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215 Buy A Farm

 The orange-eyed man could hear the strong resolve of the boy's words. He knew that nothing he could say would be able to sway the lad that buying a farm was an expensive endeavor and he should come back when he had more money saved.

'The boy will just have to learn the hard way, that life isn't as easy as he thinks it is,' Lei Tengfei thought while inwardly sighing. He had a feeling that once the green-haired youngster saw the actual prices of the farms he would leave this place embarrassed and disappointed.

"Alright if you insist, I won't stop you from looking," Lei Tengfei responded with a helpless smile. Suddenly he remembered the boy saying something about if he had enough coins, and asked, "May I know what your price range is?"

"Well I was hoping that I would be able to find one very cheaply, under 10 gold coins if I'm lucky," Xinya announced shyly.

An awkward silence followed his words, Xinya could tell from the disbelief on the NPC's face that he didn't believe that he would be able to find anything close to that amount. but he did have to give the man credit at least he was trying his best to hide his skepticism from him.

Clearing his throat, to alleviate the weird mood, Lei Tengfei walked out from behind the counter saying, " Alright let me show you to the Noakes Visualizers. This device will aid you in your search for the farm of your dreams."

With those words, the man escorted Xinya over towards three rectangular shaped pedestals. Each one of them was of a different color from the others, the colors being bronze, silver, and gold.

On top of the pedestals were holographic houses, spinning slowly around. They were also different from each other, their sizes that are, with the bronze being the smallest and gold the largest.

Xinya had a feeling that each color represented the pricing amount for the properties that it showed. This assumption of his proved correct when the NPC next to him began to speak again.

"The properties that are for sale are separated into three price ranges; Homesteads which are 0-3,000 gold, Farmsteads that are 3000-10,000 gold and Estates that are 10,000+," Lei Tengfei explained while leading him to the bronze-colored one. "I think you'll be needing this one."

Nodding in agreement, Xinya said, "Hopefully I will be able to find what I'm looking for."

"I hope so too sonny," muttered Lei Tengfei, while being incredibly doubtful that the boy would be able to. "Well, first let me activate the machine. Since there haven't been any customers for a while, I have just been keeping them turned off. After this, it might be years before I will need to turn them on again."

Xinya didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the man's words if only he knew how busy he would be soon. If he did he probably would be enjoying his downtime instead of despairing about it.

Shaking his head he watched as the man walked up to the cheap bronze pedestal to open up a panel on the side. Then he proceeds to wave his hand over the panel causing the ring that Xinya just noticed to shine golden.

Suddenly there was a series of beeps, the pedestal glows for a second, and the house hologram is replaced by a screen. "Isn't dwarf technology amazing, they are truly ingenious creatures."

Lei Tengfei laughed a little at himself for still being able to get awestruck by the dwarf's technology. But he just couldn't stop himself, it all felt so interesting to him. He hoped that one day he would be able to travel to the dwarf's underground kingdom to see their workshops in person.

"Now just follow the prompts on the screen and you will be able to do the rest yourself." the orange-eyed man said while heading back to his counter.

After telling the man thank you for his help, Xinya turned towards the screen and pressed the big green button that said Begin. As soon as he did that the screen changed, showing him two pictures with the words Urban and Rural written on them.

Knowing that he wanted a farm he clicked on the picture of wide-open land with the word rural written on it. Once he did this the screen changed immediately to two new pictures, one of an empty plot of land with the word Untouched written on it, and the other picture was of a small cottage surrounded by a farm with the word Prebuilt on it.

Clicking on the prebuilt picture, the screen once again changed and Xinya wasn't surprised to see that there were only two results. With one of them costing 2,000 gold, although that price was expected he almost choked when he saw it.

The other one, on the other hand, was the one he knew he was looking for. It only cost 9 gold and 600 silver, plus it was labeled in red with the words: Damaged Property.

Quickly clicking on the picture of the farm, Xinya watched as a 3D model of it popped up on the screen in front of him. It showed him the farm in its entirety or at least what was left of it and that wasn't very much of anything.

The farmland was only 2 acres (87,120 SQ), which would be really small once his cottage was set up, but he knew that inside the farming space would be a lot bigger. Especially since this was an NPC dwelling.

He also saw that it was in a very remote area that was near the woods, which was a plus in Xinya's book. He wouldn't mind being shielded by trees, he wouldn't have to worry about nearby neighbors bothering him all the time.

However, besides that small little plus, everything else was negative, because the entire farm was completely burnt.

Not just a little burnt either, no the land, cottage, surrounding trees were utterly charred. As in there was nothing but ash left. The amount alone that it would take to reconstruct everything would be astronomical. It was no wonder why the NPC who owned it, was selling it for so cheap.

Although, Xinya was fine with that because he knew a secret about this farm and even if it cost a buttload of coins to rebuild it, he will still get back even more than what he lost in the long run. So with a quiet sorry to the player who owned this farm in his previous life he pressed the buy button.

As soon as he did the pedestal glowed and the screen changed again. A picture of balloons and a banner saying congratulations were displayed with the words that said to go to the counter to pick up his deed.

Lei Tengfei, who was minding his station like always, was shocked when he saw a deed, and some paperwork appeared in front of him out of nowhere. He really didn't think the lad would be able to find something with his meager price range.

"Well look at that, you proved me wrong," the orange-eyed said, as he watched the boy walk over to him. "Come now, sonny, and fill out these documents for the bank and you will be all set."

With a smile, Xinya took the pen from the man's hands and began to sign the papers. Once he is done, Lei Tengfei waves the same metal ring he used to activate the pedestal over the papers making them disappear, before handing Xinya the deed to his farm.

"Alright, you are all set! A copy of the paperwork will be sent to you soon," the man told him with a broad grin.

"Thank you once again, sir. You know for all of your help," Xinya said, sincerely thanking the man again.

Bashfully he waved the boys' words off while saying, " It was my job to do so, but if you feel like you have to, please come and stop by some time, and tell me how your farm is going."

"Will do," Xinya told the orange-eyed man before leaving the shop as he was system notification rung in his ear:

[The Housing/Farming tab has been opened! You will now be able to use its functions!]

[Arkala's Bank has been connected to your interface You will now be able to use its functions!]

Now that he finally brought his farm, it was time to go and meet the others.