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194 Bridge

 The scorching afternoon sun blazed overhead as Xinya and his friends made their way down the dirt road that would lead them to the town's centre. Although their stamina bar was low, their spirits were high, and a lively conversation could be heard going on between the four of them as they traveled through the lush farmland.

As the conversation began to lull, Xinya started to wonder how long it would take for them to pass through the rural district. Checking his map, he saw that it would be at least an hour before they even reached the bridge they needed to cross to get to leave this area.

He could only sigh at this because in another hour it will be dusk and the class trainers always leave their post at night. Now they would most likely have to wait until sunrise to register with them.

However, this setback really didn't bother Xinya that much, because unlike the others he didn't really have to register. The only thing he needed to do was locate his instructor Melvin and tell him he had arrived.

Although this might not bother him, he wasn't sure about the others. He had an inkling that Wei and Wandering Sound might be in a hurry to start their journey.

He didn't know why he felt that way since the two of them never said anything about wanting to leave after they finished their business in Arkala. However, for some reason, he was certain that they would, and he always trusts his instincts.

Even though Xinya would miss them he was already prepared for their absence. It wasn't like he would never see them again, plus he would get updates about what they are up to from Wei every time he logged out of the game.

Seeing the thoughtful expression on the green-haired man's face, Melting Snow asked, "What are you thinking about, Drifting Cloud?"

"Me? " Xinya responded, suddenly noticing that everyone's attention was on him. "Well, I just looked at the map and realized it will take a while before we will reach the town's centre and wished that my cupcake covered wagon was functional."

"That's right, you have a wagon! I almost forgot about you buying that thing." Wei said. It completely slipped her mind that Xinya brought a transportation device, but it wasn't like anyone could blame her, a lot of stuff happened since then when Xinya told them about it.

Furrowing his brows, Wandering Sound asked, " Why isn't it functional? I know that you told us before, but I can't remember what you said. "

"It's because it's animal-powered. So it would need something like a horse or some other creature big enough to pull it." Explained Xinya.

"Oh. I see," Wandering Sound said, before questioning in a curious tone. "Are you going to buy some kind of animal for it?"

While shaking his head, Xinya reached inside of his inventory and pulled out an egg, showing to others, " I have a Dianna Sidhe egg. Once I hatch it I'm going to use it to be my wagon's mount. "

"I know that egg!" Exclaimed Melting Snow in surprise. "Isn't that the egg you got from the King Bellyborg?"

"You are correct, this is the one," replied Xinya, a little bit stunned that the boy recognized the egg just by looking at it.

"King Bellyborg? What's that?" Wei asked, feeling a tad bewildered by the words coming out of their mouths.

Melting Snow was flabbergasted, he couldn't believe that she didn't know what kind of monster a King Bellyborg was. The video he recorded of him and Drifting Cloud fighting it went viral, how could she not have heard of it.

"You don't watch my videos do you?" The furry eared boy questioned.

"Nope, not at all," replied Wei, with a sheepish smile.

Deciding to add his two cents into the conversation, Xinya said, "If it makes any difference, I didn't watch the video either."

"You don't need to see the video, you already witnessed the events first hand. "Giving Drifting Cloud a quick look, Melting Snow rolled his eyes before turning his attention back to Roaming Wind.

There was an awkward silence, but a light chuckle from Xinya broke it. "I guess you're right. Then how about you tell Roaming Wind about our adventure with the King Bellyborg since she wasn't there."

"Alright, I will. Roaming Wind, Wandering Sound listen up!" Melting Snow exclaimed.

Glancing over at the excited boy, Wandering Sound said, "But I already saw the video, I already know what happened."

"You did?! Well you didn't hear me tell it. It's a totally different experience, " Melting Snow told him. "It all started when I and Drifting Cloud were chasing after the regular bellyborgs trying to kill them..."

While Melting Snow was telling the tale to Wei and Wandering Sound of how they summoned and defeated the King Bellyborg. Xinya took notice of the cottages they were passing by.

When he first entered the town, he didn't see any dwellings, but now he was starting to see quite a few scattered about. At least two every 4000 meters, because of this, he knew that most people would think that only a few players would be able to own farmland in Arkala.

However, with the knowledge, he had from his rebirth he knew that this place would be able to host over a hundred thousand players. He knew that the farmland around them was actually for show and players would actually do their farming in an instanced space.

This space was connected to the player's cottage and was upgradable. However, the size of the space depended on what type of cottage a player has.

For example, the player made cottages, start out with one acre of farmland, and can be upgraded to five. While the NPC ones start out with five acres and can be upgraded to twenty.

Xinya knew he could do a lot with twenty acres of land, that's why he really wanted to buy an NPC made cottage. It wasn't just because of the land that he wanted an NPC made dwelling, there was another reason, which was that the NPC ones come with different kinds of buffs.

The only problem was that an NPC cottage was quite difficult to acquire because NPC's still live inside of them. And trying to talk them into selling their homes without a good reason was very hard to do.

Although this wouldn't be a problem for Xinya. He was certain that he would have no problem getting the cottage that he wants, and he will be able to buy it cheaply also.

"Look there's a bridge," Wei announced, startling Xinya out of his thoughts.

"Yeah once we cross it, we will enter the urban area," Xinya said while looking at the stone bridge that was a couple of feet away. "Too bad it's dark already, we have to wait until sunrise to find our instructors."

"That's alright. We don't mind waiting a couple more hours," Wei told him with a smile.

Seeing the others agree with Wei's words, Xinya gave them all a slight grin. They were all about to cross the bridge when a notification went off.

[ 22 hours and 50 minutes have passed! You have 10 minutes to log out!]

"It seems we have to wait a little longer," Wandering Sound chuckled.

"I guess so," Melting Snow sniggered. "But at least we have something to do while we wait out the night."

Nodding her head, Wei said, "That's true, and I will get to eat Drifting Cloud's yummy food."

"So what, he will make me some later too!" Melting Snow exclaimed while sticking his tongue out at Wei.

As Melting Snow and Wei kept teasing each other, the group made their way over to an empty spot near the bridge. Saying a quick goodbye, they all began to log out of the game one by one.