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212 The Others Pt 2

 ~With Melting Snow and Nascent Soul~

"These cookies must be really delicious," Melting Snow commented from his position in line. Which they had been waiting in for the last 20 minutes with no sign of their turn coming up anytime soon.

He was trying to be patient but with all of the delicious smells enveloping him in this alleyway he was getting a little antsy. And yes the Water Snocket cookies his cousin told him about was located in an alleyway of sorts.

After meeting his cousin at Xiàtiān de yèwǎn park, the man had quickly packed him on the back of his transportation device which was a red and black motorcycle, which admittedly broke his immersion, and drove them to a hidden alleyway that was full of food stalls.

As soon as he entered, he was tempted and tantalized by all the smells, but none of them could beat the smell coming from the cookie stall.

He was taken aback as soon as that rich aroma filled his nostrils. That rich, buttery, scent of melted semi-sweet chocolate, with a hint of green mint, and the promise of crunchy nuts made his mouth water in anticipation.

This scent was similar to a grandparent's smile, hugs, and lap all rolled into one! He knew that he had to memorize the location of this place so he could bring Drifting Cloud back here later.

Solemnly nodding his head, Zixuan said, "As I told you once before after you taste this cookie you will be ruined for any other snacks."

"I doubt that," Melting Snow uttered skeptically. Although the smell was to die for, and his cousin swore that it was great, he still couldn't quite believe that it was all that great. Especially as he remembered all of the delicious food that Drifting Cloud cooked for him. "I can't wait to show you the real meaning of being ruined for other food."

I will look forward to experience being ruined," Zixuan told him with a chuckle, thinking that his little cousin was thinking of the food made for him by his friend. Melting Snow had been telling him how great it is for the longest, but it always felt like an exaggeration to him.

Sensing the doubt in his older cousin's words, he turned back around with a pout. He will just have to get Xinya to make something for Zixuan to try. After all, seeing is believing, or in this case, tasting.

Minutes passed as the two men continued to wait in the line. While doing so they begin to chat about random things to kill time, one of those things being Melting Snow jokingly asking his cousin to buy him a kid-sized ancient Chinese bronze polished suit of armor for him.

"You want me to buy you a want?!" Zixuan asked in mild confusion.

Opening his interface, Melting Snow showed him the picture that Xinya sent him earlier while he was waiting in the park of the child-sized ancient armor. "Isn't it awesome?"

"Although it looks nice, I doubt it's functional," Zixuan told him, staring hard at the picture in front of him. His blacksmithing persona coming to the forefront. "But if you really want it, I can make you one. A better one at that."

"Really?!" Melting Snow exclaimed excitedly. He had been just joking around about it, he couldn't believe that his cousin would actually make one for him.

Looking at the photo, Zixuan didn't think it would be that difficult to make if he could gather the right material for it of course. Who knows after tinkering with the initial design he might be able to find other people who might want to buy it.

"Yes, but you will have to work for it by gathering materials," Zixuan decided. He wouldn't spoil his cousin by giving him anything he wants, he would have to work for it.

"No problem! I can't wait to tell Drifting Cloud!" Melting smiled, opening his interface to do just that, however as he was about to send the green-haired man a message he received a notification. "Oh speak of the devil."


~Back With Wei~

Wei was all smiles as she headed to the meeting place, she had a good talk with her new instructor. He was very insightful about treasure hunting, more than she could have ever imagined.

After their initial talk, she gave the man her transfer letter and officially became his protege. Which in her opinion was worth it, because as soon as it was official, he taught her three new skills.

Not just any old skills either, but three that she greatly needed. A really good area of attack one and two skills that were for dodging.

She can't help but open up her interface and reread her new skills, she couldn't wait to use our own out on the field on some monsters. Squealing with happiness she looked at her skill list once more.

Over Shot: Treasure hunters need to avoid a multitude of dangerous creatures and traps in their line of work. This skill was created just for that purpose. Using dual guns a player will be able to fire at a target five times, while the player is propelled away. This stylish attack is great for getting a player out of danger.

Compass shot: This skill allows a player to shoot a bullet at the ground, the blast will push them in their chosen direction out of harm's ways. *While sailing through the air the gun damage will become 2x more potent.

Storm of bullets: This skill will divide a player's bullets into pieces and rain them down upon their chosen enemies. *If this skill combined with compass shot the output damage will be 5x more potent.

With a giant smile on her face, she started walking faster, she was so excited that she could barely contain herself from skipping. She couldn't wait to show Wandering Sound, however before she could go through with it a sudden notification of an incoming call popped up in front of her.