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197 Hui Guo Rou

 With a smile on his face, Xinya watched as Wei completely left the living room before turning his chair around and heading to the kitchen. Still feeling slightly guilty about not informing Wei of the time displacement syndrome, he decided that he would make her something extra special for dinner.

Going over to the refrigerator, he opened it to check what ingredients they had, only to find that there wasn't much of anything at all. After checking the cabinets and the freezer, Xinya knew that they would need to restock up on food soon.

It was silly, but knowing that he could buy any type of food that he wanted, put a smile on his face. In his previous life, he wasn't able to buy a large number of groceries at a time, for one he didn't have the money to do so, and secondly he wouldn't have anywhere to place them in that hovel where he lived before.

He would usually just go out every day to the corner store to buy something cheap to eat while he waited for his VR headset to cool. To him, knowing that he didn't have to live like that anymore felt a bit surreal.

However, the memories of his old life were still fresh in his mind, even if he didn't want them to be. He could remember struggling every day in his previous life when he had to go out and buy something to eat.

The memory of having to bring his wheelchair up and down the stairs of his dilapidated apartment, because the elevator broke down. He could only be thankful that his wheelchair no matter how cheap it was, was made from lightweight material.

Although the fact was, it was him having to go out and buy food that led to his death. Even though he was grateful for the rebirth, he was still wary of something like that happening again.

He knew he didn't need to worry about going out and buying food himself, he was financially stable enough to sign up for the online delivery system. There was a special food delivery site that he knew of, that only players of VRMMOs could use.

It was a little costly, but Xinya knew that it was one of the best sites of it's kind out there. Besides having top-grade ingredients, the site also gives out recipes and also has top chefs all over the world giving video demonstrations.

That wasn't all, from what he had heard, the deliveries were made by a robot that is personally assigned to the customer. And the robot can be synced up with the customer's log out schedule.

Although, there wasn't any hurry for him to sign up to the site, from what he could see after looking around the kitchen there was still enough food to last them a couple more days. He would just write a note to himself, to remind himself the next time he logged out of the game to sign up to the site before doing anything.

Looking at the ingredients that were available to him he was quite certain that he would still be able to make something special for dinner. However, he needed to check and make sure.

Opening one of the side compartments that was attached to his wheelchair, he reached in and took out his cell phone. After unlocking it, Xinya opened up the web browser and typed in Hui Guo Rou. When he was reminiscing about his life before his rebirth this dish had popped into his head.

It was something that his mother had really enjoyed eating, which made him try really hard to learn how to make it, so that he could feel closer to her. However, he could only make it inside of the game in his previous life, since he couldn't afford to make it in reality.

Hui Guo Rou also is known as twice-cooked pork is one of the most famous dishes of Szechuan pork recipes. Xinya remembered his mother telling him about this dish when he was younger.

She would always say that if he does not eat twice-cooked pork, then he would never be able to go to Sichuan. When he told her that he didn't want to go to Sichuan, she would just laugh and pinch his cheeks.

Xinya began to smile at that memory, he cherished all the ones he had with his mother. After she died they were the only things that kept him going.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he looked at his phone, searching through the websites for one with a good recipe. After finding one, he began to check to see if he had all the items he needed to make the dish.

Double checking that he did, he started to pull out everything he needed and place them on the counters. After washing his hands thoroughly in the sink, Xinya started to prepare the meal.

Grabbing the large pot that he put on the counter, he placed a medium-sized pork belly into it. With the pork belly placed inside the pot, Xinya brought it over to the faucet and ran some cold water inside, but just enough that it was covering it.

Once that was done, he added one green onion and five Sichuan peppercorn seeds. Taking the pot over to the stove, he placed it on high heat so that it could boil.

While he was waiting for the water to boil, he went over to the counter and got some sprouts of garlic. Bringing them to another counter, Xinya after smashing the heads of garlic sprouts begins to cut the head part and leaves into 1.5-inch sections.

Once he was done cutting them all, he placed the chopped sprouts into a bowl and set them aside. Moving on to the red peppers, he removed all of their seeds and then proceeded to cut them into pieces too.

Seeing that pork belly was boiling, he turned off the heat. Draining the water from the pot, Xinya removed the pork belly, setting it on a plate near him. Putting the pot in the sink he grabbed a wok and went over to the stove, placing it on top of it.

After turning the stove on, he begins to heat up one teaspoon of oil in the wok. When the oil was heated he picked up the pork belly off the plate and started to fry it for around two minutes until it began to lose oil and was slightly brown.

When it was finished cooking, Xinya took it out of the wok, setting it off to the side. Leaving the oil inside of the wok only, he started to fry ginger, garlic, and scallions until he could smell their rich aroma.

Placing in some other seasonings, he let it fry for another half minute, before returning the pork belly, giving a big stir fry to combine well. Lastly, he placed in more garlic sprouts and some soy sauce, combining everything together.

Turning off the stove, he put a lid over the wok to keep the food warm while he went to steam some rice. Smelling the delicious aroma in the air, Xinya hoped that the rice would get done quickly so that he would be able to eat faster.