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202 Up for sale

 "Circle rating? What is that?" Wei asked with a frown, searching her memory to see if she could remember anything about that, only to come up with nothing.

Immediately after she asked the question, there was a small noise, sounding like a snicker coming from Melting Snow's direction. While Wandering Sound didn't respond but gave Wei a surprised look.

Confused about the strange expressions she was getting from the others, Wei asked, "What?!"

Xinya understood the other's reactions clearly though. The question which Wei asked was something anyone should know since it is one of the first things a player learns if they check out the game's website.

His brows furrowed, as he thought why she didn't know what a simple thing as a circle rating was. Xinya knew for sure that she had been researching this game long before she even got her pod.

However, that question made him once again realize just how new to this game Wei was. It also made him realize just how many things he had neglected telling her about what she needed to know about Haven Online.

Although he understood that she would eventually learn these things on her own just by playing, still could, every now and then, give her little tidbits of information. And if she asks how he had got them, well he could play it off as someone told him or he just happened to learn it somewhere.

Which was already believable, because since the day they had been traveling together they learned a lot of things just by stumbling upon it. And Xinya knew good and well that he stumbles a lot.

Tilting her head cutely to the side, the blonde auctioneer answered, "It is a rating system that everyone in Haven uses to check the value of an item. Such as skills, recipes, plants, etc. It shows how rare an object is, for example, sheep's wool that is used for tailoring clothes is rated as extremely common with a 1 star. The more circles an object has, means the more difficult it is to obtain."

"So that's the real name of it, I was calling it something different this entire time," Wei said, enlighted.

Cocking his head to the side, Wandering Sound asked, "What were you calling it before?"

"I'll tell you later," Wei told him, a little embarrassed. She felt stupid since she had been calling it the worth checker this whole time.

"That's good that you already know what it is, but do remember that although you can see some items circle ratings you won't be able to do so for all of them," the blonde woman explained. "Now please take out the items you wish to sell."

"Oh right," Wei said sheepishly, sorry that she was holding up the woman from doing her job. Opening up her inventory she took out the reward item she got from the Covert Atranoch, while everyone else followed her lead taking out their items as well.

Seeing that everyone had their items in hand the blonde auctioneer asked, "So who will go first?"

"I will!" Wei exclaimed, before smugly saying while turning to look at the boys, "As you all know ladies always go first."

Huffing, Melting Snow pushed Wei to the side while announcing, "Lady? I don't see any lady."

"You..." Wei started about to give the boy a good noogying but was stopped by a stern-looking Xinya.

"Melting Snow, that wasn't nice. You shouldn't push people," Xinya scolded. He really had been too lenient with the boy, Wei was his elder and should be respected as one. "Tell her sorry and let her go first."

This was the first time that his friend had straightforwardly admonished him, and Melting Snow really didn't like it. He didn't want Drifting Cloud to be upset at him. He could admit he was acting like a little brat, but for some reason, he always had an urge to poke fun at the elven woman. Although he really shouldn't have pushed her, that was going too far.

"I'm sorry," muttered Melting Snow, before going over to where Xinya was standing.

Patting the boy on the head to show him that he wasn't mad at him, Xinya said, "Go ahead Roaming Wind."

Wei was going to say something else to the boy, but seeing how he was properly chastised by Xinya she closed her mouth. Turning back towards the woman behind the counter she passed the item she had which was the Nori Battle Axe to her.

Taking the giant battle-ax from the young elven lady's arms, the auctioneer placed it upon the counter. Once it was there, she slowly began to wave her hand over it, causing the silver ring that she was wearing to shine golden.

Suddenly a projection like a screen appeared from her ring, showing the information of the battle-ax. However unlike before when the group read it last, it now showed a circle rating.

[CR 2] Nori's Battle Axe: This one-handed battle-ax was modeled after a weapon used by the supreme warrior Nori. Nori would always walk on the battlefield holding a spotless ax, only to leave with a blood-dripping one. It was said that the blood made his ax more powerful. [Attack damage: 450-600 Skill damage: +200 Special Skill: Bloodletting]*A player needs to be level 20 to use this ax.

"This battle-ax, although not extremely, is a common one, and can be sold on this floor," the woman straightforwardly told Wei.

As the two women began to discuss the price that the battle-ax could be sold at, Xinya looked down at his own StarLight Microphone than at Wandering Sound questioning if he should give the mic to the man. Wandering Sound was a musician after all and had an actual use for it.

Inching closer to the man, Xinya nudged him. When wandering Sound turned to look at him, he whispered, "Are you sure you don't want this microphone? I know you can use it."

"No, you won fair and square," Wandering Sound answered, not understanding why Drifting Cloud was asking him this right now when they were about to sell the items. "Anyway I have to use instruments to activate my skill, I can't use the mic since don't have any of the voice ones unlocked."

"Alright if you're sure," Xinya said. Seeing the man's assent he turned his attention back to Wei and the lady at the counter.

Once the pricing check on Wei's item was completed. Wandering Sound, Xinya, and Melting Snow in that order went to get their items scanned. Besides Melting Snow's Eye of the Covert Atranoch, which turned out to be rare, the other items were CR 2 and 3 respectively.

Which meant common but they still could get a decent price from it. After putting their items up for sale the group left the auction house with pleased expressions on their faces.