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138 The Talk

 "I can't believe that Wandering Sound never told me the truth about who he is," Wei vented as she paced back and forth in front of Xinya, who was seated on the couch in the living room of their apartment. "And I really can't believe that I was the only one out of our group who didn't know."

After leaving the dungeon, Xinya and his group saw that it was already dark out, knowing that they wouldn't be able to make it back to the boat they decided to set up camp. However, since it was close to the time when they would need to log out, the group decided it would be best for them to do so now. They would go eat and when they log back in they would head back to the boat and leave this place.

Before they logged off, Wandering Sound pulled Wei to the side so they could talk. They had a lengthy discussion about who he was, with him showing her his music videos, Fanclub and everything else she asked to see. She was very confused, she couldn't understand why he was hiding it, him being famous didn't change how she saw him.

In her eyes, he would always be the same, goofy, cute guy that he always was before. It just hurt her that he didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth. She couldn't figure out the reason why he would, no matter how hard she thought about it, but she had a feeling that it had something to do with her.

Grabbing the nearest pillow cushion Xinya hugged it close to his chest, before admitting, "If it makes you feel any better it wasn't Wandering Sound who told me, I learned it from Melting Snow."

"But still, he should have told me. I thought we were close to becoming something more than what we are. We even talked about going away together." She confided.

Xinya head snapped up in confusion at Wei's words, what did she mean going away together. He couldn't wrap his head around it, it was far too soon for them to be meeting up in real life and going on trips together. He knew that Wei wasn't the type of girl who would rush a relationship, so unless she meant inside the game, he had no clue what 'going away together' could indicate.

"Going away together? To where?" Xinya asked.

Wei stopped pacing once she heard Xinya's question, her face contorting into a look disconcert. She didn't mean for Xinya to find out this way, she had wanted to ease it to him gently and possibly over a longer period of time.

Letting out a loud sigh, Wei knew it was time to rip this off like a bandaid. She walked over to the couch and sat down next to Xinya, after taking a deep breath she began to speak, "Xinya, I wanted to talk to you about this before, I think we should split up for a while, in-game I mean."

"Why?" Xinya asked he was quite confused about all of this since it was coming straight out of the blue like this. He thought that Wei liked being with him, but it seemed that he was wrong about that.

"It's not you Xinya," Wei could tell from his expression what he was thinking and wanted to clear that up right away. "The problem is me, and I need to fix myself before I can be around you."

"What do you mean?" Xinya asked, with a baffled expression on his face.

She wondered how she could put her thoughts into words that made sense, after going through what she wanted to say in her head once again, she just spat it out. "Xinya both of us are newbies right?"

"Yes," Xinya answered.

"You only started one week before me, but you're already so good at the game. I feel like most of the time I'm just riding off your coattails, not contributing anything. Even Melting Snow is better than me. When I started this game, my goal was to have fun and make a profit." Wei trailed off.

Looking straight at her, Xinya blurted, "But you are, having fun and making a profit, right?"

"Yes, playing with you has been a blast. I loved every minute of it, but I haven't been making a profit on my own accord. All the money I made up to now was by your doing. I haven't succeeded in doing anything on my own. Even if I pay my mother back, it won't feel like it, since I had help getting it. Do you understand?" Wei said, desperately hoping that he did.

"I do understand," Xinya said because he did understand where Wei was coming from. In her perspective, they were both new to Haven Online, but left and right he was finding maps, hidden quests, and bonuses.

Hanging around a person like that could make someone feel either one of two ways, they could be like Melting Snow who didn't care and just wants to go on the next adventure, or they might start feeling like they are not doing their part. Which is exactly how Wei was feeling.

"Do you really?" Wei asked. She didn't want him to think that she hated him or anything like that. She just wanted to get out from under his wing and grow as a player. "Your not mad are you?"

Shaking his head, he said, "No, I'm not mad. To be perfectly honest, I was going to suggest you try to explore the game on your own for a while, once we reached Arkala."

"You were?" Wei asked surprised. This was a turn around that she didn't see coming.

"Yeah," revealed Xinya. "Once I reached Arkala, I wanted to buy a house with some land and start a farm for myself. I knew that would take a long time to set up so I was going to let you continue treasuring hunting without me. Plus with Wandering Sound with you, I wouldn't have to worry."

Wei was gobsmacked, it seemed that Xinya had already planned to let her go out on her own and get more experience. She guessed everything worked out for the best in the end after all, even if the way to it was skewed.

"That's our next destination right?" Wei asked.

Nodding his head, Xinya said, "It should be If nothing else comes up."

"I was thinking, with the money we will get from the mirror, maybe we can go to that fairy store. One last activity as a group before we part." Wei said.

"Yeah, we should," Xinya told her with a gentle smile. "I know for sure Melting Snow would enjoy going."

"I think so too. I guess I should go and talk to Wandering Sound than." Wei stated.

Agreeing with her, Xinya said, "You should, you did log out on bad terms."

"Can you blame me?!" Wei inquired. "I just learned that the guy I have a crush on wasn't telling me the truth."

"So, you do have a crush on him." teased Xinya.

Rolling her eyes at how childish Xinya was acting, she said, "That's neither here nor there, the point is that he lied to me."

"He didn't lie per se, just withheld the truth is all," interjected Xinya.

"Withheld, lie, it doesn't matter, we still need to talk it out," Wei told him.

Setting the pillow to the side, Xinya moved to sit in his wheelchair. Once he was seated he set it to hoover mode and went in the kitchen, but before he did, he said, "Go talk to him now, before we have to log back in the game. I don't want no awkwardness around Melting Snow."

"How can I do that, I don't have his number," Wei said.

"Our pods are connected to our cell phones," Xinya said while taking food out of the refrigerator. "As long as our friends are of age, we will be able to call them."

"Really?!" Wei asked excitedly.

Nodding his head, Xinya said, "Yes, really, now go call him while I cook us something to eat."

Wei grabbed her cell off the table and ran into her room to talk to Wandering Sound, while Xinya made them something delicious to eat before they logged back in the game.


End of Volume 4