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219 See You Later Pt2

 Zixuan felt even more intrigued by the green-haired man in front of him. It seemed the Dryad was playing this game his own way and didn't care about how others perceived him.

He had to admit that he was taken aback by how he was playing, because even rich young masters tried to get richer, or start-up businesses when they played this game. However, the man in front of him was wasting his coins on useless endeavors.

Although from what his cousin told him, that was part of the Dryad's charm. The man would do things other players wouldn't and somehow land himself in epic quests.

He still believed that those quests were purely coincidental, just the case of being in the right place at the right time. But he was kind of curious as to how this burnt up land would turn out.

Hopefully, he would be able to get the chance to see it. Noticing that his cousin was looking towards him, Zixuan motioned him over toward him.

"This is an interesting place that your friend had bought,'' Zixuan whispered, once the boy was by his side.

Melting Snow couldn't help but snigger at that comment. "Well, what can I say, he's an interesting fellow."

Zixuan looked at the green-haired man who was busy telling his two other friends about what this place could be and said, "I'm seeing that now."


"So what about my goodbye picnic?" Wei suddenly asked.

"Well how about instead of a picnic," Xinya started with a sly grin. "I'll make you a goodbye feast."

Melting Snow's ears perked up at the word feast, "A feast, what kind of feast? And where are we going to have it?"

"What he said," Wei guffawed. It was really amusing to her at how much of a foodie the boy was.

"Right here of course," Xinya begins with a smile, pulling out one of the portable campsite boxes he got from Beginner town. "I have everything necessary to make it here in my inventory."

Pulling the string on the side of the box, Xinya as well as everyone else watched as a medium-sized campsite appeared with a puff of smoke. There was an unlit fire pit, with 6 chairs around it and a small wooden table a couple of feet away.

Taking out some wood he had handy in his spacial inventory, Xinya handed it to Wei. "Go light the fire while I take out the other things I need."

"Alright," Wei said cheerfully, carrying the bundle of wood over to the firepit, with Wandering Sound and Melting Snow trailing behind her to help.

While his friends were busy with the fire, Xinya proceeded to take out his Cupcake wagon from his inventory. Even though he wasn't able to use it as transportation, he was able to use it as a functional kitchen.

If Xinya had been paying attention to Zixuan at the time, he would have seen a flash of recognition cross his features when he pulled his wagon out. But he didn't and the look was gone as fast as it came.


"Cousin, wait until you taste Drifting Cloud's cooking. It's better than anything you ever tasted," gushed Melting Snow from his seat next to him around the fire.

"Really now?" Zixuan questioned with a raised eyebrow. "Even better than those cookies we had earlier today?"

Smirking, Melting Snow just looked at him as if he said something amusing, "Those things can't even compare."

Turning his attention to the green-haired man standing behind his so-called failure of a transportation device, he began to wonder if his cooking was really that wonderful. However when the smell of the Braised Fish (Hong Shao Yu) he was making permeated the air, Zixuan's appetite was wetted.

Just when he was about to get up and ask if the man needed any help, and maybe sneak a taste if he could, a notification popped up in front of his face.

Opening it, he saw that it was an urgent message from Xafnir asking him to hurry and return to guild headquarters because there was an emergency that he needed to handle. He could only sigh to himself while sending a sad glance at the delicious smelling food a little ways away.

Telling his cousin that he wouldn't be able to stay, Zixuan got up and began saying goodbye to everyone. However, he made sure to add everyone as friends before he took his leave.

Sadly, for him as soon as he got in his car and flew off, was when the food was ready to be eaten.


All through the night, the four friends partied, eating the delicious dishes Xinya prepared while talking about anything and everything that came to their minds. They reminisce over previous battles, joked about the mishaps they caused, all the while enjoying the last hours that they would be together before they parted in the morning.

Seeing the darkness of the night beginning to fade, Xinya stood up from his chair and walked a couple of steps in the direction of where the sun would rise. The others understanding his actions, followed him feeling a whelming of sadness.

For they understood that this would be their last chance to watch the sunrise together in this game for a while.

"I don't know why," Xinya started as the sky began to get lighter. "But I'm sad that the sun is coming up right now."

"I have to admit that I feel the same," Wei sniffled. She didn't want to cry, she needed to be strong. This was her decision, so she wouldn't let herself cry.

Feeling the mood, Melting Snow gave everyone a wobbly smile, "Don't be sad, Roaming Wind, Drifting Cloud. We will all be back together before you know it."

"That's right, Melting Snow. We won't be gone for long, and once we're back, we want to hear about everything you and Drifting Cloud got up to."

"The same goes for you. I want to hear everything about your trip as well," Melting Snow said.

"Knowing Drifting Cloud, I bet you guys will have tons more to talk about than we will," Wei quietly chuckled.

Smirking at her words, "Doubtful, I plan to have a peaceful farming life until you two are back."

"As if you could manage that," Wei snickered.

The group continued to chat together as they watched the sunrise fully in the sky, only going silent once the sun was fully visible. They just stood there sadly, knowing that they would have to say their goodbyes soon.

'No, not goodbye,' Xinya thought, as he slowly put his arm around Wei, much to her surprise. 'It's just See you later.'

End Of Book 1


Author Note:

I would like to thank all my lovely readers who read Book 1 to the end here on Webnovel/dot/com. You are my peaches and I love you guys. I really want to make writing my full-time career, but at the moment it's barely a part-time job. But I will continue to work hard for my dream.

I also want you all to know I will be taking a month hiatus, I will start BK2 in Aug 2020. I hope you will be able to wait for me until then.

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