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 Crossing his fingers, Xinya hoped that his luck would continue to be reliable, and such an event would never come to pass. Shooing away the bad vibes he released into the world with his thoughts, he exited the bank screen before turning his attention to the other icon.

Xinya couldn't hide his glee as he looked at the sparkling blue Housing/Farming icon. Because for a wannabe farmer as himself, he was very interested in learning all about how the system will work.

Although the Banking system had some unique features that he would surely be using, it would never be as useful to him as he knew the Housing/Farming system would be. Sadly, that was the straight naked truth of the matter.

"Well, it is as far as I know, anyway," Xinya muttered to himself while stretching his hand out to click the blue icon button.

He didn't know why, but he felt a strong sense of anticipation radiating through his body as he did so. Even though he didn't have any first-hand knowledge about what help the Housing/Farming system would give him, he had a feeling that it would be very beneficial to him.

After everything he heard about it, he had very high expectations. He is not usually someone who takes what other people have said and sees it as fact. That would be naive, and he long passed the point of being that wide-eyed youth that he used to be.

But he also knew that soon he would see for himself if what the people on the forums said was accurate with his own two eyes. And he would know once and for all if the Farming/Housing system was as fantastic as it had been made out to be.

Clicking on the icon, a new window popped up in front of him even before he could move his finger away from his interface screen. The new window was outlined in blue like all of his other interface screens, but other than that, it looked completely different.

For one, it's border was decorated with plants and tools. Secondly, the screen was divided into two different sections.

The topmost section of the semi-transparent screen displayed a mini model of his farm. Although it wasn't very detailed, it did show him the state his farmland was in.

Seeing how every area of the farm model was blinking red, Xinya could only smirk knowingly, "Every part of my farm needs work."

On the other hand, the bottom-most part had ten tabs in different shades of greens and browns on full display. Looking at all of them, Xinya had to admit that he was a little surprised by how many features there were in the Housing/Farming window.

Noticing something, Xinya saw that, like with the bank, the tabs had symbols on the top of them, but unlike the bank, the Farming/Housing tabs had the names of what they were written down horizontally on them.

Reading the names of each one in order, Xinya saw that there were ten of them. They were Cottage upgrade, Farm upgrade, Farm Hands, State of the farm, Areas that need attention, Planting timers, Farm buff, Produce Storage, Tools/materials, and Furniture.

Once he was sure that he had checked out everything on the main page, he clicked on the first tab, which was Cottage Upgrade, and opened it. When he did so, a separate window popped up.

The first thing Xinya noticed as he looked at the screen was the projected image of a charred land with debris scattered around. Without even thinking about it, he knew for certain that it was showing the area where his cottage should be standing.

Wondering if the image was projecting in real-time, Xinya walked closer to where the cottage once stood while never taking his eye off the image. Sadly, he learned that was not the case at all.

"That's too bad, having real-time monitoring set up would have been cool." Shaking his head in disappointment, he suddenly noticed the time.

Twenty-five minutes had passed since he had started checking out his new icons. Knowing that Melting Snow might be back anytime now and that it would take too long to give each tab an in-depth look through, he decided to just read the description of each tab for now.

'I will have plenty of time to thoroughly inspect each and every one of them later.' With that thought in mind, Xinya begins to rapidly go through each of the ten tabs reading their descriptions.

Cottage upgrade: Upgrading one's cottage is necessary for two reasons:

A player won't be able to insert their upgraded furniture if their cottage isn't upgraded to the same level. *The higher the upgrade impacts the quality of furniture that can be placed within. The upgraded level of a player cottage will coincide with how ample their farming space will be. *Please note a cottage can only be upgraded 5 times. Also, player built cottages will only have 1-5 acres of land, while NPC constructed ones will have up to 5-20 acres of land in their farming space.

Farm upgrade: Upgrading one's farm can be very beneficial for a farmer in more ways than they might know. There are many great rewards to be had, such as having more fertile soil at level 2, better quality products at level 4, and faster-growing times at level 6. So be sure to upgrade!

Farm Hands: Even the most dedicated farmers wouldn't be able to run a farm entirely by themselves. With this feature, they won't have to. Players will be able to hire either NPC or player farmhands to help them with their farm. *Please note that when one employs people, it is only right to train them as well.

State of farm: New or Old, farmers always tend to worry about their farm's state. Well, their worries can cease; this feature will help monitor a player farm for them. It will clearly show if the player's farm is good or bad, and if it is bad, give advice on how to correctly fix the farm's state.

Areas that need attention: Players are not able to be everywhere at once, but with this feature, they won't need to. With 'Areas that need attention,' players will be able to see what needs to be taken care of on their farm, from watering and fertilizing plants to cleaning and feeding animals and everything else in between.

Planting timers: There are tons of inexperienced farmers who want to try their hand at farming for the very first time. To help them on their way to becoming master farmers, we have equipped players with this nifty planting timer. It will allow players to tell when their produce is ready to be harvested.

Farm buff: This feature will players the buffs that are equipped and active and how long until they expire. *Please note that farm buffs are not able to be stacked.

Produce Storage: Every player knows that most produce can go off quickly. However, this feature will allow a player to put them in a storage area built to keep them fresh for more extended periods while also showing exactly when the food expires.

Tools/materials: There are all sorts of handy tools and materials a player will need to maintain a farm, so many in fact that they could get in one way if not careful. But with this feature, there will be no need to worry about that; with this handy dandy storage, all tools can be stored here once they are finished being used.

Furniture: Furniture is an essential part of every home, it gives it style and a personality of its own. However, Haven's online furniture is unique; besides looking pretty, it also gives buffs to the player's farm. The more the furniture is upgraded, the better the buffs will become.

After reading all ten of the tabs descriptions twice, he realized that what was said on the forum was correct. The farming system was extremely useful and would become a great asset to him once his farm was up and running.

Smiling to himself, Xinya started envisioning what his farm would look like once it wasn't just a charred piece of land anymore. He couldn't wait to see that day, but first, he needed to fix up this place so that his imagination could become a reality.