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211 The Others Pt 1

 ~With Wei~

After she had parted with everyone Wei used the meager directional skills she acquired, courtesy of her map to make her way across town. Which was quite difficult since there were crowds of people lingering all about.

Using the know-how and inner strength she gained from working as a maid for all these years she pushed her way through the mob to get to her destination. Which was strangely enough in a quieter part of town.

And she wasn't using the term quiet, loosely, with the meaning that there was just a less abundance of people, no she meant that there was not a single soul in sight. This made perfect sense to her though, since her desired destination was an old church in a remote graveyard.

For the life of her, she couldn't understand why her trainer would be in a place like this. Previously when she had to find her instructor all she had to do was look in a bar, but this place wasn't even sort of an equivalent to that.

Shaking her head in confusion, Wei carried on following her map to where it said her instructor was. She had a niggling feeling that the person might be of clerical nature, but as she walked around the back of the church that notion was quickly dismissed.

Because right there in front of her was a dig site. Not just any old dig site, but what seems to be a very ancient one. Wei was certain that Its size alone could span at least three sports stadiums.

It looked to be, in her opinion, the ruins of a Buddhist temple. She could tell by the stupas and the bell-shaped structures that seemed to contain something that looked like a holy relic.

However, from where she was standing the temple appeared to be digged out about only ⅖ of the way. She couldn't help but wonder how long it has been since it has been discovered.

Taking in the beauty of the archaeological site before her, Wei began to imagine what the Buddhist temple would have been like in its prime, whilst making sure to take pictures of it to show to her friends. While she was immersed in the visuals in front of her, she completely overlooked the handsome elven man behind her.

He had been watching her for some time now with a speculative look on his face. As he looked at her, he started to have a kindred feeling. Wanting to know if the girl before him was really similar to him as he thought, he silently went up to her.

"It's beautiful isn't it," he whispered close to her ear startling her. "But as beautiful as it is, that isn't the reason why I'm digging it up."

Turning hurriedly, Wei surveyed her surroundings to see an elf, who appeared to be a little older than she, standing next to her. He was very good-looking, but given that he was a similar type of elf that she was that would be an obvious assessment.

"Treasure such as this should belong to the masses, but I always believed in the saying that what I find is mine until someone buys it and makes it theirs. Do you find that unaltruistic of me?"

His peach blossom eyes glinted at her questioningly, while waiting for her reply. Knowing that this question had some purpose since it was coming from the NPC that would be her instructor, Wei quickly began to think.

"No I don't, if you work hard in searching for what's hidden then it belongs to the person who found it. If other people want it all they have to do is buy is at a reasonable price." She stated with a strong conviction.

Smiling at her with interest, the elf said, "So tell me, why are you here?"


~With Wandering Sound~

Once he said farewell to his friends, Wandering Sound lumbered his way through the massive throng of people that were on the streets and headed straight for the docks. Only to be disappointed after arriving there.

It took him having to go up and down the docks, talking to different NPCs while also getting rebutted by them for getting in their way to find the information he wanted, only for it to be bad news in the end.

What he learned was that if he wanted to own a boat he would have to wait a while. Well not exactly wait, per se, he was still able to purchase a boat if he wanted to. Which he was thinking of doing, to have it at the ready.

It was just that he had to wait if he wanted to receive the boating skill. This was told to him by one of the seaport captains that took pity on him when he was asking around.

The man informed him that if he wanted to be able to sail a ship he would need to take a boating class. This was something that he didn't mind doing at all, in fact, he thought it would be way better than reading a skill manual like he thought he would have too.

Well, he wouldn't have minded any other time, that is. However the class was way too long, it would take a week in-game time for him to learn the skill and another two weeks to get the actual license. Which was three weeks altogether, or one week in real life.

He was certain that Wei wouldn't want to wait that long for him to finish the course and even if she didn't mind doing so, he wouldn't want her to. He could always wait until they are finished with their journey to get it.

Letting out a sigh, Wandering Sound felt as though he wasted his time walking all the way over here, he wished he had just stayed with Roaming Wind. With nothing else to do he pulled up his map and found the route back to their meeting place.

Just as he was about to travel back there a notification popped up telling him that he had an incoming party voice call.