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 45 minutes earlier

Wáng lǎo xiān shēng yǒu kuài tián, yī ya yī ya yō(Old Mr. Wang had a farm, EIEIO)

tā zài tián biān yǎng xiǎo gǒu, yī ya yī ya yō(On his farm he kept little dogs, EIEIO)

zhè lǐ wāng wāng, nà lǐ wāng wāng,(With a woof woof here, and a woof woof there,)

While humming the childish song under his breath, Xinya watched Melting Snow disappear into his farm's wooded area. There was a slight smile on his face as he did so; he really hoped that there was an animal back there for the boy to discover.

Turning his attention over to the pile of burnt rubble, where the NPC cottage once stood, Xinya knowing that he wouldn't find anything there, decided to do something more productive like checking out his two new interface icons.

Doing exactly that, he opened up his interface, and only had to glance around the screen a bit before locating them. It did help that they were the only icons that were glowing since they were new.

While looking at his newly acquired icons, he started to have memories of his past life when he was still struggling to survive in that dump of an apartment selling potions to make a living.

He used to, when his cheap VR helmet was cooling, stalk the Haven Online forums looking at player's houses and farms. He would dream of the day when he had finally saved enough coin to get one of his own.

While he did that, he noticed that the players with farms would always put an extreme emphasis on the exact two icons he was looking at right now. If he remembered correctly, the players called the icons the holy duo.

If one wanted to make farming a profitable business, one must become very familiar with them. Now that Xinya finally has a farm of his own, he would finally be able to see why the Bank and Farming/Housing icons were so important.

Clicking on the Arkala bank icon first, Xinya was surprised to see a large brown and white screen pop up in front of him. It was in a completely different color from what he was used to seeing.

This made him feel that the bank icon wasn't a part of his interface and was only linked to it. Which would make sense if he thought about it clearly.

There were many different banks in the world of Haven, and like in real life, the banks aren't connected. So hypothetically, if he ever wanted to leave Arkala and move to a new town, as in reality, he would have to change his bank.

This means only linking a town's bank to player's interfaces, instead of making it permanent was a smart move since they can be unlinked. Well, at least he thought it was, anyway.

Clearing his head of his random thoughts, Xinya focused on the screen that was in front of him. The first thing that caught his eye was the words' Welcome to Arkala's Bank', displayed in big, glittering, bold letters.

The second thing that caught his eye was his account details. Which stated his name, bank id number, and amount of coins he had in the bank.

Name: Drifting Cloud

Bank ID: D147852

Coins: 0g 0s 0b

However, below that information was something that really grabbed his attention, and that was six tabs.

Instead of words, each one of the six tabs had a picture to show what it represented. Which was a money sign, a percent sign, an outline of a check, a scroll, a quill, and a trunk.

Curious about what each of the tabs meant, Xinya clicked on the tab with the money sign right away. Only to see that it represented the bank's money system.

The bank tab showed how many coins he had inside the bank and two spaces below with buttons beside them, indicating where he could enter the amount he wanted to deposit or withdraw.

0 Gold 0 Silver 0 Bronze

______ [Deposit]

______ [Withdraw]

Seeing a small glowing question mark at the top of the window, Xinya clicked it, and information about the tab popped up.

Direct Bank Transaction: Allows a player to deposit and withdraw gold to the bank directly from their inventory.

Xinya thought about and decided that it would be a good idea to put his money in the bank. Although there was no need to do so since players can carry unlimited amounts of coin, he knew it would be best to.

He always gets into dangerous situations, and if he dies, he will lose 5% of his coin amount. But if his money is in the bank, there would be nothing to take from his inventory.

Well, unless they take another item that is around the amount he would be losing. But he doubts that the DEVs would be that cruel.

Determined to transfer his money to the bank the next time he goes off an adventure, Xinya opens the next tab. Which only showed him the property tax he owed and rather or not he was in debt.

Property tax owed: 0/5 bronze coins per month.

Collection Agency: Not in debt

Clicking the information button, he began reading:

Property Tax: Property owners pay property tax calculated by the town's bank where the property is located. Property tax is based on the property's value, the real estate, and the tangible personal items on the property.

'This means in layman's terms, that the better my farm becomes, the higher the tax will grow,' Xinya thought. Although this was something, he already knew, seeing it written out struck a chord in him.

The next three tabs weren't essential to him at this point in time, so he didn't really pay much attention to them. Even so, he did read the information about them.

Check Creation: Although a player can just transfer large amounts of coins to other players, that isn't the case with NPCs. So transferring large sums of money to NPCs can only be done via check creation.

Loan Application: Housing or business loan application rates and approval depend on the loan amount and duration. Proper permission for applicable loans must be approved by bank managers. Repayment and prices to be decided by the bank. *Depending on the loan size, the time limit to pay it back will be 30 days-1 year.

Business Contract: Only applicable for registered players with guilds above rank 5, and capital of 100g 50b with a qualified guarantor. The bank reserves the right to reject business contract applications that do not fulfill the requirements.

The last tab, however, he found to be very intriguing. It was a storage tab, and like how depositing his money would be useful to him while on an adventure, the same can be said for storing some of his items.

Wanting to see if there were any hidden catches, Xinya clicked on the tab's information via a glowing question mark.

Storage: Enables storage function for player's items that won't drop when they die via PVE. These items are also unattainable to collect when a player is killed by PVP. Storage can only hold up to five things, but it can be upgraded to ten for a small fee.

*Depositing an item costs a small fee: 2.5% of the item's NPC purchase price. Charges will be deducted from the player's bank coin balance. If the player balance is insufficient to cover a payment, the outstanding amount will be taken from the player inventory. If the total amount of coin in the player's bank and stock is not enough to cover a fee, the deposit will be rejected.

'Now that's a useful expenditure that I wouldn't mind paying for,' smirked Xinya after he finished reading all of the details. He had a couple of items in his inventory that would cause him to become distraught if he died and lost them. Even the thought of it made him shudder slightly.