe I have fifteen trees worth of them." Opening his interface Xinya shared the fruit description with Melting Snow.

Rambutan: This fruit name comes from the Malay word for hair because the golf-ball-sized fruit has a hairy red and green shell. This unmistakable appearance is often compared to that of a sea urchin. Rambutan is very nutritious and can offer many benefits if used correctly, from healing and weight loss to increased poison resistance.

With this fruit, Xinya would not only be able to create weight-loss potions to sell, but he could also experiment with making better healing potions with it. He always wanted to try creating an area of effect healing potion since that would be great for when his party is in the midst of battle and cannot stop to chug down an HP potion.

"Wow, that is awesome. Having a way to resist poison from monsters would be very useful, and here I thought the cave that I found was my best discovery," Melting Snow calmly stated looking at the fruit that was in Xinya's hand with a new light.

"Yes, it is a very good... Wait! You found a cave?!?" Xinya exclaimed, wondering what other surprises he should expect to find on this damaged farm of his.