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204 Sightseeing with Melting Snow Pt 1

 Quickening his pace, the furry-eared boy sprinted down the dirty cobbled street of the darkly lit alleyway. Melting Snow couldn't help but bemoan his directional choice, he was definitely not a fan of murky places like this, especially when he was alone in one.

So going through an alleyway such as this one wasn't the brightest move he could have made, but he made it so he would deal with it. He wasn't a baby, he knew he needed to get over this irrational fear he had of the dark.

'But not right now,' Melting Snow thought as he exited the alleyway to enter a busy street. Smiling he looked up only to shield his eyes from the blazing sun that was shining down from the clear blue sky. 'What a perfect day to have fun'.

Once his eyes adjusted he turned his attention back to the area where he entered. As he looked around his smile became even bigger. He might not have had a single clue as to where he was, but that didn't matter to him since there was so much to see.

Everywhere he looked there were players, NPCs, and transportation devices crowding the streets. There were so many of them of every race coming in and out of buildings and shops or just going on their merry way.

He quickly turned down his settings since their loud chattering that drowned out any other noises of the town overwhelmed his sensitive ears. Even though the crowd of people was loud they weren't the loudest, no the loudest voices in his opinion came from the NPCs that were selling items from stalls.

Their boisterous voices reigned supreme among the masses as they yelled out prices, special offers, trying to attract as many people as they could. From what he could tell it was working, seeing how a lot of people were going over to check out the trinkets the stalls were selling.

Melting Snow thought it before when they just entered the town, but the sight was amazing to him, he couldn't believe that there were this many people out and about at one time. He wasn't a country bumpkin or anything of the sort, he had been to quite a few different towns in this game, but this was just on a whole nother level.

He didn't mind though, the more people there were, the more interesting this place would be. Also, there was more of a chance that he would find someone his own age to hang out with.

It wasn't as though he was getting tired of hanging out with Drifting Cloud or anything like that. It was just that he wanted to have someone who was on the same mental level that he was, someone to go around and be silly with.

Now that he thought about it, Roaming Wind could fit that description well, but she was about to leave. There was also the fact that she was more like an irritating older sister to him than anything else.

'What if she was really my sister,' Melting Snow shivered at the thought, knowing that they probably would be at each other's throats nonstop if that was the case. Clearing that image from his mind, he decided to begin his sightseeing adventure.

However, after thinking about how many people there were all around, he knew that he would probably be swept up in the tide of NPCs and players ruining any chance for him to clearly view the town in peace. While wondering what he should do, a fun idea came to his mind.

Thinking back to when he was at the auction house with the others he remembered saying how he wanted to climb to the top of the auction house, which he still wanted to do. He would just file that away for another time when he needed something to do.

Although, that idea can still be put to use. 'What was that saying?' Melting Snow thought, tapping his fingers to his chin. Suddenly he smiled, remembering, 'That right, they said the best way to see something is from above'.

Snickering mischievously to himself, the furry eared boy glanced around at the different sized buildings around him. He needed to find one that was low enough that he could jump onto the roof.

Sadly he didn't have the climbing skill, but while he was in town he would make sure to get it. Actually he would make sure that both he and Drifting Cloud gets it, who knows when they might need it.

There were tons of mountains around this town, and they didn't have any real mountain adventures yet. Who's to say with all these NPCs that they wouldn't find a quest where they had to transverse up a mountain.

After that thought flitted through his brain, his eyes suddenly landed on a building. There wasn't anything special about it, but hanging from one it's beams was a rope. A rope that would assist him in getting up onto the roof.

Now all he had to do was make his way over to the building. Looking at the crowd of people in front of him, Melting Snow let out a sigh, before trying to make his way through.

He was right in thinking he wouldn't be able to look around in peace, with his small body and with the massive amounts of people around, the only thing he could concentrate on was not bumping into someone. For some reason, this reminded him of an ancient game his dad was obsessed with at one point.

If he remembered correctly it was called frogger and the object of the game was to direct the frogs to their homes one by one by crossing a busy road and navigating a river full of hazards. As he tried to weave his way through the crowd, he felt as though he had a small understanding of what the frog went through.

Even though the building he was heading for was only about 20 steps away, it took him almost 10 minutes to get there. It was almost like he was fighting a current with how hard it was for him to make it to his destination, but he did make it.

Smirking, he glanced around quickly, making sure that nobody was paying attention to him. Seeing as nobody was, he grabbed the rope, first tugging on it to make certain that it was secure, once he was sure it was he gripped it tightly around his arm, then he proceeded to pull himself up on top of the building's roof.

"Now I'm ready to have some fun," Melting Snow whispered to himself, just before activating his skill sonic run.