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200 Dancers

 Xinya waved his hand in the air to signal Wei and Wandering Sound when he noticed them weaving their way through the large crowd looking for him and Melting Snow. Catching sight of his hand, Wei grabbed Wandering sound's arm, pulling him over to where the others were standing.

"It is as delicious as you said," Wei teased Melting Snow, taking a giant bite of her newly acquired pudding.

Rolling his eyes at the elven woman's display, Melting Snow noticed that there was another vendor close to him selling a different delicacy. Smirking the boy hurried over to the vendor, and brought two of the man's scrumptious eatables before heading back to the group.

"Yes that pudding was delicious, but it wasn't as yummy as this meat pie," Melting Snow tittered while handing one over to Xinya. "Try it Drifting Cloud, although it was cheap, it's really tasty."

Xinya knew that Melting Snow just brought the meat pies to mess with Wei, and judging by her disgruntled expression it worked. But he wasn't one to turn away free food, so with a smile and a thank you, he took the meat pie from the boy's hand.

He never had one before since it was more of a western delicacy and was quite curious as to what it would taste like. The only thing that he knew about was that it's a pie with a filling of meat and other savory ingredients.

Taking a tentative bite, Xinya almost moaned as the succulent flavor of the meat pie touched his tongue. The pie crust was excellent, rich, buttery, with just the right amount of flakiness, while the meat was superbly seasoned and very piquant.

Immediately after swallowing down the bite, a notification popped up showing that his tasting had leveled up again and that he collected a percent of the meat pie recipe. With how good it tasted, Xinya knew he wouldn't mind coming back later to buy more to collect the entire recipe.

Continuing to eat the meat pie, Xinya turned his attention back to the performance that was going on in front of him. He saw that from behind the musicians, three dancers had emerged dressed in light-colored traditional garb.

Xinya had to admit that the intricate but graceful way they danced was extremely lovely to look at. And by the way, the others in his group were staring in appreciation of the dancer's ability they must have thought so as well.

The three dancers moved fluidly making their garments flow around them with each spin and step that they made. The three of them were completely in tune with the musicians, it was as if the music being played was ingrained in the dancer's souls.

As the three girls begin to twirl and weave in opposing circles around each other faster than before, the crowd along with Xinya's and his friends started to cheer. Smiles shone brightly on everyone's face, as they carried on watching the girls swirl around beautifully.

Entranced by the performance Xinya and his friends continued to watch the show for the next 30 minutes. They stayed like this snacking on the local cuisine and quietly chattering with each other until the performance was over and the crowd began to disperse.

"That was beautiful," Wei commented. She felt enamored with the graceful and enchanting movements that were portrayed by the dancers. "I wish I was able to dance like that."

"There's nothing stopping you," Xinya responded, whilst looking at his map, pinning the places he needed to go too.

While they were walking over the bridge to get to this part of town, he had upgraded his map. After upgrading it he had unlocked a new feature, which was the ability to pin places on the map.

Being able to pin certain places on the map might not seem special, but it really was. As someone who cooked and made potions like Xinya did, being able to know where the ingredients were exactly was something he really needed.

Even though his map already told him what items were located nearby, but that was only on a general scale. He would still have to comb through the entire area to find what he was looking for.

However, now with this new feature, he could just pin the spot where the items he needed could be found. And the best part was that when he pinned a place, the map would show him the fastest route to get there.

"Naw, it would be just a waste of skill points, since there is no good reason to learn," Wei replied with a shake of her, as she watched the dancers and musicians hop onto their wagon, heading off to probably their next performance venue.

"I wouldn't say that," Melting Snow began with a thoughtful look on his face. "There is a girl on my brother's team who is a dance fighter and she is really cool."

Although Melting Snow didn't like his brother and his side chick much, he did like his brother's teammates. They were always nice to him and tried to look after him when his brother wasn't around.

He felt bad when he learned of his brother's plans to get rid of them, but he also thought that they would be better off without him. Especially the dance fighter, she was looked down on the most.

Melting Snow didn't get why though, he thought that she kicked ass. He remembered watching her in action once when they went to a dungeon together, the way she used her long sleeves to stun far away monsters was just awesome to him.

"Maybe after I max my Treasure Hunter and Tailor skills, I will give it a try," Wei replied after listening to the boy's words.

With a sly smirk, Wandering Sound sidling up closer to Wei and in her ear whispered, "I wouldn't mind seeing you dance for me."

At his words, Wei lowered her head blushing, while Wandering Sound smiled tenderly at her. Witnessing the flirting of the couple, Melting Snow who wanted to gag turned to Drifting Cloud with pleading eyes, hoping he could stop them from ruining his innocence.

"How about we get going," Xinya said while trying to hold back his smile at Melting Snow's disgusted face. "We should head to the auction house to sell our stuff, before doing anything else."

"That's a good idea, let us go and do that!" exclaimed Melting Snow He was happy that they were finally doing something besides watching those two be all kissy-face with each other.