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216 Off to meeting the others Pt1

 Walking towards the exit, Xinya went to pull open the wooden door in front of him, only to stop midway to glance back at the orange-eyed man behind the counter who was watching him. The man gave him a quick wave, which he returned with a smile, before turning back and fully opening the door.

As he stepped across the threshold of the shop onto the cobbled street, a rush of accomplishment ran through him. He had finally managed to complete his goal of buying a farm.

It had taken a shorter amount of time to do so than he thought, surprisingly. He had always figured that it would take him until a month before the update was to commence to get it, how wrong he was.

Either way, he was finally here and he was ready to begin the objective he had since being reborn. And he would let nothing stand in his way.

Staring up at the reddish-orange sky, Xinya clenches his fists in anticipation. 'This is only the first step though, there are still a lot of things I need to do and buy before my plan can really come into fruition.'

He started contemplating about all the items he would need to get to fix up the charred remains that were his farm. Knowing that once the farm was up and working, he would still need to buy even more stuff to get completely started.

There was an expression that came to his mind that fit the situation perfectly, and it was even more relevant today as it was long ago. If he remembered correctly it was: 'You have to spend money to make money', and Xinya felt that was completely true, especially now.

However, at this moment he didn't have a lot of coins left, so he wouldn't be able to spend his money casually even if he wanted to. Hopefully, the item he put up for auction will sell soon and he will have a couple more hundred silver coins to play with.

Because as of right now, he had no other way to make coins, since cooking and potions weren't profitable at this point in time. He still had some quests, but because of their high difficulty, he wasn't skilled enough to attempt them yet.

Xinya bit his lip, as he thought about what would be the best course of action to take, only to decide that he should just worry about it later. The sun would be setting in approximately 30-40 in-game minutes and he knew he should head to the meeting place since the others would be waiting for him.

'But first I should tell them I'm on my way,' he mused while opening up his interface. Tapping on his friend list, he opened the message function and wrote that he was coming soon before sending the note to all three of his friends.

After the message was sent, he closed the tab and was about to open his map when his eyes locked onto his two new unlocked functions. He was extremely curious about them but felt that it was best to wait until later to look at them when he had more time.

So ignoring the tabs, for now, he pulled up his map and found the pinned meeting place. As he tapped on the pin, a route to get there suddenly appeared along with a giant blue arrow to guide him.

With one last look at the sky, he begins his long trek through town ready to meet back up with his friends. For he knew that after today two of them will be gone.


On a bench in front of the pavilion where the dancers performed, sat Wei and Wandering Sound quietly talking to each other. They had been there for a while going over their plans.

"Did you get everything we will need, Wandering Sound?" Wei asked once again. She wanted to make sure they had every necessary item in case they came across something along the way.

"Yes, I have everything," replied Wandering Sound with annoyance. He was becoming a little irritated at the repeated question. "I told you this before, Roaming Wind."

Noticing that he was getting vexed at her, she moved closer to him and hugged his arm. Resting her head on his shoulder a pout forming on her lips, "Please, don't be mad, I just don't want anything to go wrong."

Feeling the warmth from her body close to his made any irritation that he was feeling disappear. He knew that it wasn't real, just the graphics of the game making him feel like it was, but he still cherishes this moment greatly.

Just as he was about to wrap his arms around her body and pull her closer to him, he was notified that he got a message from Drifting Cloud. Wandering Sound could tell that Wei had gotten one since she jumped away from him like she was caught in the act by an angry father.

"Drifting Cloud is on his way! He must have finished buying his farm," Wei announced excitedly even though she knew he got the message to.

"Yeah, I saw," he said, before asking something he had always been curious about. "Roaming Wind do you know why Drifting Cloud became a Dryad and doing fishing, cooking, and potions?"

Although Drifting Cloud's class is badass, it just the skills he chose seem so random. It was as if he never heard about the game and just chose things that he liked.

Wei understood what Wandering Sound was getting at, but she believed in Xinya and really thought that he knew what he was doing. "I really don't know either, but I think it's for the class he chose. If I knew how great it was I would have chosen it too."

"I agree with you there," Wandering Sound said, thinking how great the green-haired man's Artisan class was.


While munching on his second bag of Water Snocket cookies, Melting Snow was suddenly notified of a message. Opening his interface he clicked on the blinking mail icon in the corner of his screen.

Seeing that it was Drifting Cloud he quickly read the contents to learn that he was on his way to the meeting place. Checking the time, Melting Snow became surprised at how late it had gotten.

Turning to look at his cousin who was watching him curiously, he said, "Drifting Cloud just messaged me saying that he was heading back to the meeting place."

"Oh?" he asked, nonchalantly. In which Melting Snow heard as 'What does that have to do with me?'

"Come on, you have to take me there!" the boy exclaimed, wanting to roll his eyes at his cousin.

"You know you could have gotten there on time yourself if you didn't want to get a second batch of those cookies," smirked Zixuan.

Looking petulantly at the man, Melting Snow replied, "What can I say they were good."

Where to?" Zixuan asked while chuckling, before whipping out his motorcycle from his inventory and getting on it.

After telling the man the coordinates, Melting Snow jumped on the back of the bike, and wrapped his arms around his cousin's waist, holding on tight. Once Zixuan knew that the boy was secured behind him he revved up the engine and took off flying through the streets of Arkala.

Melting Snow was having a blast as they zipped down the streets on the sleek red and black motorcycle, like lightning. He couldn't wait to tell Drifting Cloud all about it; maybe he could get his cousin to give the man a ride as well.