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206 Plundering

 An evil glint lit up in Zixuan's eyes as he watched his men destroy and plundered the Fallen Blade's guild house. Although this destruction wasn't caused by his actions, he wasn't the one who started this war, but he made damn sure to finish it.

They were the ones who assumed that just because his guild Forged Connections was made up of almost all crafters that they were weak and could be bullied. All he did was teach them how that wasn't the case in a practical fashion.

He did feel bad though, after all, he did make most of the lower-tiered guild members of the Fallen blades watch as he killed their guild leader and their elites back to level one, before making them hand over all their valuables.

So he decided that it would only be nice of him to leave a note thanking them for their cooperation by proxy of their leader. Because when all's said and done they did help him make his guild stronger.

He snickered, picturing the face the Fallen Blades guild leaders would make when he read the note. This spurred him on more, and with a wicked smirk, he opened his interface and began to write.

"What are you over here smiling about?" Questioned Xafnir. He was upset that while he was busy inventorying all of their newly gained spoils, his friend was over here doing nothing but watching. 'If only I had become the guild leader, I could be lazy as well.'

Pressing send on the message that he had just written, Zixuan said, "Nothing really, just happy that we can finally afford to upgrade our guild house."

"I know what you are thinking, and no we can't waste any coin on more equipment for the training room. The ones we have already are barely used," stated Xafnir sternly. Zixuan had been trying to con him into buying more for ages, but as the financial manager of the guild he wouldn't let anyone, even the guild leader screw up their budget."

"That's because the equipment is for low-level players," Zixuan started before slyly smirking. " You know if we had upgraded equipment, then those four would have something to keep them busy when they are here and would make less trouble and you would have fewer problems."

"Hmph, as if I believe that. Those four would destroy the equipment the same day that it is brought." Xafnir informed him with a roll of his eyes.

Zixuan couldn't help but chuckle at that because he knew it to be true. Those four are too chaotic for their own good, he wonders if there were a person alive able to make them behave.

If there was, he swears he would bow at their feet and kiss them. However, seeing how unlikely that was he would never have to keep that promise.

"By the way, didn't you tell me your cousin was arriving in Arkala soon?" asked Xafnir with a thoughtful look in his eye. "Are you still going to ask him to join your guild?"

While giving the man his full attention, Zixuan answered, "Yes I am, why do you ask?"

"I'm just worried about how his brother will react if he joins our guild," Xafnir responded, truthfully. He knew that Melting Snow's brother had been building an elite team since he had started playing and wasn't sure that if it came to it, they would be able to take them out as easily as they did the Fallen Blades guild.

"Don't worry about it, he won't care," Zixuan told the man carelessly, brushing off his concern. "To him, what we are is just a good for nothing crafting guild."

"He might have thought that before, but after winning the town siege in Errinisworth and if he learns about how we completely destroyed the Fallen Blades guild..," Xafnir started before getting cut off.

"So what if he learns about it, I'm tired of having to pander to that man. One single incident that happened in childhood and he still can't get over it. I have been trying to be patient with him since he has custody over Melting Snow, but soon that won't be an issue anymore."

"You finally found the evidence you needed?" Xafnir asked, hopefully. He knew how long his friend had been searching for some ever since he became suspicious about what happened to Melting Snow's father.

Leaning forward, Xafnir looked at him saying, "Not enough for a conviction, but I do have enough to make him realize that Melting Snow should live with me from now on."

"It seems that fox can hide his tracks very well if you're having this much trouble finding anything." Xafnir sighed, shaking his head.

Zixuan was about to agree with his friend when the sound of something breaking could be heard nearby. Swiveling their heads towards the noise, the two men saw that one of their guild members had dropped what appeared to be an expensive vase on the ground.

"Urg, be more careful!" Xafnir shouted at a blue-haired siren who was looking apologetic about the dropped item. Turning to his friend he said, "The devs really need to do something about this! Once a guild house is conquered their items should automatically go into guild storage!"

Laughing as his friend worriedly stomped over towards two guild members who were in the process of bringing out a giant statue, Zixuan yelled, "If they did that it wouldn't be as realistic."

"Realistic my ass," Xafnir shouted back before ignoring him altogether and trying to help his two guildmates.

Zixuan watched as his friend flittered around the guild members annoying them endlessly by telling them to be careful. He thought that it would probably be best if he went over and helped before one of them PKed the man.

However, remembering their previous conversation, he decided to check up on his little cousin. He had been worried about him for a while now after that whole video debacle, and even though he managed to hammer some caution into the boy's head, he knew how Jun was.

The munchkin was a straight-up adventure junkie, and his new friend seems to be prone to stumbling onto them. Which made the boy's friend quite intriguing to him, because he could use a little adventure in his life.

Being a guild leader could be rather tedious at times, he was somewhat envious of his cousin, who was able to roam around the game freely. Clearing his head of those thoughts, Zixuan opened his interface once again.

After scrolling through his friend list for a minute, he finally found Jun's avatar name, clicking on the name he opened the boy's profile before pressing the voice call button.