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 'How did the player who bought this place in my last life transform it back to its previous state?' Xinya pondered while exiting out of the Housing/Farming window.

At first, Xinya thought that the player might have hired some professional farmhands to help him fix up the land. It made the most sense to him after learning from the Farmhand tab description that it was possible to hire farmworkers. To him, that appeared to be the most likely answer, but he quickly threw out the idea after thinking about it for a bit.

The reason why was because if that player had that much coin to waste hiring workers, he could have bought a way better piece of land than this burnt one. Unless the player was like him and foresaw how great it would become.

But Xinya doubted that there could be someone else who could be reborn again like he was. Something like that should be an occurrence that only happens once every lifetime.

'No, it could only mean that the player had fixed up the farm by himself,' he thought to himself as he ran his hand through his leafy green hair. 'But the question is, how?'

Realizing that there was no possible way for him to figure out how that player did it, Xinya thought that the only course of action left for him would be researching the subject independently. "I guess it's off to the library once Melting Snow comes back from searching around."

Wondering how far along the boy got in his exploration of the tree grove, he opened his map to take a glimpse. Looking for the red dot that represented the furry-eared boy, Xinya zoomed in on the map, so that it was only showing the area of his farm.

From what he could see from the red dot, Melting Snow was slowly heading back towards him. Too slowly, in fact, much to the confusion of Xinya. This made him curious to know what the boy had found to make him stop using his speed skill.

'Well, I will find out soon,' Xinya mused while estimating that it would take up to 15-20 minutes before the boy returns. Knowing that Xinya decided that he might as well check out the cottage's remains like he said he would.


Walking around the burnt outline of where the cottage once was, Xinya started to scan around the area to see if there was anything left. Although he was expecting to find nothing at all, with the way, the fire had ravaged this farm.

If there was any part of the cottage that wasn't destroyed, then he would be totally stunned. As he looked closer to the wreckage, it was just as he thought, there was nothing left but debris and ash.

Xinya confirmed something that he already knew, and it was that he would need to rebuild everything from scratch. He didn't mind, though, since the cottage would still classify as an NPC made one instead of a player built one.

However, he didn't know how to go about rebuilding it. Well, actually, he did, and that would be with a house blueprint.

Which was quite easy to find if one knew where to look, and he knew exactly where to. He remembered reading somewhere that there were many NPC architects all around Haven who sell their designs through a housing board.

A housing board could be found in any housing supply shop, and like the auction house, it was connected to all places in Haven. It sold everything needed for homes, such as blueprints, furniture, and etc.

The only problem with using the housing board was that the wares within it were basic NPC made ones. He had no problem with NPC made house items because some could be really nice looking.

However, he wants his cottage to be unique and very aesthetically pleasing to his tastes since he was going to have to look at it for a long time. This meant that he would have to design something himself, which wouldn't be good because he couldn't even draw a circle.

As he was wondering what he should do, an idea struck him out of the blue. He had a good amount of money in his bank now; with it, he could hire someone on the forums to design a cottage of his dreams.

This way, he would be able to have a cottage created to match his exact specifications. The next time he logs out, he would have to ask Wei to look through different cottage pictures with him to help him choose the perfect one he should get.

Still, once he gets the blueprint, he would need carpenters and other workers to build it for him, which would surely cost him a pretty penny.

Also, he couldn't forget that he was sure to need some special type of equipment to help him take care of his farm.

"I don't think the coin I will get from the auction of my StarLight Microphone will cover all of that," Sighing, Xinya started to worry about how he would get enough coin to fix up a place.

He could only hope that he could find another quest that would give him another excellent item to sell or he would have to go out and grind on some high-level mobs for a while.

Groaning at the thought, Xinya kicked at one of the charred debris nearby only to see something glinting in the sunlight. Questioning what it could be, he squatted down and started to use his hands to move all of the other debris out of the way.

After clearing all of the brunt wood and ash away, he got a surprise of a lifetime, for it seemed that something survived the fire after all. And that thing was a metal hatch that could lead to a basement of some kind.

"Is this my luck working for me again?!" wondered Xinya as he went to grab its handle. However, before he could open it, he was stopped by someone calling out to him.

Letting go of the handle, Xinya turned towards the voice, only to see that it was Melting Snow excitedly running towards him.


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