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207 Let’s Mee

 Hi Zixuan!," Melting Snow loudly chirped, once he saw that the voice call had connected.

The tall muscular man smiled brightly when he heard the beaming voice of his younger cousin, while also feeling slightly upset that he didn't do a video call. He wanted to be able to see the boy's face.

"What have I told you about calling my real name inside of the game?" Queried Zixuan in a stern tone of voice.

"But it's not like there is anyone around to hear me say it, '' Melting Snow pouted, but there was only a stringent silence that greeted his words. Not wanting to make his older cousin mad he quickly rephrased the previous sentence, "Right, right sorry. I meant hi Soul."

"Even if there is no one around, it's still better to call me by my in-game name. We talked about this before." Zixuan Stressed. He had a strong feeling that his cousin was rolling his eyes at him right now, but he would definitely be having a serious talk with the boy sometime later.

Doing exactly what Zixuan thought, Melting Snow dismissed the man's words with a slight scowl. He didn't see anything wrong with calling his cousin by his name when they were alone. "So what's up?"

"Nothing much really, just organizing some new items my guild acquired." Zixuan began stealing a glance at his guildmates, who were carrying more items through the teleportation portal. "What about you? Have you arrived in Arkala yet?"

The boy started to bob his head yes until he realized his cousin wouldn't be able to see him. "Yeah! My friends and I have just arrived a couple of hours ago."

"Oh? Where are they now?" Zixuan asked after recalling his cousin saying that he was alone.

"There were some things that they needed to take care of, so I decided to do some sightseeing by myself, hoping to see if they got any interesting cuisine in this town," he explained.

'Of course, that will be the first thing he does,' the man thought with a smirk. "So have you found any good food places so far?" Zixuan

With a tilt of the head, Melting Snow looked down at the street below, watching as a woman beckoned a man over to her. He was too far away to hear what the woman said to the man but he thought it must have been something good because in a second the man fervently nodded before letting himself be pulled by the woman into one of the nearby buildings.

"Food places... no. But I did find a somewhat intriguing place," Melting Snow told the man. He was now even more curious to find out what was going on inside of those buildings.

"Really now? What kind of place is it?" Zixuan asked while pondering about all of the places in the town that could interest the boy.

Thinking that his cousin might know what the place was Melting Snow started describing what he was looking at. He was lucky that they weren't on a video call, because unbeknownst to him with every word that he spoke his cousin's face became grim and grimmer.

"Melting Snow you better get your butt away from that place right this instant!" Zixuan yelled angrily.

Taken aback by his older cousin's tone, "Why? What's wrong with the place?"

"Just get away from there," the man started, calming down after hearing Melting Snow's innocent confusion. "It's not a good place for you to be. How about I take you to somewhere better, I know a place where they sell the best Water Snocket cookies."

"You going to take me now?" Melting Snow asked, completely losing interest in the building. He never heard of Water Snocket cookies, but if his cousin, someone who barely eats snacks like them, they must be good.

Taking a peek at Xafnir, who was immersed with directing the guild members, Zixuan snuck to the teleportation portal while saying, "Yeah, meet me at Xiàtiān de yèwǎn park, you can find it on your map. I will find you there in 5-10 minutes."

"Okay! See you there!" the boy exclaims, before exiting the call. Opening his interface, he pulled up his map and found the park. Activating his skill, he took off in its direction without so much of a glance at the building behind him.


Xinya had never been claustrophobic before, but as he tried to weave his way through the throng of people, he felt that he could sympathize with those who were. He could only moan to himself about the slow progress he was making.

It had been almost a half-hour since he split with his friends and he was nowhere near the toy shop. He could only berate himself for not using one of those various Kamkams that were scattered along the waterside.

Knowing that if he had he would probably be talking to Melvin right now instead of trying to avoid knocking into anyone as he walked. However he knew that he needed to save his coins, he didn't have a lot left after he purchased those items from the fairy realm, and right spending even a bronze coin more wasn't an option.

Getting his farm was far more important to him than getting to see his instructor faster. He had to admit that this was the second time in the last few days that he wished his wagon was operational.

Getting that egg hatched really needed to be prioritized it seems. Only then would he not have to worry about having to push his way through a crowd.

'No, once his wagon was set up people would be moving out of his way', he smiled at the thought.

Passerby A: "Is that a Dryad I see. Gosh someone was actually crazy enough to make one."

Passerby B::Giggle: "Shh.. he might hear you."

Passerby A: "So what if he does! His race is trash and he should know it!"

Sighing softly to himself, Xinya just ignored them like always. These comments have been coming more frequently as he has been walking. He felt that there was no need to pay their words any attention though because sooner or later they will be biting their tongue.

Tuning out the people around him, Xinya looked at the transparent map in front of him. He was hoping that he would be able to find a quicker route to the toy store, however much to his disappointment, there wasn't.

Not letting that bring him down, he looked ahead with renewed vigor and continued trudging through the crowd.