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137 Dungeon Reward

 Xinya and his three friends walked into the room that contained the treasure with exuberance and anticipation. They couldn't wait to see what the chest held inside. They didn't really expect much since this was a low tiered dungeon, but they hoped they would get something good since this dungeon could have mentally scarred them.

As the group gathered around the large jeweled box that had their rewards hidden inside, they could barely hold back their enthusiasm. Xinya could barely keep his itchy palms at bay, he was really curious as to what was inside of the chest.

"Drifting Cloud, what are you waiting for?! Open up the chest so we can see what we got," Wei told him with barely concealed excitement.

Giving her a quick nod, Xinya bent down to the ground and opened the treasure chest up. As soon as the chest lid was opened, Xinya and his party were struck by a bright golden light. They quickly covered their eyes, shielding them until the blinding light faded away.

Melting Snow, who was the first to remove his hands off of his eyes, let out a gasp at the sight before him. "Everyone, the light is gone the rewards we got are visible now."

At Melting Snow's words, the rest of the group removed their hands from their eyes. The sight before everyone made them smile, even if they didn't know how much the items were worth.

In the treasure chest, from what Xinya could see without moving the items around, was that there were four bracelets, another map, and some kind of mirror. Knowing they would divide the profits of this treasure evenly, Xinya picked up the bracelets, so they could be sorted first.

"There are four bracelets and four of us, that means we each get one apiece," Xinya said.

Wei looked at the bracelets curiously, "Do they do anything thing?"

"I don't know, usually a notification would pop up at this time," Xinya told her.

"Maybe it already did." Wandering Sound begins. "We had to cover our eyes because of the blinding light, so maybe we missed it."

After thinking about it real quick, Xinya agreed with Wandering Sound's assumption, "Well we can check it later, each of you takes a bracelet for now."

Once Xinya gave away three of the bracelets to his friends, he put the last one on his arm, only for a symbol of water to appear on it. That's when a notification popped up:

[Itemed gained: Bracelet of Requisite!]

Bracelet of Requisite: This bracelet is connected to the four elements: water, wind, fire, and earth. Once the bracelet is equipt it will determine with element is most needed by the wearer. With the water element, the player will be connected to all water sources that are in Haven, just say the name of the water source to use. The fire element, the player can use the bracelet to light up the darkest places or warm up the coldest of nights. The wind element, allows a player to be able to move faster than the wind and the earth element lets a player create shields of mud and trees.

The group looked at each other in shock once they read what the bracelets did. They knew that the bracelets would be extremely helpful to them in the long run, they could hardly wait to test them out.

"Which element did you get?" Melting Snow asked the group. "I got the fire element! I'm so happy, now I don't have to worry about going to dark places.

"I got water," Xinya said while showing off his bracelet to Melting Snow.

To Melting Snow, it made sense that Drifting Cloud got the water element. Out of everyone here he needed it the most, the same could be said with him getting the fire element.

After checking out her bracelet, Wei said, "I got the wind element, which means that Wandering Sound got earth."

"Yeah I did," Wandering Sound said. "But let's hurry and see what else is in the treasure chest so we can go."

Seeing how Wandering Sound was in a rush to leave this place, Xinya reached back inside the chest and pulled out the next item. It was a map, once Xinya grabbed it a notification popped up in front of him.

[Item Gained: Tier 3 treasure map!]

Tier 3 Treasure Map: because none of the party members died inside of this dungeon, you will be able to skip a chain without losing the reward. When you complete the tier 3 treasure dungeon, you and your party will be able to get double the rewards. *Don't attempt this dungeon until your at least level 65.

"We won't be able to do that dungeon for a long time," Wei said after she finished reading the description that Xinya sent to them.

"I'm fine with that." Wandering Sound said. "These treasure dungeons are dangerous, this way we have time to gain more skill."

Melting Snow nodded his head at those words, "Wandering Sound is right, next time I come to one of these dungeons, I want to be more prepared."

"I feel the same way," Xinya said as he bent down and picked up the last item in the treasure chest.

[Item Gained: Mirror of Pandemonium!]

Mirror of Pandemonium: There was a lord who lived around these parts who loved to collect all different types of artifacts. One day he found a mirror made out of obsidian, which is a shiny black stone that was unearthed by an earthquake. Enamored with how it looked he brought it back to his home, only to learn that it was dangerous. The mirror increased his deepest desire to the point of madness, his deepest desire being to collect the rarest artifacts in the world. *When sold to a crafter NPC it will be worth 250 gold coins.

After sending the item description to everyone, Xinya continued to look at the mirror with a big smile on his face. They had made such a huge profit today, he could hardly believe that this ugly mirror could be worth so much, even though he was holding it in his hand.

"That mirror is worth 250 gold coins?! That's wonderful!" Melting Snow said as he ran over to Xinya's side to take a better look at the mirror.

"This is great!" Doing the math in her head Wei said, "So that's like 62 gold and 50 silver for each of us, right?"

Giving Wei a warm smile, Xinya said, "That's correct!"

"That's awesome!" Wandering Sound exclaimed. "This is my first time earning this amount of money, without doing a concert."

Xinya quickly turned to look at Wandering Sound than at Wei when he heard the slip-up. Wandering Sound was looking panicked, while Wei was looking all kinds of confused. Xinya knew that Wandering Sound didn't want his past to come out like this, but Xinya thought it would be better this way and get everything out in the open. He didn't want Wei to be the only one in the dark about who Wandering Sound was.

"What do you mean concerts?" Wei asked.

Looking everywhere else but at Wei, Wandering Sound said, ""

"Let's talk about this when we are out of the dungeon alright?" Xinya said cutting off Wandering Sound's sad attempts in explaining himself.

"Your right," Wei stated. "Let's get out of this place, we can talk about it later."

With all the items they gained equipt or put into the inventory, the group made their way out of the dungeon.


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