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193 Scenic view

 "Wow, it's so huge!" exclaimed Melting Snow, staring around at the expansive farmland in wonder. "I can't wait until you buy your cottage, Drifting Cloud. Then I will be able to play with all of the chickens and cows while you work."

Snorting at the boy's words, Wei said, "You're not going to help him? Tsk, tsk, it seems Snow Boy is a laze-about."

"I am not, I will be helping! Right, Drifting Cloud?" Melting Snow asked while scowling at Wei who was snickering at him.

"Melting Snow is right, he will be helping me," Xinya announced with a small grin. The boy looked so cute, just like an angry puppy. All he wanted to do was pinch his cheeks, but he held back. "He will be in charge of taking care of all of the animals on my farm, that will be very helpful to me."

"See, I told you." Melting Snow said, puffing out his chest at Wei proudly.

Holding back the laugh that was so eagerly wanting to burst forth, Wei just nodded seriously at the cute boy in front of her. "It seems I was wrong, and you won't be playing with the animals that Drifting Cloud will buy."

"That's right," Melting Snow began seriously. "I plan to get the Animal Husbandry skill, so I will be able to help Drifting Cloud out a bunch."

Xinya, who was checking his map, turned his head around and looked at the furry-eared boy when he said that. He was aware that Melting Snow wanted to help him around his farm and they did talk about the different animals that the boy wanted him to get, but Xinya thought he would just play with the animals and wasn't actually serious about helping take care of them.

A bright smile crept onto Xinya's face when he saw how serious the boy was about this. He had been planning to coax the boy later into getting that skill since after the update it would be one of the top skills to have.

Regardless, seeing how determined the boy was to help him by getting the skill, made Xinya very happy. Even though as of right now, animal husbandry is considered to be a waste of points.

From what he understood, the Animal Husbandry skill is a branch off of the monster taming skill line, but a player can also get it without having to learn it. In monster taming, a player needed to hunt, tame, and capture the monster, but they also needed to be able to feed it and take care of its health. Also, If they wanted to they could even breed it.

That skill is similar to Animal Husbandry. With Animal Husbandry a player will be able to tame livestock, such as cows, chickens, horses, etc. Taming, in this case, means to allow the animal to grow a fondness for a player.

Although, there are some animals that a player doesn't need to gain the fondness of. They are the ones that are raised to be slaughtered if those animals' fondness for the player becomes too high, the player will not be able to kill them.

To get an animal's fondness, a player needs to feed, clean, and make sure the animal is healthy. Once their fondness is at 100% a player would then be allowed to harvest materials from animals at their leisure.

The skill would become very popular after the update when needing to eat became a must. That's because this skill will allow players to breed the animal as well, but they would only be allowed to do that at a certain level.

Xinya remembered that breeding livestock was one of the most lucrative professions for almost a year after the update until a big crafting guild took over the market for it.

Despite that, players were still able to make a decent living using that skill, but they just didn't make as much as they used to. The reason for why this stayed a lucrative profession was that eating livestock was a better choice of food for some players.

Although monster meat was popular at first, it turned out to be unhealthy if eaten too much by certain races. Some races such as the Beastman, Dwarfs, and Giant's hunger will grow faster than the others, the beastmen most of all, so eating a lot of monster meat wasn't a problem for them.

However, for the other races, eating too much monster meat especially if just barbecued over a campfire would cause them to gain weight. Gaining weight is troublesome because it will lower a player's stamina, speed, and overall reaction time.

This is something that most players would dread happening to them, especially the rankers and idols. Although they would be able to lose weight over time by eating vegetables, a faster way would be a diet potion.

Xinya knew that stocking up and selling the diet potion would be a good way to make coins for a while, but he was in no rush to acquire the recipe though. One, it was extremely easy to get, and two, because one of the ingredients that were needed to make it was something he would only be able to grow when he had a higher farming level anyway.

Giving Melting Snow's head a rub, Xinya said, "I would be grateful for any help that you give me. You know that."

"I sure wouldn't have taken you for someone who does manual labor, Melting Snow," stated Wandering Sound jokingly.

Although Wandering Sound was teasing Melting snow, he actually began to look at the boy in a different light. He felt that boy was a truly good friend, better than himself in some aspects, because he doubted that he would be willing to get such a useless skill like that.

"Manual labor? I think not," started Melting Snow holding back a smirk. " If anything it's a labor of love."

The group started chuckling at the boy's witty words, as they continued to talk about whatever came to mind whilst they traversed through the farmland, taking in the scenery around them.