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205 Sightseeing with Melting Snow Pt 2

 Melting Snow joyfully ran across the rooftops of Arkala, taking in the view below as he did so. He was feeling quite pleased with himself for coming up with this brilliant idea, if he hadn't he probably wouldn't be able to see all of the wonderful sights the town had to offer like he was doing now.

Wanting an even better view, he set his focus on a tall building with a steep roof that he could just make out from his position. Thinking that it would be the perfect place to view the town in greater detail, he made his way over towards it.

Graceful like the ninja that he was pretending to be, Melting Snow dashed across multiple tiled rooftops until the gigantic red building that he was heading towards came into view. Activating his skill once more, he darted across the last few buildings using the momentum he gained to jump onto the higher rooftop.

Steadying himself so he wouldn't fall, Melting Snow looked back to see that it was only by a very narrow margin that he was able to make that jump. In other words, if he was just an inch off, he would be crashing to the ground with no health to his name.

Wiping the nonexistent sweat from his brow, the only thought that came to his mind was, 'Maybe Drifting Cloud's luck is rubbing off on me.'

Laughing a little at that notion, the boy walked to the center of the roof and began to look around. With dimples showing on his cheeks, he smiled smugly and said, "When I'm right, I'm right, things really do look better from above."

As he looked down at the town below, he became spellbound at how vibrant and lively it was. The colors that made up the town reminded him of something that could only be found if he looked inside of a history book.

Every red was copied and pasted to be the exact same shade of vermilion. While every brown was a beautiful caramel color, making him think of delicious chocolate. There were no trees in this part of town but there was foliage scattered about here and there. If he strained his eyes he would be able to just make out a garden filled to the brim with different colored flowers.

The street-lamps that lined the streets were a very lovely canary yellow with etchings of black dragons drawn onto them. There was no pink, no amber, no chartreuse, or violet; making the town feel more realistic in its portrayal.

For a long time, Melting Snow stood there, content to take in the view before him, but after a while, he started to become bored. So after taking one more glance, he decided to continue on with his sightseeing tour.

He was hoping he would be able to find a restaurant that made food that was from whatever time period the town was supposed to be in. His mouth began to water as he thought about all of the delicacies that were here in this town, hiding from him.

Filled with determination, the furry eared boy, activated sonic run once more. Setting off in a random direction, Melting Snow was eager to discover something good.


Melting Snow felt disappointed he had been heading south now for a good while now and besides the food stalls, he wasn't able to find any restaurants. He didn't count the taverns, the food that was served in those places were meager offerings, just a little something that would go well with alcohol.

As someone who had visited a few of them when he had stayed with his brother's team for those couple of weeks, he would know. While continuing to zip along the rooftops, he started to wonder if there were any real restaurants in Haven.

He shook his head at the thought since that wouldn't make any sense. The world of Haven was going for a realistic feel so there had to be at least one or two of them in town somewhere.

Although, seeing how people didn't need to eat and only did it for fun or an extra buff, the devs probably wouldn't go out of their way in making one. Feeling tempted to just use his map and find out, Melting Snow sighed before deciding not to, he didn't want to cheat himself out of an adventure by learning where he was.

While thinking if he should consider changing directions, he noticed a bunch of red lanterns in the distance. Curious as to why they were out for display, he made his way towards the area they were in, only to find a back lane filled with brightly colored buildings.

Pausing in his steps, Melting Snow looked around in confusion wondering what kind of place this was. He could see that these buildings looked different from the other houses he saw along the way. These were way more gaudy, decorated in a way that demanded attention.

There was something about this place that made him feel weird, but he couldn't quite place what it was. It could be the men and women who were walking around, although they were dressed in the same traditional clothing as the other NPCs around the town, there was a slight difference.

They were all beautiful, so beautiful in fact, that he wouldn't think for a second that they were real people. He would bet all the coins that he had, that if he were to go down there and look at one of their faces closely, there wouldn't be a single imperfection insight.

Besides that, these NPCs seem to give off some sort of strange aura, if he had to liken it to anything, he would say it was a similar feeling that Silken Envy gives off when she is trying to manipulate his brother into doing something.

Melting Snow started to become curious as to what these NPCs could be possibly selling in those shops of theirs, he had a feeling that it might be some sort of adult items, but that made him want to go and look even more. Just as he was about to jump down from the roof he was on there was a ding of an incoming voice call.

Halting midleap Melting Snow opened his interface to see who was calling him. He was almost certain that it would be Drifting Cloud, with how worried he was when he left, but to his surprise, it was his cousin.

With a big grin plastered on his face, he pressed accept and answered the call.