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218 See You Later Pt1

 "Did you forget, Melting Snow," Xinya whispered to the furry-eared boy who was pulling him towards the stranger that he could now recognize as the kid's cousin. "We have already met."

"Not in person, you didn't. So it doesn't count," the boy muttered back to him cheekily.

Fondly shaking his head at the Melting Snow, Xinya turned his focus to the leather-clad man the boy was leading him to. Only to be a little taken aback at how different he looked now, from how he did previously.

Xinya remembered when they had met through Melting Snow's video call during the rescue of the mayor in Errinisworth. At the time Melting Snow's cousin had looked extremely haggard, to the point where even though he hadn't really known him, he felt quite worried for the man.

Even though this game was highly realistic, players weren't able to get sick in Haven. So for the man's avatar to appear that way, then he must have been really exhausted in real life. Now however it was as if his appearance did a complete 180.

The cadaverous appearance he had was now gone, replaced with a healthy glow. But it was the sparkle in the man's eyes, his greyish-brown phoenix shaped eyes that showed Xinya that his vigor was really renewed.

As he viewed the man's current appearance, Xinya could finally understand why Melting Snow talked about his cousin as he did. Because if that man's avatar was displaying even a 10th of his real countenance, then he would still be an exceedingly handsome man.

However, he wasn't someone who gets easily flustered by a gorgeous face. He would rather like someone who wasn't the normal standard of beauty, over a pretty face that hid evil intentions any day.

The moment when that newfound conviction swept through his mind was the instant when he was brought right before the man by an excited Melting Snow.


While he watched the interaction between his cousin and the green-haired man, Zixuan smiled slightly feeling amused. It was no wonder the little brat forgot about him when he arrived, just by that small interchange between the two, he could tell that the Dryad saw Jun as a little brother.

Especially when he saw the way the man's green eyes softened as he talked to his cousin. He felt a tad silly now thinking otherwise, he really shouldn't have doubted the boy's ability to find friends that are good.

Although, he still thought that it would be best to get to know the man more. This was only his first impression of him afterward, he could only be really sure after the second or third one.

"Soul, this is Drifting Cloud," Melting Snow announced happily. He was very excited that his two favorite people were finally meeting inside of the game. "Drifting Cloud, this is my cousin Nascent Soul. I hope the two of you will get along well!"

Zixuan inwardly shook his head at how excited the boy was for them to meet. He hoped that the man would live up to the expectations the boy had set up for him.

Unknowingly, even after all of Zixuan's skepticism, a small spark of interest still flashed through his eyes as he stretched out his hand towards the green-haired man, "It's very nice to meet you, Drifting Cloud."

"You as well," Xinya replied with a slight grin. He firmly shook the man's hands, only for his hand to be completely enveloped inside the man's larger ones.


Once Melting Snow saw that the introductions were over and that everyone knew each other. He turned his attention back to what was important, "So can we go and take a look at your farm now, Drifting Cloud?"

"Not even going to let them get to know each other a bit more before we go?" Wei asked with a laugh. She thought this guy could be a potential friend for Xinya, and after she leaves it would be good for him to have someone around his age to talk to.

Rolling his eyes at her, Melting Snow said, "They can always get to know each other later, but we are losing daylight here."

"Maybe we should wait until tomorrow, Melting Snow," Wandering Sound told the boy while looking up at the darkening sky. "I think by the time we arrive at his farm it will be completely dark."

"I guess you're right," the furry-eared boy pouted, glancing at the sky.

Not wanting to see his cousin upset, Zixuan inserted his way into their conversation, "Well if you want I can take you all there with one of my transportation devices."

"We want! We want to!" Melting Snow exclaimed, bouncing over towards his cousin with excitement written all over his face.

However, Xinya felt reluctant to take the man up on his offer, this was the second time that the man would be helping him out. And he didn't want to take advantage of the man's generosity.

Turning his head towards Wei and Wandering Sound, he decided to get their opinion on the matter. But when he did he saw how eager they were to take Nascent Soul up on his offer.

Knowing that refusing was out of the question now, he said "As long as it's not any trouble, we will be thankful for your assistance.

"It's no trouble at all," Zixuan smiled, pulling out a large black and gold hoover car from his inventory.


20 Minutes Later

When they arrived at the farm in Zixuan flying car there was still enough light in the sky for them to have a clear aerial view of Xinya's recently bought land. Only to be surprised by the terrible state it was in.

Wei, Melting Snow, and Wandering Sound had been picturing what kind of farm their green-haired friend would buy for days now. And as they looked down at the scorched land, all their expectations turned to dust.

Once Zixuan landed his car, the three of them stumbled out with confusion written all over their faces. They couldn't understand why their green-haired friend would buy this charred mess.

"Drifting Cloud, what is going on?" Wei asked, her words dripping with sheer bewilderment. "What compelled you to buy this crappy piece of land?"

Nodding his head empathetically at her words, Melting Snow said, "Yeah! How would the cows and horses be able to live here."

"I know it seems bad," Xinya begins before being cut off by Wandering Sound.

"Seems bad?" the musician asked sarcastically. "This place is a disaster."

"I know what I'm doing guys. This land was cheap, it's in a very good spot, and I know you won't believe me when I say it, but fire can be really good for the soil," Xinya explained.

Everyone stared at him with disbelieving eyes totally not buying any of the words he just said. Well everyone except Nascent Soul who from what he could make out had a thoughtful expression on his face.

Xinya couldn't help but wonder if the man knew about how after a fire the nutrients in the soil would increase.

"Look, I know you don't believe me now, but give me a while and I'll show you how wonderful this farm can become," Xinya promises, determination shining bright in his eyes.

Seeing how serious the man was, the group started to believe that he would make due on his promise. Taking another look around, they couldn't help but try to imagine how the farm would look when it's fixed up.

"Alright, I will believe you," Wei started, giving the man the benefit of the doubt. "So by the time I and Wandering Sound come back from our journey, this place better look nice."

"Nice," Xinya laughed, "No, once I'm done with this place it will look awesome."

"Well, aren't you confident. I feel like I should bet you on this," Wandering Sound chuckled.

The three of them giggled together at the man's words before continuing to talk amongst themselves.