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 Xinya silently stood there at the edge of his dilapidated farm, his rough bark-like hand clasping Melting Snow's tiny one while staring out into the distance. It had already been twenty minutes since he saw Wandering Sound and Wei off on their journey, and as of right now, there wasn't a hide nor hair of them to be seen, but he couldn't make himself turn away.

Previously when Wei told him about wanting to go off on her own with Wandering Sound, he had thought about how he would feel when she and the musician had actually left. At the time, he had figured that he would've been okay with it since he trusted the other man to keep Wei safe.

It seemed that he had underestimated how overprotective he was of her. Because as he watched her leave with the blue-skinned man, he felt like an older brother giving his sister away on her wedding day.

It was silly to feel that way, he knew that since the couple was barely together yet. But he couldn't stop himself from feeling that way. Especially now that he wasn't able to see how they were doing.

'God damn it,' he muttered soundlessly to himself. He was very irritated, every part of him was itching to open his interface and check their position on his map.

However, this was something he wasn't able to do anymore. Right before they were about to set off on their journey, Wandering Sound and Wei left the party so that they could make one of their own.

This made him even more anxious. Ever since they left his party, Xinya could only view his and Melting Snow's health statuses. After all this time of being able to see everyone's states anytime he wanted, it seemed very peculiar that he couldn't.

However, that wasn't the only reason he was anxious. The world of Haven was a dangerous place, and he wasn't just thinking about the monsters; no, they also needed to be wary of the people as well.

Xinya could still recall the first day he and Wei actually played together. It was when he fished up a treasure map and found out that it was special because it had the gold chain symbol on it.

It was after that when they first saw the evilness of players out on full display. He almost let out a snicker when he remembered how that fake white lotus tried to con them by using the 'I'm an innocent victim that needs help' trap.

At that time, Wei was very new and fell for the woman's antics. She even thought that he was being mean for ignoring the cries of someone needing help.

It amused him at the time, but If he hadn't been there to use his racial skill to show her the woman's true colors, who knows what might have happened.

He couldn't help but be worried since Wei could be very naive sometimes. He really hoped that this journey would firmly break those rose-colored glasses that she likes to put on.

Feeling his hand being tugged, Xinya snapped out of his thoughts and turned to look down at Melting Snow. Only to smile at how adorably pitiful the boy appeared.

With his ears folded against his head, drooping tail, and his big, round shining grey eyes staring up at him sadly. Xinya had to hold back the urge to give the boy a big hug since he doubted a boy Melting Snow's age would appreciate it if he did so.


"What should we do now, Drifting Cloud?" Melting Snow asked a little forlornly.

He really didn't know what to do, he could tell that Drifting Cloud was upset about Roaming Wind and Wandering Sound leaving. This made him feel unsettled, as well.

Not to say he wasn't sad about the couple's departure because he was. It didn't matter how many times he teased Roaming Wind or made fun of Wandering Sound for his lovey-dovey behavior, he would still miss them.

But he wouldn't miss them as much as he knew Drifting Cloud would. The green-haired man seemed really close to Roaming Wind, too close, in fact.

He had meant to ask if they were related somehow, but he didn't want to pry. Zixuan had firmly talked to him about him being too nosy for his own good and how it could cause other people to become upset with him for poking into their business. With his cousin's words in mind, he made sure to hold back on asking anything that he thought was too personal.


Gently smiling at the boy, Xinya released his hand and started to playfully rub the boy's head. "What do you think we should do?"

"Drifting Cloud!" the furry eared boy whined, batting away Xinya's hand from his head. "You're messing up my hair."

Amused by the angry pout the boy displayed on his face, Xinya felt as though his mood was being lifted. That's when a realization struck him; although his pseudo sister may no longer be around, he still had a little brother in-game to care for.

"Alright, alright, I'll stop. Now tell me what you think we should do now that it's just the two of us?" Xinya asked, crossing his arm against his chest.

He was seriously wondering since there was so much he needed to do. He really didn't have any idea where he should start, so if Melting Snow had any opinions, that would really help him out a bunch.

With the pout still on his face, Melting Snow combed his fingers through his hair, trying to fix the mess that Drifting Cloud made. While doing so, he started to ponder really hard about what they should be doing now, when it came to him. "How about we look around this burnt farmland of yours, and figure out what you have and what you might need."

"Melting Snow, that's a great idea!" Xinya exclaimed while looking at the boy in a new light. "It seems your way smarter than you give yourself credit for."

"I have my moments," Melting Snow replied, trying to be modest. But Xinya could see his puffed-out chest and knew that the boy was incredibly proud of himself.

Motioning for Melting Snow to follow him, Xinya walked back to where they had set up the campfire. That spot was where the NPC cottage was placed and where he would place his new one once the farmland was cleaned up some.

Once they arrived back at the firepit, he turned and faced Melting Snow. "I want to check around the cottage area, would you mind using your super-speed to check out the wooded area for me."

"I wouldn't mind at all. Is there anything I should be on the lookout for?" Melting Snow curiously asked.

"Not really," Xinya began. He wasn't really expecting to find anything interesting on the farm until later when they started fixing it up. "Just make a note of any fascinating plants and animals you might find in the trees."

'Animals?!' Melting Snow thought with surprise. He didn't believe that there would be a chance for him to find any wild animals on this charred farm. But if Drifting Cloud is telling him to look out for some, then there must be.

Feeling extremely eager now, Melting Snow activated his skill, and before leaving said, "I'm going off to look now! I will find something awesome just you wait."

After watching the boy disappear into the woods, Xinya gave a slight shake of his head, knowing precisely what triggered him. He had a feeling that Melting Snow won't be satisfied until he made him get two of every farm animal there were.

As he walked over to the area where the NPC cottage once stood, a smile graced his face at the thought, and he began to hum the old children's song, 'Old Mr. Wang.'


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