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209 Recapping For Melvin

 While following Melvin up the dark brown spiral staircase, Xinya couldn't help but trail his bark-like fingers along the wooden railing, marveling at the beautiful carvings that were etched onto it. As he roved his hand up the lustrous banister, he became captivated by the sight of it.

The vine tendrils, that made up the banisters likeness, were very realistic looking. Especially when it became merged together with the whittlings of the railings other delicate carved nature decorations.

However, besides just looking super realistic, the stairs also brought out elegance and gracefulness that didn't really fit with the atmosphere of this toy store. Tearing his gaze away from the railing, Xinya fixed them to Melvin's back while wondering what purpose the man had for designing the stairs in this way.

Curious as he was, Xinya decided to hold back and ask that question on another occasion when he had more time to spare. He had been meaning to take a more in-depth gander at the inner workings of Melvin's toy shop for some time. Now he has a reason to do so.

After striding up the last few steps that led to the third floor of the shop, Xinya accompanied Melvin a couple more feet up to a red oak stained door. Only for the man to pause in his steps turning away from the door and face him with a smirk.

Just when he was about to open his mouth to question Melvin as to why he had stopped, he was cut off by the brown-haired man giving a bow with a flourish before opening his office door. "Welcome to my office, I hope you enjoy your stay."

Throwing the wire-framed man a strange glance, Xinya walked into the man's office only to be taken aback by what he saw. He could clearly remember the last time he visited the man's office in Bellport, and how much of a straight-up mess that it was.

From what he could recollect from his time there the man's office was completely cluttered up with all sorts of things. There were all sorts of different toy parts that were scattered about. As well as blueprints for new toys, and documents that littered the floor.

However, as Xinya looked around the room he was a little shocked by how completely unlike this new office was to his old one. This new office was utterly neat and clean. Not only was it pristine and unblemished it seemed to be deliberately designed in the same art style as the staircase.

"Isn't it just lovely?" Melvin asked as he walked over to one of his flower embroidered couches and sat down.

While nodding his head in agreement, Xinya replied, "It is very nice. Way better than your previous one."

"Yes, I know. I worked very hard to get it exactly the way I wanted it and I would be terribly remiss if I dirty it in any way while it is still this new." Patting the spot on the couch next to him, he motioned for Xinya to come over and sit. Once Xinya was seated comfortably, Melvin said, "So tell me about your adventures so far."

"Well... My adventures started after I left Bellport...," Xinya began, going into great detail about everything that he had experienced since they parted ways about three months ago in-game time.

He told him how he learned more of Shilvak potions and by doing so he was able to save Christorpher from Wyatt and purify the entirety of the Baldahurh Forest. Afterward, Xinya went on to tell Melvin about his stay in Errinisworth and the battle he and his friends had faced during that farce of a banquet they had attended.

"Did that really happen?" Melvin questioned seriously. "Did one of those vile creatures really pretend to be a human? Like one of us?!"

"Yes. If I wasn't lucky enough to figure it out in time as I did, I have a feeling that the town would have become corrupt." Xinya straightforwardly told the man.

Getting up from the couch, Melvin begins to pace up and down the room while muttering to himself. He was talking much too quietly for Xinya to hear him but every now and then he was able to catch a word or two the brown-haired man said.

"How dare they... they are... bold. I have... to research what is ...Shilvak.... war.." It looked as though Melvin would have kept ranting if he didn't come to his senses, noticing that Xinya was still there watching him. Visually calming himself down, Melvin sat back down on the couch. "Sorry for going off on a tangent like that, please continue on with your tale."

With a bit of reluctance after seeing the way the man blew up, Xinya continued on, "Well after we got rid of the creature pretending to be the Mayor, we went to Laetus Forest. There was a treasure dungeon there and I wanted to help a friend complete it..."

Xinya told him about the maze and how his friend lost herself to madness only to be saved by them in the end. He went on to tell him about catching a giant jellyfish and also crossing over to the fairy world. He made sure to tell him about everything he could think of that happened before he arrived at Arkala.

With the way the brown-haired man had followed him to this town, Xinya was quite certain that the man had some sort of story quest for him. However, it seems that all the conditions to unlock it haven't been achieved yet.

He was hoping that if he told the man his adventures that it would help but that wasn't the case at all. Xinya couldn't help but feel a little disappointed about that.

"Wow what an adventure you had, no wonder you feel stronger to me," observed Melvin. "But you need to become even stronger, only then will you be able to make Shilvak proud."

"Don't worry, I'm becoming stronger and stronger by the day. Soon I will be strong enough to take on Shilvak's second dungeon," Xinya declared, hoping those words would trigger some sort of reaction in Melvin.

And they did, Xinya watched as the man's eyes gleamed at his words before quickly turning back to normal. That's when he knew that he needed to complete the next potion dungeon to activate whatever quest Melvin had for him.

Composing himself, Melvin looked at him curiously before asking, "So tell me what are your plans now that you're in Arkala?"

"It's funny that you should ask," Xinya smiled. He was more than happy to talk to the man about his plans for the future. Who knows, since the man arrived months ago he might have some useful information at hand. "I'm planning on buying a farm."