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191 First Step

 A bright smile appeared on his face as he descended the mountain towards the town of Arkala. He could feel his whole body working together as one, pushing him faster to his destination.

His feet pounded heavily across the ground causing mud to splash up against his legs, not that he cared about the dirt splattering up onto his body because the euphoria of being able to run was taking over him. This joy wasn't something he would be able to have in reality, with his leg being crippled and all.

However inside of Haven Online, he didn't have to worry about that, he could run, jump, skip to his utmost pleasure. He didn't need to use a crutch or anything of the like since inside of virtual reality he had a healthy body with no problems.

Thuds of footfalls could be heard coming from the rear, getting closer to him with each step. Xinya could tell that Wandering Sound was doing his best to catch up to him, but he wouldn't let him.

Looking up he could see Wei and Melting Snow, who had already made it to the gate and was watching them while cheering loudly for both of them to win. Goaded on, by the two Xinya quickened his pace until steps became leaps, he pulled further ahead leaving the musician in his dust.

Out of breath, he pushed himself and gave one final sprint, Xinya made it to the town's gate, way ahead of Wandering Sound. Stamina all but depleted, he looked at his two friends with gleaming eyes and said, "I won!"

"Good Job," Melting Snow exclaimed, giving the green-haired man a high five. "But technically, I won and you came in third."

"You only won because you cheated and used your skill," announced Wandering Sound who finally made it to them.

Playfully glaring at the man, Melting Snow explained, "I didn't cheat, I just used the things that were given to me to my advantage."

"Whatever you say, Snow Boy, but we all know who the real winner is," Wei said haughtily.

"Not you," replied Melting Snow, with a roll of his eyes. "You started running before anyone even knew what was going on."

With a sly look at the two, Xinya said, "So from what I'm hearing, you both cheated and are disqualified. So as the only one who ran fairly I'm the real winner right?"

Silence greeted him after he spoke, with Wei and Melting Snow avoiding his gaze. Only the sound of Wandering Sound's hearty laughter broke through the quiet that his words caused.

"Seeing as though they can't find fault with your words, it seems you are the true winner, Drifting Cloud" Wandering Sound chuckled as he tried to avoid Wei who was elbowing him in his side to make him shut up.

"Well it doesn't really matter who won, the race was only for fun." Melting Snow started. He knew that he was the victor and none of these semantics was going to change his mind, but he wasn't going to gripe about it. "Let's forget about and head into the town.

Xinya knew what was going through the boy's head because it was written all over his face. Smirking, he walked to Melting Snow and gave his head a rub, "Your right let's go in, there is a lot we need to do before we can settle down in this town."

Wrinkling his nose at Drifting Cloud's words he couldn't help but wonder what he meant by having a lot of things to do before they could settle into town. Melting Snow couldn't think of anything, the only thing he thought he needed to do was inform his cousin that he was here.

Seeing the confusion on the boy's face, Wei said, "He means that we have to give our transfer letters to the instructor of our class in this town. That way this will be our set town, and we have to come back here to learn new skills."

"Oh!! Why didn't anyone tell me," Melting Snow begins with a pout on his face. "If I knew I would have gotten a transfer letter before rejoining you guys."

"You know you don't have to make this your set town, just because we're all doing it right?" Xinya asked.

With a slight frown, Melting Snow looked at Drifting Cloud and said, "I know that, but my instructor is very far away, and I know I will be here with you most of the time."

"Well," Wei started, trying to ease the situation. "Are you going to need a new skill anytime soon?"

"I don't think so, plus last time I talked to my instructor he told me not to bother him until I'm level 30." Melting Snow replied sheepishly.

Poking the boy on the cheek, Wei said, "Well there you go, don't worry about it for now. I'm sure when you're ready to get a new skill, Drifting Cloud will take you to your instructor's personality, and then you can get your transfer letter."

Melting Snow knew that Roaming Wind was right, he wouldn't be in need of his instructor for a while yet and with how much experience he needed to get to level 30 it would be a long while. However, he disagreed with her on one point, he didn't want Drifting Cloud to go back with him.

His instructor is located in the town where his brother's party resided, and he would rather not have them meet. He didn't trust his brother at all, and if something happens and Drifting Cloud triggers some epic quest in front of his brother, no he didn't even want to think of the trouble that would bring.

"Your right, let's just get you all registered and worry about me later," Melting Snow said, as he grabbed Xinya's hand pulling him along the wall, looking for the entrance.

Xinya just shook his head at the Melting Snow, that boy's mood changes faster than a hornet with 'roid rage. Although he had to admit he likes to watch the myriad of emotions that switches constantly on his face.

Just like now, the boy's expression changes from determination to confusion in a span of seconds, "Hey, Drifting Cloud which way do we go?"

"Just follow me," Xinya told him with a smile, leading the way once again while never once letting go of Melting Snow's hand.

"Hey, wait for us you two!" Wei exclaimed as she watched the two of them leave her and Wandering Sound behind. "We need to go that way, also!"