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210 Calling the Others

 "You're planning on buying a farm?!" Melvin questioned, his eyes wide with the whites showing.

Giving a slight bob of the head, Xinya replied, "Yes, I am. It was my main reason for coming to this town."

"May I ask why Arkala, out of all places? Although the farming land in this town is good it's not the best in the region." Melvin stated with confusion written all over his face. "If anything I would think that Eyola would be the best place."

Xinya agreed with the man's words, Eyola was indeed a better farming town but Arkala had more to offer. If he had just wanted to do pure farming and nothing else he wouldn't have wasted his time coming here. However that wasn't the only reason why he came, he came because this is the biggest trading town in this region.

"It is a better place, I do agree with you on that, but I also want to start a business. No matter how much I would love to go around and help people with my Artisan skills, without money I won't be able too," Xinya explained, pandering a bit to the man.

Stroking his jaw thoughtfully, Melvin nodded in agreement with what Xinya said, "That's a very good point that you have there. If there is anything I can help you with, pertaining to your business venture, please don't be afraid to ask."

"Don't worry.." As Xinya was about to tell him that he wouldn't be afraid to ask if needed to, he was cut off by the sound of Melvin's office door opening.

"I'm so sorry to interrupt," a very traditionally

dressed woman holding a platter of tea and cakes in her hands squeaked out. " but I saw that you two have been in here for a while now and I thought that you might have become thirsty."

Noticing a slight flush spreading across Melvin's face as soon as the woman stepped in the room, Xinya suddenly figured out why the office room was so clean. Holding back a smirk, he turned to the woman to give her a good once over.

When comparing her to the other women NPCs in the game she didn't stand out much. She did however have a certain mousey charm that he knew most guys liked. Not him obviously, but from what he read in novels that seemed to be true.

"My mouth was feeling a little peckish, thank you so much for bringing me this Fei Hong," Melvin told her, his ears completely red now.

After placing the tray on the table, the woman looked shyly at her feet before saying, "It was no trouble."

'So the attraction is mutual,' Xinya thought as he watched the two NPCs with interest. Seeing how the silence stretched a bit long between them, Xinya cleared his throat bringing their attention to him.

"Oh right," Melvin started with an embarrassed laugh, "Let me introduce the two of you. Fei Hong this is Drifting Cloud my protege, Drifting Cloud this is Fei Hong, my assistant."

Giving a bow of greeting, Fei Hong said, "It is very nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you as well," Xinya responded, getting up from his seat and bowing in kind.

"Well I should be getting back, I shouldn't leave the shop unattended while you're busy in here," she said while excusing herself from the room.

After she left the two men sat back down and continued with their chat. Discussing Xinya's plans on why he wants to grow a farm. As Melvin listened to the green-haired boy's ideas in detail, he thought that the boy was being smart, thinking ahead like he was.

Although Melvin wanted to hear more he knew that he needed to get back to work. So after making Xinya promise that he would visit again soon, he walked him downstairs and escorted him out of the shop.

"I'll be waiting until your next visit," Melvin announced from his position leaning against the entrance door of his toy shop. "You better not have me waiting another couple of months as you did before."

With a quiet chuckle, Xinya hopped down from the stone steps of the store's entryway onto the cobbled street below, "Don't worry, that won't happen. I will make sure that you will see me often."

"That's good to hear! I wouldn't want to have to go out of my way to find you and drag you back here myself," Melvin jokes, and with one final wave, he reentered his shop, leaving Xinya standing outside his toy store alone.

With a wave, Xinya bid the man farewell and watched him until he was out of sight across the shop's threshold. Once he was sure that Melvin had left, he opened his interface and pulled up his map.

Using his finger he tapped the search bar and typed up, 'town's property management office'. After seeing a building on the other side of town become highlighted, Xinya made sure to pin it.

Now equipped with the quickest route, Xinya turned his attention to the crowded town streets. Well now that he was actually looking around, he could see the streets were far less crowded than they were before.

Maybe it was because it was late afternoon, or there was some event grabbing everyone's attention. Whatever it was that was causing the lack of people had his deepest gratitude.

He was even contemplating on whether he should spend some of his coins to use one of those Kamkams, so it wouldn't take him forever to get to his next destination. But now that the streets had cleared up some he wouldn't need to waste any of the money he was saving to buy his farm.

As he started to follow the transparent blue arrows that would lead the way to the town's real estate office, Xinya began to wonder what the other's were doing. He hoped that Wei and Wandering Sound would be able to take care of everything they needed to.

Thinking that it would probably be a good idea if he checked in on the others, Xinya once again opened his interface and pressed the party tab. Selecting the voice call function, he pressed the call button.