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135 Holiday Bonus Pt2

 MomoCatt: Jun how did you get your first beast partner?

Jun: Well, it was when I and Xinya were walking back from doing his dungeon quest.

Xinya: Haha, I remember that you were such a scary cat.

Jun: Hey, it was dark in that forest you know.


After saying his piece, Melting Snow went back to fishing, while he was doing that Xinya continued making potions. Xinya decided to use only 40 of his 50 dewy-eyed fruits, he wishes he could use them all but he knew he couldn't. The dewy-eyed tree doesn't grow in this region, so he would need to save some to plant so he would have his on supply, as he would with the glowing flowers.

Xinya was going to find small farmland to grow herbs and food products he needed for cooking and potions, but as he thought about it he would need to buy a house that has a couple of acres of land. In Haven online buying a house in the future would cost over 200 thousand gold coins and that would just be for the cheaper ones, but right now since the update hasn't happened yet they will still be cheap. They should be going for around 2-5 thousand gold coins, but there was one house that Xinya knew that he could get really cheap.

Putting that thought in the back of his mind, for now, he continued working on the dreaming dust potion. It was as hard to make as he thought even with his experience in making potions. When the first two times he tried making it failed, he turned on the guide and followed it step by step. The guide was different from letting the game help him. When the game helps it controls a player's body in making a potion, it helps get the player's body used to how to do it but it also degrades the players skill, so it's only useful for beginners, while the guide is a holographic image of an instructor showing a player the correct way of doing things.

After following the guide three times, Xinya finally got the hang of it and started trying to make the potion in earnest. It seems he got a little cocky about his skills and realizes he can't do that. He will be making a lot of different types of potions now and not just the ones that he was used to when he was in the future. The night passed like that with Xinya making potions and Melting Snow fishing.

When the sun rose, Xinya made 22 out of 40 dreaming dust potions, and his potion-making level also rose as well he was now level 10 out of 50. It was nothing to brag about getting those first ten levels were always the easiest. Looking at the 1 million experience he needed to level up and since most of the potions besides the dreaming dust one only gives him 5 exp, he knew it would take a while until he could level up his potion-making skills again.


After tidying up their campsite Melting Snow and Xinya walked to the entrance of the forest. It looked so foreboding to them, there was smog seeping out from the trees, and they kept hearing ghastly noises coming from within. Xinya walked closer and peeked his head inside, there was no light, although it was daylight and the sun was shining, inside the forest there was no light.

Pulling his head out of the forest, Xinya turned to Melting Snow and said, "It's completely dark in there."

"What are we going to do? If we can't see where we are going, how are we going to make it out safely?" Melting Snow asked a little panicked.

Xinya had a hunch that Melting Snow was a little afraid of the dark, he thought about teasing him a little but felt that was wrong. Everyone had something they were afraid of, even him.

"Don't worry," Xinya said while pulling out two glow flowers from his inventory. "I got these."

Melting Snow let out a breath that he didn't even know that he was holding, "That's great, now we will be able to see."

Xinya begins tinkering with the glow flower, tying it together and making it into a bracelet for Melting Snow. Since Melting Snow was a dual blader, he would need both of his hands-frees in case they encounter something in the forest, but Xinya would try his hardest to make sure they won't.

"It seems you will have to be the brawn once again, Melting Snow," Xinya said jokingly.

"Why do you say that?" Melting Snow asked.

"Because I'm going to navigate. I leveled up my map." Xinya replied.

Huffing, Melting Snow said, "Why did you do that, it's a waste of skill points at this stage. I know it's helpful but if we never went to the potion dungeon we would never need it."

"You wouldn't need it, but I would. Once the map is level three it will show exactly where to find herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the forest."

"Oh, right. I forgot about that feature, but still, to get it to level three is throwing away 15 skill points and we already get so few as it is." Melting Snow said.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing," Xinya said soothingly. " Anyway let's get this over with, the faster we go in the sooner we can leave."

"Alright, let's go." Melting Snow said walking into the forest with Xinya trailing behind him.

Once they entered the forest it felt as if it went from day to night in a blink of an eye. The only difference was that this night was devoid of the light from the moon and stars, there was only darkness everywhere they looked. If it wasn't for the glow flowers, they probably would have been tripping over every step that they took.

The glow flowers surrounded them in a sphere of light, because of them they were able to see a few steps ahead, behind and next to themselves. Xinya caught up with Melting Snow and pushed him behind him, "Let me lead."

"Alright." Melting Snow said moving a step behind him.

Xinya opened up the map and zoomed in on their location, the map showed the entire forest and the monsters and plants within. While looking at the map he saw that there were some good plants that he could collect here in the forest, but since he couldn't see the plants exact location, plus he wasn't prepared Xinya decided to come back later. Using his new feature, a swarm of red dots appeared on the map, showing the level and exact location of every monster in the forest.

Most of the monsters him and Melting Snow could handle if they run across them, but there were few that if they were not careful would be able to kill them and unfortunately they were in the direction they needed to go. Sighing softly to himself, Xinya begin walking while Melting Snow closely followed.

"It will take us around 3 hours to exit this forest, maybe 4 if something happens. We need to be on our guard and speak softly as to not to attract any attention from the monsters." Xinya whispered.

"Okay." Melting Snow quietly said.


They had been following the map, and everything has been going smoothly, so far there hadn't been any real trouble, one might say they found a lot of benefits while walking through the forest. Every time a monster got near they would make a detour and find a plant or a fruit tree that Xinya had to stop and collect from. One time when they had to bypass a monster, Melting Snow tripped over something that turned out to be a gemstone, worth at least 20 silver coins, Although Melting Snow wanted to share the coins with Xinya, he told him to keep it for himself.

The way they were going Xinya thought for sure that they could make it out of this forest without having to fight a single monster, it wasn't until 2 hours later and they were a mile away from the exit that Xinya realized how wrong he was. He should have known that nothing would be that easy, especially for him.

Rubbing his forehead in annoyance he turned to Melting Snow and whispered, "There's a monster stalking us."

"I already know." Melting Snow replied.

"You know? Why didn't you tell me?" Xinya asked.

"It's my beast senses, and I didn't say anything because I didn't sense any aggression from it, It feels like it's more curious than anything."

Xinya did notice that Melting Snow had been acting weird from time to time as they were walking. He would oddly look around as if searching for something, or he would ready his swords as if something was about to attack him, Xinya didn't see any monsters on the map when these things happened so he just thought that Melting Snow was acting a little jumpy, because of his fear of the dark.

"Next time tell me please," Xinya said a little aggrieved. "I wonder why it didn't show on the map."

Sheepishly, Melting Snow rubbed the back of his head, "I'm sorry, but since it wasn't making no move to attack us, I didn't deem it as important enough to tell you."

"It's alright, but it must be stalking us for a reason," Xinya replied.

Xinya went back to check the map, they were about ten feet away from the exit, Xinya was about to tell Melting Snow when the monster from before started moving towards them quickly. "Melting Snow, get ready the monster is quickly coming our way!"

Melting Snow ready his swords looking every which way but not seeing or hearing anything, "Where is it?"

Xinya really didn't know how to answer Melting Snow, because one second the monster was running towards them and then the next second it had completely disappeared. The monster was circling them appearing and disappearing, Xinya thought maybe the game had a bug for a minute or so, but then he caught a glimpse of it before it disappeared again. That's when he realized what was happening, there was only one skill that lets a monster disappear from the map.

"Oh shit!! Melting Snow the monster has 'Hide'." Xinya quietly yelled at Melting Snow while pulling out a potion.

Hide is a rare skill that only a few monsters have and something a few players can obtain. The skill allows a player or monster to become invisible, although they cannot attack in that state, they will be able to sneak up on their enemies while having another skill ready. In the PVP arena, it's the most overpowered skill to have.

Xinya had no time to think about what to do before he could blink, the monster appeared again and started attacking Melting Snow. While they were battling, Xinya could finally see what type of monster it was. He couldn't believe it, it was a flare dog, one of the monsters that Melting Snow wanted to tame.

Melting Snow must have realized it too because instead of fighting he was tried to push back the Flare Dog. To tame a monster a player needed to bring down the monster's health down to exactly 50%, with a taming cane. The taming canes are designed to hit the monster until it's health is only 50% but if a player uses their weapon first they won't be able to use the taming cane.

"Drifting Cloud, I need your help!!" Melting Snow said desperately while holding the monster off. "I have to tame this flare dog."

Xinya knew that is would be tricky, flare dogs are extremely territorial and it probably locked on to Melting Snow because he's a beast type, a dog type at that. Thinking about it Melting Snow said that he felt that the monster was curious, maybe since they were about to leave the forest, the flare dog wanted to test its strength, but Xinya was wasting time. With a dreaming dust potion in hand, he threw it at the flare dog only for it to dodge.

It was extremely fast, and once again its enormous black and white furry body disappeared. The glare from its glowing sun tattoos was the only thing left as it departed. Melting Snow hurried and put away his swords and brought out his taming cane, getting ready.

"Drifting Cloud stand back, don't use any more of your dreaming dust potion. The flare dog is to fast and it would be a waste. I got this don't worry." Melting Snow said to Xinya just as the flare dog appeared again.

Swirling the cane around in his hand, Melting Snow jumped at the monster and smacked it in the face, causing the flare dog to be knocked back a couple of feet. The flare dog started growling at Melting Snow, it didn't phase him at all instead he smirked and said, "Bring it on."

The flare dog launched three fire attacks at Melting Snow, which he dodged with ease, but the flare dog was just distracting him. While Melting Snow was dodging the fire attacks the flare dog used his incredible speed and snuck up behind Melting Snow and used another fire attack. It happened so fast that Melting Snow wasn't able to react and got blown away by it slamming against a tree.

"Urg..." Melting Snow painfully moaned. " Damn that hurts, even when the pain setting is on low."

"Be Careful, this dog is smarter than it looks," Xinya told him.

"Don't worry, I'm well aware of that now." Melting Snow said while gulping down a health potion.

Seeing that it's prey was back on its feet the flare dog charged at Melting Snow once again, but this time Melting Snow was ready. As soon as the dog was a couple of inches away from him, Melting Snow jumped over it while delivering consecutive blows on it. By the time Melting Snow landed on his feet he already did 50% damage to it.

Quickly he put away his taming cane and brought out a pet carrier, once Melting Snow put it on the ground it grew to be roughly 10x the size of a normal one. Melting Snow needed to lure the flare dog inside for the taming to be complete but the flare dog wasn't having any of that.

"What do I do? How do I lure it inside the carrier?" Melting Snow asked as the flare dog kept charging at him throwing attacks.

Seeing that Melting Snow wouldn't be able to keep dodging all of the monster's attacks, Xinya thought of an idea. He wasn't sure if it would work but after everything Melting Snow did for him he wanted to help him get the flare dog.

"Melting Snow starts running, make the flare dog chase you around and then run into the pet carrier," Xinya said.

"Run into the pet carrier?!? If I do that, I will be trapped inside with it." Melting Snow replied dumbfounded at Xinya's idea.

"Don't worry as soon as your inside the carrier, I will throw one of my dreaming dust potions at the flare dog making it go asleep, and once it's knocked out you can escape and capture it," Xinya said.

Seeing that it was a sound plan, Melting Snow aggravated the flare dog enough that it started chasing him all around, with Melting Snow jumping and dodging all of the incoming attacks from the monster. It was quite a funny sight, well at least for Xinya. Finally, Melting Snow got the flare dog to follow him into the carrier, once they were trapped the monster cornered Melting Snow and was going in for the kill, when Xinya threw the dreaming dust potion inside, knocking the flare dog out.

Melting Snow ran out of the carrier and closed it, causing it to shrink back to normal size and making the monster within turn into a baby. Melting Snow paused as if he was reading something and a happy smile appeared on his face.

"I did it! I tamed my first monster." Melting Snow said excitedly.

Smiling fondly at him, Xinya said, " That's great. Let's get out of these woods now, the sooner we get back, the sooner you can start training your little one."

"You right, let's go!" Melting Snow said as he followed Xinya out of the forest while cooing at his newly caught monster at the same time.

Wei: Wow, I think I want a beast partner of my own.

Jun: I can help you with that.

Wei: Really that would be awesome.

MomoCatt: Zixuan, if there was anything you want Xinya to cook for you?

Zixuan: I would like anything he cooked for me, but I heard his black bean shrimp with gai-lan was very delicious.

Xinya: Where did you hear that from?

Zixuan: From Wei she told me all about it.

Wei: It was just so good.

Xinya: well I will make sure to make it for you, let me see if I can remember how to make it.


Going to the stove he set his wheelchair to hover mode so it is easier to cook. He ordered this special wheelchair the last time he had logged out of the game since he knew it would make it easier for him to move around. He also had one when he was living with his father, but his stepmother replaced it with a regular one so he will be more dependent on the household staff.

He couldn't be happier that he was away from her and her atrocities, this new wheelchair signifies freedom and he was going to enjoy it. A stray thought of his father came to him before he pushed it back inside the little box in his heart. He wouldn't think about him, it's all in the past now and he would leave it there.

After forcing those stray thoughts away he looked inside the refrigerator to see what he could make, seeing that they had shrimp, black beans and gai lan (Chinese broccoli), he decided to cook Black-Bean Shrimp with Gai lan.

Xinya took and the ingredients and utensils that he would need to cook after preparing everything he proceeded to stir together the broth which consisted of, rice wine, soy sauce, cornstarch, sugar, and salt into a small bowl until the cornstarch was dissolved. He then removed any bruised or withered outer leaves from the gai lan, afterward, he trimmed and peeled the stalks. He made sure none of them was too thick if he found any that was he cut them again

He cut the gai lan crosswise into 2 1/2-inch pieces, separating leafy parts from thick stems. Once the salted water that he had on the stove began to boil he put the stems inside leaving the pot uncovered, he lets it boil for 4 minutes until crisp-tender, then he added the leafy parts of the gai lan, letting both parts boil until they become tender.

After 5 minutes he took them out and patted them dry, he then transferred them to a large dish to keep warm while loosely covering them with foil. Going over to the shrimp he rinsed them off and patted them dry. Setting them to the side, he heated up a wok over high heat until it was hot enough that if he dripped water inside it would vaporize instantly.

Xinya poured some oil inside of the wok, once it began to sizzle he added some ginger and stir-fried it for 5 seconds, then he added black beans, garlic, and jalapeño and stir-fried it for 1 minute. Working quickly, he added the shrimp cooking it undisturbed for 3 minutes.

Then he stir-fried it until the shrimps were pink on both sides for about 1 minute more. After that, he added the shrimp to the broth mixture and stirred it together while bringing it to a boil. About two minutes later he removes it from heat and drizzled it with sesame oil. He stirred it together than he poured the shrimp and sauce over the gai lan.

"Ooh, what smells so good," Wei asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Smiling, Xinya said, "I made Black-Bean Shrimp with gai lan, and it's ready, so help me set the table."

Wei went over to set the table happily, "I think this is the first time that I will be eating your cooking, in real life and online."

"Don't worry, soon you will be experiencing my cooking all the time in the game," Xinya told her.

"Why do I feel as if that is a threat," Wei said, as a chill went through her body.

Rolling his eyes at her he said, "How is that anything like a threat, do you think the food I make will be bad?"

"Well..." Wei said slyly. "Even if food smells good it can taste bad." Wei knew Xinya grew up with servants waiting on him, so she was a little skeptical about the food.

"I see. Remove your dish, I will eat all of this myself." Xinya said while tasting the food after the flavor hit his tongue a pleased expression appeared on his face. He understood Wei's reluctance and wouldn't force her to eat his cooking if she didn't want to.

Wei after seeing how much Xinya enjoyed the shrimp he just ate, she choked on air when she heard Xinya telling her to remove her dish, "Hee..hee... You know I was just joking, of course, your food will be delicious."

Xinya ignored Wei antics and put the food on the table. Wei filled her bowl up with the delicious-looking food and tasted it. She was overwhelmingly surprised the food was so delicious. The pleasant bite of gai lan compliments the stir-fried shrimp beautifully. She couldn't believe someone who grew up surrounded by servants could cook so well.

"When did you learn to cook so well?" Wei asked in wonder.

Xinya couldn't tell her the truth so he just said a little white lie, telling her that he learned in secret, when he found time to hide away from his stepmother. There were many holes in his story but he knew Wei wouldn't look deeper into it in case of touching on a sore spot.

After they ate their meal, they logged back on. Wandering Sound was already waiting for them. Wei gave him a shy hello when she saw him while Xinya just nodded and smiled. Once the pleasantries were over they once again began their trek to Baldahurh forest. Checking his map, Xinya saw that they were only an hour away from arriving.

Zixuan: I can't wait to taste it.

Xinya: (blushes)

MomoCatt: Well that's all the questions I have for now. I will see you next time on MomoCatt's talk show hour.

Part 3: Fanfiction

Cherry Sweet

Zixuan watched as his succulent lips devour the creamy tip, savoring it in his mouth, before swallowing it whole, only to repeat the process over and over again. It seemed to him that Xinya enjoyed the torture he was putting him through, with all the licking, sucking and nibbling.

He was slowly driving Zixuan insane if he didn't do something soon things might become drastic.

Xinya must have felt Zixuan staring at him because he suddenly turned around and with a pout he asked. "What's the matter Zixuan, do you want my cherry?"

That innocent question spoken from those perfect pouting lips made him snap just a bit.

With a smirk Zixuan replied. "Yes... I would love to have your cherry."

"Well, I guess if you really want it you can have it ." He said while handing Zixuan one.

Zixuan just laughed, it was funny how naive his Yaya was. "But Xinya ...," he says as he stalks over towards him." That wasn't the cherry I was talking about."

That's was when he pounced, and before he claimed Xinya's mouth he asked, "So can I still have it?"

Looking at the hungry eyes that were staring down at him, Xinya swallowed, "Yes, you can.

Zixuan quickly went to take off pulled off  Xinya's white dress shirt, but his fingers paused at the buttons. "You want this right?"

Xinya nodded smiling, giving Zixuan full permission to continue. Zixuan slowly began to open his shirt buttons, while staring intently into Xinya's eyes to ensure that he wanted this as much as he did.

Once Xinya's beautiful pale chest was revealed, Zixuan moves his head downwards to kiss the exposed skin lightly. When the shirt was completely opened, Zixuan started to caress his gently, before moving up to his nipples. As he began to rub his cute pink nipples, he asked,  " Is this okay?"

Xinya nodded but paused, gesturing to Zixuan sweater, he asked, "What about you?"

Zixuan quickly pulled his sweater over his head, throwing it to the floor, before grabbing Xinya's wrist gently. He raised Xinya's hands to his chest and allowed him to touch. "Like it?"

Xinya ran his hands over the muscular chest, his eyes wide. Turning his face so he was looking straight into Zixuan's eyes, he said, "You can touch me some more if you want to."

"I would have any if you didn't say anything" Zixuan grinned. He tugged at the waist of Xinya's pants. "Can we take these off?"

Xinya reached down to unbutton them himself as an answer, only to have his fingers replaced by his boyfriend's. Lifting Xinya's hips Zixuan yanked the jeans down and off.

Zixuan removed his clothing as he faced away from the bed, leaving just his boxers on. When he turned back, Xinya was staring at the ceiling, sprawled on the bed comfortably. His hair was disheveled slightly, splayed across the pillows. His boxer-briefs were obviously tented from his arousal.

"You're beautiful," Zixuan breathed.

Xinya turned his head to face Zixuan. "What did you say?"

"I said you look beautiful like that," Zixuan told him passionately.

Xinya started to blush, his whole body turned pink as Zixuan stared at him.

Zixuan crawled unto the bedspread to Xinya's side, leaning over to kiss Xinya's forehead. His hands danced over Xinya's skin, tracing lines down his neck to his sides. His mouth followed, mouthing over the contours of muscle. Zixuan stroked Xinya's collarbones lightly.

Zixuan pressed a palm to Xinya's chest. "Your heart is racing." He pulled Xinya's hand to his own chest. "But that also how you make me feel."

Lifting his arms, he grasped Zixuan's face with his hands, bringing it to his own, capturing his lips in a heated kiss. "You're the only one who makes me feel like this," Xinya breathed.

Zixuan grinned, as he dipped his head back down and gave Xinya's hand a gentle kiss. Not stopping there, he kissed Xinya's wrist, moving to his shoulders and then to his neck. Moving lower he began to focus his attention on Xinya's nipples, teasing it with his teeth, earning a gasp from Xinya. Kissing them softly, he moved lower.

Kissing down Xinya's chest, Zixuan only stopped when he was the band of his underwear. Passing over them, he gently rubbed a hand down Xinya's legs and bringing one up to press a kiss to the bottom of his foot.

"Every part of your body excites me," Zixuan said kissing behind his knees, "Every...," he kissed Xinya's hands again, "last...," He kissed his neck, followed by his lips, "part of you."

Smiling sensually Zixuan sat up a bit, kissing the palm of his hand he pressed it to Xinya's heart. "But this is the part I love the most."

Xinya's hips twitched up, at those words, causing his clothed cock to rub against Zixuan. "That's the part of you that I love the most also."

"Well," Zixuan whispered," There is on part of you I haven't had a chance to explore yet."

Zixuan's hands began to ghost over Xinya's hips, pausing at his underwear.

Xinya nodded, allowing Zixuan to slide them down off and tossed them to the floor. Looking at the beautiful sight before him, he slowly licked his lips. Faster than lightning, he took off his own as well.

Before Xinya could process what was happening, Zixuan was kissing his upper thighs. His fingers traced around to the sides of his legs, edging on Xinya's ass. "You're so perfect, so very perfect and all mine." Zixuan breathed against the pale skin. He placed one hand between Xinya's legs, nudging them open. He pressed open-mouthed kisses to the crease connecting his thigh to his pelvis, obviously avoiding Xinya's cock.

Xinya's back arched off the bed. "Zixuan, please."

Zixuan chuckled against the skin of Xinya's thigh before suddenly licking a stripe up the underside of his cock.

"Shit!" Xinya cussed loudly, before covering his mouth with his hands.

Zixuan snickered at Xinya's action, it was just too cute. In all the time they had been dating, Xinya rarely cussed, It was very encouraging for Zixuan, as he started sucking the head of Xinya's cock like a lollipop.

Xinya who was still covering his mouth, trying to hold back his whimpers, while using all his strength to prevent his body from convulsing.

Zixuan flicked his tongue over the slit of Xinya's cock before pulling back again.

"Wait... why did you..." Xinya whined.

Zixuan cut him off, his fingers probing lower between Xinya's legs.

"Can I?" he whispered.

Xinya began to shake slightly. "Oh god. I mean... yes. Fuck yes."

Zixuan pushed Xinya's legs up, bending them and pushing them to his chest. Xinya responded by wrapping his arms around them quickly.

Zixuan brushed a finger over Xinya's thigh, down to his hole, teasing it slightly.

"Top drawer," Xinya whimpered, throwing his head back.

Zixuan rolled to the side, nearly yanking the drawer out of the nightstand. He closed his hand around the small bottle that was mostly full.

"Have you done this before?" Zixuan quirked an eyebrow.

Xinya bit his lip but nodded.

Zixuan smirked, coating a finger as he rolled back and traced over his hole again.

"What do you think about?" he asked.

He pushed his finger forward slowly, breaching the rings of muscle, feeling Xinya squirm around him.

"You," he gasped.

Zixuan slammed his finger forward. "What about me?" he taunted, moving his finger around, stretching steadily.

"You.." Xinya squeezed his eyes shut, "holding me from behind. Kissing m-my neck. Touching my ch-chest wh..."

"Do you ever think about me doing this?" Zixuan grinned, adding a second finger.

"Not unless I want to come right on the spot."

Zixuan kissed Xinya's thigh, scissoring three fingers now. "You have no idea how long I've wanted all of those things. This too."

Xinya was whimpering loudly, throwing his head back. "Please... just..."

"What?" Zixuan taunted.

"I need you inside me."

It was barely a whisper, more soft hiss, hardly breaking through the air.

Zixuan positioned himself against Xinya before pressing in slowly.

"Okay?" Zixuan breathed.

"Perfect." Xinya beamed, forcing himself back a bit.

Zixuan was settled completely when he leaned down, plastering their chests together.

"I love you Xinya." He said, slotting their hands together so that their fingers were intertwined.

"I love you more, Zixuan."

Zixuan pulled out slightly, thrusting forward slowly.

"You're beautiful."

Xinya moaned in reply.

They moved together in harmony, their labored breathing filling the air. Zixuan grunted passionately with every thrust. Xinya gripped onto Zixuan's hands as if they were his lifeline, trying his best to push back against him.

"You're beautiful," Zixuan whispered against Xinya's skin. He peppered light kisses to Xinya's neck, beginning to thrust faster.

Before long, they were moving in less of a pattern, falling apart together. Their orgasms coming almost in sync.

Pulling out as gently as he could, he wrapped himself against Xinya's side and snuggled close to him. Xinya wrapped an arm around Zixuan, pulling his head up to rest on his chest.

"For the record," Zixuan said, "You have the sweetest cherry."

It's all bananas

It was after three when the photoshoot for an advertisement of Haven Online stopped for a lunch break. Following the staff luncheon area, Xinya and his group got their food and sat at a table together.

Looking up Zixuan made sure that everyone was eating. He glanced at everyone, in turn, stopping at Xinya when he saw that he was just picking with his food.

"Why aren't you eating Xinya?," Zixuan said while poking Xinya  with his chopsticks, "You know you need to keep your energy up."

"Leave me alone," Xinya replied tiredly while he picked at his food, "I'm just too tired to eat right now."

With his mouth still full of food Jun jumped into the conversation." Is something wrong? You should never be too tired to eat."

"Unlike you, not everyone has an abundance of energy that allows you to eat everything in sight," Xinya said in a huff. "And don't talk with your mouth full."

Jun rolled his eyes while Wei and Wandering Sound and Xafnir just laughed whispering something about how he shouldn't have cut in while grown-ups were talking.

"Well at least eat something!" Zixuan said while brandishing a fat banana. He waved the fruit in front of Xinya's face while ranting something fierce about getting his daily dose of vitamins B, C, and Z, before stuffing it into his hands.

"He probably just wants to see him suck it," Xafnir loudly whispered from beside him making Wei giggle wildly. "I'm always hearing you talking about his great technique."

"Shut up Xafnir, you know It's not like that!" Zixuan cried, startling Xafnir into dropping his food. Xinya just ignored them all and began to peel the yellow fruit.

Wandering Sound sniggered, adding in his two cents. "If you say so."

Slowly, Xinya eased the banana between his parted lips.

"But I didn't!" A frown creased Zixuan's mouth as he started to eat his food, "I just wanted him to eat something."

"If that's what you want to tell yourself, then okay Zixuan...holy fuck." said a surprised Wandering Sound.

Mouths agape and eyes bugging, they all turned to watch as the last few inches of the slick yellow fruit slid down Xinya's throat, and then back up. Xinya's tongue darted around the flesh of the banana, softening it to a strange, milky shade. His eyes were shut and twitching with pleasure as he sucked; Xinya seemed to really get into it.

Someone from the staff whooped; another person gagged; and Zixuan realized that as he and everyone were looking intently at the masturbation of a helpless banana, that he should have given Xinya an apple instead.

Mine Forever

"It seems like every night I have been lulled to sleep by a voice that only I can hear and within my slumber, I am serenaded by it's a symphony of sound until it had filled every corner of my being with it exquisite vibrations. Yet when the sunrises, I awaken to find my dream has faded, and I'm left alone in these, my long waking hours with only the haunting echoes of its refrain, but now the dream has changed, there's a person behind that voice and when I am with them I experience such a sense of peace as I have never known before. It comforts me somehow, making me feel safe to a point where I never want to awaken again." He said sadly, snuggling close to the person next to him. "I know you think it selfish of me, but I'm at the point where I just really don't care.

Extracting himself the person replied, "I know how you feel, I went through the same thing. The dreams are telling you that you're ready."

"What do you mean, ready for what?" he asked confused.

"I already said too much..." the person said walking toward the door. "Sorry, Xinya but I can't tell any more."

Running towards the door Xinya yelled "Wei! Wait...what do you mean?! Wei!" But she was already gone, disappeared into the wind.

"Where did she go?" Xinya whispered to nobody.

[In another part of town]

"It's almost time Xafnir." a voice whispered to the person next to him.

A chuckle. "He has to accept your first Zixuan."

"Accept me? He has been mine since the day he was born, I waited long enough, I will make him mine. With or without his consent." he replied, walking off into the night.

"Oh," I moaned aloud. There he was again, the person who has been haunting my dreams for more nights than I could count. But this time it was different, we stood facing each other in the middle of the pitch-black forest. He edged closer while stepping into a small glade that was smothered in the moonlight. The look of him was predatory to the point that I was becoming frightened, my breathing frenzied and my heart pounding.

Stepping back slightly I asked, "Who are you?"

His answer was a guttural growl than a pounce onto my body. I fell to the ground, landing on a soft pile of leaves. For some reason, I knew he didn't intend to hurt me. His body felt heavy upon me, his long hair tickling against my exposed body, 'Wasn't I wearing pajamas earlier' he thought surprised.

It was weird but as I looked up into his beautiful, eerie crimson eyes, I was strangely unaffected by the savage grin on his fanged mouth.

Suddenly, he swooped down upon my neck, sucking up the flesh into his mouth, his teeth delicately holding the skin but not piercing it. His warm tongue licked between the fangs.' This certainly doesn't feel like a dream'

My insides churned, heat concentrated in my neck and connected with my lower body in a surprising rush. Moaning, I arched my back. I wanted... I didn't know what I wanted. He released my neck moving down to my chest, latching on to my nipple with his tongue and gentle nips of his teeth, my body felt as if it was about to explode.

I could see nothing but his crimson eyes, but I didn't care to see as long as I could feel. His large cock bumped against my face.

"Suck it" he whispered.

I did as I was told until it was wet with my saliva, he motioned for me to stop.

"Enough," he said pulling out my mouth. He then turned me around to lay on my stomach, spreading my cheeks wide he welcomes his hard length inside.

It hurt at first then it felt felt so good. It was like he belonged there inside of me. I was panting like an animal, I was horny as a bitch in heat, except when I was a boy. Thrusting myself onto him I urge him to go faster and faster, his thick staff filled me completely until an orgasm rippled through me and I moaned aloud.

"Your mine now" he growled out while biting my neck as if marking me no, claiming me. No other shall have you now."

I whimpered. "Who are you?"

"My name is Zixuan...remember who you belong to Yaya," he said stroking my hair soothing me. "It time to wake up now, I'll come for you soon"

Abruptly, I was pitched into wakefulness in complete confusion. Where was I? For a second I looked around for the mysterious figure, but only to find the cozy interior of my room. Stretching, I was startled by the way my body ached. 'That was just a dream right?' Walking slowly towards the bathroom I looked in the mirror to find a strange mark on my neck.

"It was just a dream right?" I asked myself staring at the mirror in shock. "This can't be real...."

The Apron

'I should have waited... I never think things through. How could I be so dumb!! He's been my best friend for God sake how long, I should know him by now. He would never do anything to hurt me like that. I feel stupid, so very stupid letting my temper get the best of me. This is much his fault as it is mine but it was my actions alone that might have caused me to lose him.

Why does my heart hurts thinking of such a possibility? Just the thought of never seeing, speaking or touching again is too painful to even imagine.

What have I done?

Xinya's P.O.V

I woke up feeling very mischievous, I felt like I should do something today. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to have some fun with Zixuan. He's always doing mean things to me he deserves to get a little payback. Just a small trick will be good, and if it freaks him out... all the better.

I thought about what I should do for a while when it came to me. Zixuan really like creating different weapons. It is one of the things that made him so popular in KilloXA. His so-called Blacksmith groups loved those videos. So to honor his weapons that paved his way to his popularity he made a freaking shrine for them in his room.

Every so often I pretend like I'm going to steal them away so that I can so I can find them a good home. I only really do it for shits and giggles, mostly to irritate Zixuan. It's amusing as hell to annoy him, but I know how much those swords mean to him and knowing that I would never do that for real.

Although that doesn't mean I won't let him think that I did. I can't help but laugh just thinking about it. I hope Zixuan won't be too angry.

So my plan is, I'm going to sneak into Zixuan's house and steal all his swords. I will make sure to be extra sneaky so that he will never suspect that I was the one who did it until it's too late.

I'm such a genius, there's no way anything could go wrong. Well as long as Zixuan forgets to lock his backdoor, but he always does so I don't think it will be a problem.

I call Zixuan up and ask him to help me do a Vlog for my channel. He agrees and I hopped in my car and head to his house. Just like I predicted his backdoor is open. I go in to see that he is on the computer, we chat a bit and I learn he has something to do later, he needs to pick up something from the store. He asks me to come, but I made up some lame excuse about wanting to try a new recipe. I doubt he believes me but he let it go.

I couldn't help but think about how convenient my plan is going. I had to bite my lip or I feel that I might have started laughing uproariously.

I still needed some fake shots for the Vlog I told Zixuan I was doing, so we decided to go to some restaurants. We had an awesome time there, so much so that I started to feel bad about what I'm going to do later. That feeling only lasted a moment though.

About an hour or two later we leave the restaurant and go back to Zixuan's house. We go inside and chat for a bit more than I grab some equipment and leave.

I say goodbye to Zixuan and then head to my car. I don't go anywhere I just wait inside my car until I see Zixuan's car pull off. That's when I make my move, I go back to his house praying the backdoor is open like always. Knowing my luck this would be the day Zixuan remembers to lock it.

I reached the door and was happy to see that it was opened. I walk in his room, heading straight for the weapons when all of a sudden I heard Zixuan's voice. I panicked and hid in the closet. It seems he forgot to bring his wallet with him. He leaves again and I let out a sigh of relief.

I saw a bin in his closet, so I decided to use that as a way to transport the weapons. After I make sure they are all in, I rush to my car and load them in the backseat. I drive for a while until I reached one of those large trash cans that are behind stores.

I get out of my car with the bin of weapons in my arms and with great care, I found a home' all of Zixuan's weapons. I made sure to play everything up for my KilloXA audience. Once the camera was off though I made sure to collect the weapons back.

I can't wait to see Zixuan's reaction. I think I will keep them for a week or two before giving them back. I had a smile on my face just thinking about how this will go.

Zixuan P.O.V

Everything was going so well, I had a wonderful day with Xinya but when I came back from picking up some things from the store, to my utter surprise all my weapons that were in my room just this morning were gone.

I was shocked, how could they just disappear? That makes no sense to me. Maybe Xafnir knows something about it. He could have sent them to get clean is the only logical explanation I can think of.

"Xafnir", I shout as I make my way throughout my house. I finally find him in the kitchen preparing dinner, if I'm guessing right it's going to taste horrible with the way he cooks. Even though I shouldn't be focusing on that at the moment.

Without looking up from what he is doing he replies, "What's the matter Zixuan?"

"The weapons in my room do you know what happened to them?" I asked desperately hoping that he would know something, but he only looked at me in confusion.

"You mean the ones in your room?" he asks.

I felt so hopeful for a moment. "Yeah those, did you go get them clean or something? "

"No Zixuan, I'm sorry but I don't know what happened to them," he says turning back to her cooking.

With a disappointed sigh, I headed back to my room wondering where they could be. I decide to call Xinya maybe he would know something about it. Knowing him he might have told Xafnir to hide them away from me for a video or something.

I call him to explain everything. He seems genuinely surprised. He suggested that maybe my cousin Jun could have had something to do with it. Which sort of makes sense, since I'm always bothering him when I make my videos.

Since he's staying over a friend tonight, I decided to ask him about it tomorrow.

- The Next Day -

I decided to make a video for my channel. I explain to my audience about what happened yesterday with my weapons. I tell them after asking everyone, I have come to suspect that my cousin was the one who did it. I make it known how once he gets home I'm going to confront him on camera.

Since I don't know when he is going to come, and I know Xinya will be over soon I decide to mess with him by trying to scare the living fuck out of him. He just so cute when he scared...wait why did I think that. I shake my head to clear it.

The prank didn't turn out as planned, much to my disappointment. Although I think the audience will still find it semi enjoyable.

So I and Xinya goof around at my house for a bit after a while we decide to go to the mall to film. While in the car I and Xinya joke around, I always have so much fun with him.

While in the mall Xinya is acting like such a dork but I can't help but smile and just shake my head. I tease him for a while in one of the stores until he's pouting. I don't know why I feel the need to do it, he just brings out my sadistic tendencies.

We leave the mall after a couple of hours and then he drops me off in front of my house. We say our goodbyes, I start walking away when he says "I love you. "

I just look at him, like what the heck, but he just smiles and tells me to say it back. I walk back to his car and whisper, "I love you too."

Before I could leave he stops me again and hands me a USB drive. "What is this?" I asked.

"It's a video file."

"A video file? It better not be a video of you jerking off." I say jokingly.

Xinya laughs with me and says, "Just watch it, and make sure to record yourself."

We say our goodbyes once again and as I walk back towards my room I wonder what could be on the video.

So I set up everything so that I can record myself before I put the USB in. I get comfortable and then I start the video. At first, I'm really confused about what is going on until I hear Xinya say he's going to find my weapons a home.

My mind went blank, I felt so angry and betrayed. I had a slight bit of hope that maybe Xinya was just trying to trick me. I know Xinya, there's no way he doesn't know how much those weapons mean to me. Maybe he was just going to keep them away from me. That small well of hope dried at the next scene of the video. Xinya throwing them away in a dumpster.

I had no words, I think part of me broke after seeing that. All I can see is red. How could he do that? There are some things you just don't do.

I kept repeating to myself, that the weapons better still be there. I go to the location that was on the video only to find that the dumpster was empty. I was devastated and so pissed off at Xinya. The more I thought about what he did the angrier I got. It got to the point where the only thought in my head was to get him back.

My last thought on the matter was, 'I have to hurt him as much as he hurt me.'


It's been a couple of days after the 'incident'. In which Xinya destroyed all of my weapons. It took me a while but I figured out how I'm going to get my revenge on him. I set up my camera so that one, I can have everything I'm about to do on film and two, so everyone will understand why not to mess with Nam Zixuan.

Talking to my groupies I explained what is about to go down. I can't help but feel a little sorry about my actions that will take place today, but that always disappears when I remember what Xinya did to my weapons. An all I can think is that he has this coming.

I tell my audience how I am going to steal his most prized possession and burn it, which is his signed apron by his cooking idol. I am getting really worked up to find the camera that I could hardly speak.

"You had this coming Xinya! You take my weapons, they are my most prized possessions and you just destroy them? What did you think there would be no consequences? Heh! How wrong you were. It's only right that I get to destroy something of yours that means a lot to you." I yell passionately into the camera.

I know my groupies won't fault me for my actions today, with how betrayed Xinya made me feel.

Continuing with the video I show my audience how Xinya just texted me. He wrote some bullshit asking, ' Are you alright? I just wanted to make sure we are still friends.'

"Although we are still friends, everything isn't alright!"I shout into the camera. "But I'm going to make him think that it still is. So what I'm going to do is text him back with a sappy reply."

I scratch and think about what I could say when it comes to me. I text back, 'Yeah man. Everything is alright. No hard feelings'. I even added an emoji so that he will think everything is fine because I need him to think everything is fine for my scheme to work.

After a couple of minutes, Xinya texted me back saying, 'That's cool. Are we still going to look at cars today?'

I shake my head at just how much Xinya trusts me. He should really know how I am by now. Although this is the ideal situation I want to be in that way it is easier to ruin his life. I know there's a saying that two wrongs don't make a right but fuck that. I'm so way past right, I'm going left.

So my plan today is to go with Xinya to his favorite restaurant, I want to make sure that he thinks that everything is good between us. Then after that, I'm going to swing by my uncle's store and tell him that Xinya no longer wants his apron cleaned. Then I'm going to burn it. I can't help but laugh maniacally at the very thought of what Xinya's expression will be.

"You deserve this, after what you are done you had this coming," I say this at Xinya while looking in the camera.


I arrived in front of Xinya's house in no time at all. I pulled up in front and texted him that I'm waiting outside. After a few minutes, he exits his house and I see that he is Vlogging. We joke around about how we are double Vlogging but he realizes that he forgot his wallet and goes back inside to get it. As he walks out of sight I can't help but laugh and comment to my audience on how much an idiot he is.

We head over to the auto mart and Xinya buys himself a car. I was really shocked that he actually brought one. But that's not what is important at the moment, what's important is my revenge.

After Xinya got his car, we went back to his house. I must say my acting was on point, I made sure to joke around with him, we even played car games. It was like that incident never happened.

Once we reached his house we said our goodbyes. With him saying that he loves me jokingly while trying to get me to say it back, but for some reason, I couldn't and the closest thing I could come to it was olive juice. I guess that was good enough for him because he left afterward.


I leave Xinya's house and go to my uncle's store. Hopefully, my uncle will buy it when I tell him that Xinya no longer wants his apron cleaned and wants me to bring it to him today instead of tomorrow.

Directing my attention to my audience I tell them how much Xinya loves cooking. It's been a passion of his since he was young. He wanted to go to school to become a professional chef, but something happened and he couldn't do it anymore. This apron represents what he could have been, and the cook he idolized. Like how much my weapons means to me is how much this apron means to him.

I arrived at the shop and go in and thank goodness my uncle buys my bs and let me take the apron. That was such a rush my hands are literally shaking as I enter my car.

I bring the apron back home to my backyard. I show it to the camera so everyone will know that it's indeed real. I set up another camera for the best angle. I douse the whole apron with gasoline, then I hang it on a metal pole. I checked the cameras once more to make sure everything is in view.

I take a lighter out of my pocket and go to stand by the apron. I look into the camera while saying, "I'm sorry Xinya that things had to come to this, but this is nothing but what you deserve."

With that, I watched his apron burn. I would never admit it but just for a moment, I felt like I did something I could never take back.


Xinya's P.O.V

It's been a couple of days since I and Zixuan went car shopping and everything has been good between us.

Today is the day I get my apron back from being clean and I'm so excited.  I decide to Vlog the whole thing for my channel and since Zixuan been so good I decided to give his weapons back and film his reaction.

He freaking adores those weapons and even if he doesn't say it, I know he was holding a grudge about it. So when I surprised him with this it will be epic.

I grab my camera and tell my viewers my plans for today. I tell them Zixuan is already waiting outside for and once I put my shoes on we can go.

I walk outside to see Zixuan's car waiting for me by the curb. I glance up at the sky to see that it's drizzling. I should have taken that as a warning about what was about to come.

Zixuan looks at me from out his window and asks, "Are you filming today?"

To which I reply, "I'm blogging bro!" Before he tells me to get my ass in the car I tell him that I have a surprise for him.

Confused he says, "Me? A surprise?"

"Yes, you, who else?" I responded with a laugh.

Stopping me before I could go get it, he gives me my USB drive back while saying, "Here's your USB back, there's a new video on it that I need to watch.'

I take the drive telling him that I will watch it later but he needs to see my surprise first.

"You sure?" He asks.

I say, "Yeah, I have been dying to show you this for a while. Well not awhile but a few days but you deserved it. "

I tell him to cover his eyes and hold the camera while I go get it.

"Ok,'' he says as I run back into my house and get the bin where all of the weapons were in.

I rush back to Zixuan's car and ask if he is ready. I take the camera back from him and show the audience me holding the toys.

I tell him when I count down from three to open his eyes which he agrees too.

"3,2,1... open your eyes! " I shouted.

Zixuan's eyes blinked open and I could tell that he was very shocked. He looked so emotional staring at them the way that he was.

"They're all here Zixuan! I didn't throw away your weapons! No way would I do that!" I excitedly tell him.

I explain to him how the whole thing was just a joke and I would never do something like that to him.

He just looked at me speechless, there were so many conflicting emotions in his eyes when he looked at me that I couldn't quite understand.

He laid his head against the steering wheel while murmuring, "Xinya... no no no."

It seemed weird but I just figured he was really emotional, but then he screamed at me asking me why I waited so long to tell him.

I told him that it had only been a few days, and with all the pranks he pulled on me, he deserves a few days of misery.

I proceed to put them in the trunk of Zixuan's car, feeling good about making him happy. Although Zixuan is acting weird after I returned them to him like he really stressed about something.

I get into the car feeling super pumped. I tell Zixuan to let's go get my apron so this great day will be complete.

"Xinya..." Zixuan started but couldn't finish.

"Were you really that shocked? " I asked him.

"Yes, I'm fucking shocked Xinya! Why did you wait so long to tell me?"

I snickered saying, "It's only been a few days Zixuan. After everything you put me through..."

Interrupting me he said, "Xinya we can't get your apron."

My cheery demeanor automatically disappears, "What do you mean? Why not?"

"Look I will explain the apron thing later, but you need to give me the USB back right now." He says in a voice I never heard from him before.

"But...why?" I asked.

"Look I just need the USB back right now." He says.

I feel so confused. "Let me get this straight, I come outside and you say you have a surprise for me and I say I have one for you. You then proceed to give me the USB and tell me to watch it..."

Zixuan cuts me off saying, "No you can't watch it."

"No let me finish, I bring out the weapons and surprise you with them and you keep saying why you waited for so long. It's only been a few days and now you want the USB back because you don't think I should watch it." I reply to him feeling my anger rising.

With a panicked expression, Zixuan replied, "You just can't, we can't get your apron back at the moment. Just give me the USB back and I will explain everything later."

Giving Zixuan a look of sheer disbelief I said, " That's not going to fly Zixuan, I want to get my apron..."

"You won't be able to get your apron Xinya!" Zixuan shouts cutting me off again.

"Why not?" I asked him trying to stay calm.

"I can't say, just give me the USB back please Xinya."

I try to calm myself down, but I couldn't quite do it. I looked at him and with a deep breath, I tried to understand. "So let's see if I have this right, I give my apron to your uncle to get cleaned because you said it would be cheaper. But now you saying that I can't have it back and I can't watch whatever is on this USB drive? "

"Yes, that's what exactly what I'm telling you." He replied.

With an angry sigh, I tell him if he doesn't tell me what's going on I will go watch the video.

"I can't Xinya, I literally can't tell you." He says desperately.

With that, I stormed out the car with Zixuan hot on my heels yelling my name. Telling me to give him the USB.

I rushed into my house locking the door behind me, I could hear Zixuan banging on the door begging for me to give him the USB.

"Fuck off Zixuan!" I yell at the door.

I felt so distraught, I  didn't know what was going on but I knew Zixuan did something.

"Please Xinya open the door, let me explain," Zixuan screamed as he banged on the door.

"Just go away, I don't want to talk to you," I tell him as I grip the USB in my hand and head upstairs.

I realize that I'm still filming, I was about to turn it off but decided I want to record this because it has something to do with my apron.

I put in the USB he gave me and opened the video file. He named it, 'Karma is a bitch' all I could think was 'What the fuck?'

I watched the video, I was so confused. I watched as Zixuan went to his uncle's store to get my apron.

I couldn't believe when he compared some 'weapons' with something as precious to me as that apron.

That apron embodied my past struggles and hopes, for him to just dismiss that... I had no words.

I continued to watch as he brought my apron back to his house, feeling more dread as the minutes went by.

I watched as Zixuan lay my apron on the ground, I couldn't help but start yelling at my computer.

My yelling turned to tears when I watched as Zixuan start pouring gasoline on it. "What are you doing Zixuan? Please don't" I begged even though I know nobody would hear me.

It was the next part though that left me empty inside. Zixuan lit my apron on fire... the apron that was priceless to me and destroyed it.

I lost my mind after witnessing that. All I remember is screaming at the screen.

Tears were streaming down my face, I couldn't believe Zixuan could do something like that to me. It still didn't feel real, but deep down inside I knew it was.

It's only been fucking two days is all I could think and I didn't even destroy his goddamn freaking weapons. I..I just can't believe this shit. I felt so sad and angry right now.

"Fuck this!" I say taking off my shirt which had Zixuan's blacksmith logo on it. "Fuck that, fuck Zixuan."

My tears were literally streaming down my face, I felt so hurt. Why would he do something like that me, to us, does he think I would think we're even and forgive him?

I just don't know where this leaves me and him. I turn to the camera and say, "Zixuan if you're watching this I don't know where this leaves us... I don't even feel like getting you back, I'm just so done."

I said a quick farewell to my viewers and turned off my camera.

As I laid down on my bed more tears started falling from my eyes. Zixuan meant so much to me and for him not to even consider that I wouldn't do that to him, that I was such an evil person. Then what of all of our years of friendship did it mean nothing?

'Do I mean nothing to him?' Was my last thought before I curled my small frame into a ball and just cried myself to sleep.


Zixuan P.O.V

It's been a few days now since I watched the video Xinya posted on his KilloXa channel. He looked so devastated, I still can't believe I did that to him. I tried everything to get in touch with him so I could apologize. I tried calling, social media, going over his house multiple times but he just would not respond to me.

I don't know what to do, I need him to forgive me. I kept thinking about what if he decides that he doesn't want to be around me anymore. Just the thought of that makes me so upset that I kick the desk in my room.

My foot hurts like hell now, but I just don't give a damn. Thinking of ways to get Xinya to talk to me is way more important. I miss him, it might have only been a couple of days but still, I missed him. Like how just looking at him makes me smile, how I feel the need to occupy his time, and how I think his pouts are cute when in reality I should think they were childish.

At that moment it occurred to me that maybe this is not what best friends should be thinking about each other. I decide to think about that later and think of a way for Xinya to talk to me.

After three hours, I have a plan, I called Xinya best friend. I explained everything to her and she said she would help me out. She will take Xinya's car and stay with a friend for the night and leave the house keys in the mailbox. She also gave me a piece of advice, "You better not fuck this up! "

I promised myself that I wouldn't, I put a few things in an overnight bag because I wasn't leaving until we resolve this. I thought about getting him something from his favorite restaurant but I doubt he wants anything from me right now.

I head over to his place in a hurry and just like Xinya's best friend said, his car was gone and the keys were in the mailbox.

I open and close the door quietly, I don't want Xinya to be aware of my presence in his house. I walk right up to his room because I know when he's sad he likes to hide underneath his blankets and tune out the world. It seems that I was right because that was exactly what he was doing. I walk all the way into the room but not before I made sure to lock his room door. We are getting everything settled tonight.


Xinya p.o.v

I felt someone ripped the covers off of me while saying my name. I get up to see Zixuan in my room. "What the hell are you doing here? I don't want to see you!" I shouted at him.

"Please Xinya, just hear me out. I beg of you." Zixuan said walking towards me.

I laughed sarcastically, "Why should I let you after what you have done. I can barely look at you right now.

"Xinya I genuinely thought you threw away my weapons, that's the only reason I did it. You have to believe me." He said really wanting me to trust him.

"How can your weapons compare with that apron Zixuan? Tell me I really like to know? " I say and when he remained silent for a while I continued.

"While we on this subject, tell me how could you believe that I would ever destroy something that is precious to you?" My voice starts breaking at this point, tears creep up in my eyes.

"Xinya, I'm..." Zixuan begins but I turn my back to him and cover my ears. I don't want any fake platitudes, nothing he could say would make me feel better.

I probably stayed like that for a few minutes. I can be stubborn when I want to. I heard a few loud thuds before I'm shockingly I feel two arms hug me from behind. I put my arms down only to hear Zixuan whispering, 'Don't hate me' against my neck.


Zixuan P.O.V

Everything went blank after I heard the tears in Xinya's voice, all I could think was that I was the one who caused that. I felt lower than dirt. I tried to say sorry but Xinya just covered his ears and turned away from me. It seemed I went too far and he was just done with me.

I couldn't let that happen Xinya can't hate me. If he hates me he will never want to see me again. That was the only thing going on in my mind. As I gazed at him huddled on his bed, unaware of everything. Suddenly a new thought popped into my head as I stomped towards him it was, 'I will do anything for him not to leave me.'


3rd  P.O.V

The only thought that was running through Zixuan's mind was that he couldn't allow Xinya to hate him. At some point, he must have moved because he found himself mumbling against Xinya's neck while holding him tightly. You could tell that Xinya was a little shocked since he stopped what he was doing, turning his head slightly towards Zixuan.

"Zixuan...stop," Xinya said while trying to get out of his hold.

"Please, Xinya just listen to me," Zixuan asked not letting go.

Giving in like he always does when it comes to Zixuan, with a sigh Xinya said, "Alright let me go and I will listen to whatever you have to say."

Zixuan slowly loosened his grip off of Xinya, making sure he didn't change his mind and try to leave.

"Xinya I know what I did was wrong, I am scum for burning your apron, no worse than that. There are no words to describe what I am. What's worse is that I thought you could actually destroy my weapons. I should know you by now how could I think that."

"Yes, Zixuan how could you believe I would do that to you. I forgive you every time when you do something to me. Yet you take my prize possession that you know means the world to me and fucking burned it!" Xinya shouted heatedly at Zixuan.

"Xinya I know where you're coming from, what I did was wrong I know... what can I do to make this right," Zixuan asked desperately.

Shaking his head sadly Xinya replied, "I don't know, I think it would be best if we don't meet for a while."

After hearing that something inside of  Zixuan snapped. All he knew was that he was losing Xinya and nothing he could say would stop it. So he decided that maybe words were not needed.

Chuckling to himself, Zixuan said, "We have been friends for 3 years and I mess up once you want to throw everything away. Do you think I would ever allow you to ruin our friendship or better yet do you think I would allow you to leave me?"

Zixuan grabbed Xinya into a fiery kiss, while Xinya struggled in his embrace throughout it.

After a few minutes, Zixuan finally stopped, both gasping for air. Xinya pushed him away, spluttering confusingly, "What the hell Zixuan?"

Zixuan stared at Xinya, noticing the visible flush going down his neck. "What do you think?"

"I really don't know." He says distancing himself from Zixuan when he saw that he was stalking towards him.

Zixuan just looks at him as if he was stupid. "I have always known you felt something for me. The things you say, how you look at me. I will be stupid if I didn't."

Xinya was dumbstruck, he couldn't believe the words coming out of Zixuan's mouth.

"I bet you are wondering why I never said anything, it's obvious that I didn't want to hurt your feelings."

Balling up his fists in anger Xinya shouted, "So what, you kiss me so I won't leave you?!"

"No that's not what this is," Zixuan replied cornering Xinya to the wall.

"Than what is it?"

Caressing Xinya's face Zixuan said, "This is me recognizing my feelings for you."

The last thing Zixuan saw before he decided to kiss the breath out of Xinya was his surprised face.

Zixuan pushed Xinya on the bed devouring his mouth. He started sucking on Xinya's neck, trying to  unbuttoning his shirt. Removing it and his own, Zixuan continued kissing his neck while playing with his nipples.

Xinya let out breathy gasps of enjoyment. Zixuan started grinding their groins together and they both groaned at the sparks of pleasure.

Removing the rest of their clothes, they were completely naked in front of each other for the first time.

Xinya felt a little shy and couldn't bring himself to look at him. "Xinya look at me. "Zixuan coaxed him.

Although Zixuan's body wasn't the sexiest thing in the world to him it was perfect. Hesitantly Xinya kissed on the lips.

Stopping him Zixuan asks if he has some lotion or something. Xinya hurries to the bathroom and grabs one of the lotions he never used before. Returning to the bed he sees Zixuan kneeling in the middle of it.

Xinya hands Zixuan the bottle while getting back on the bed. "Do you know what you are doing?"

"I been curious about it, I have watched some things that will help me figure it out." Zixuan smirks popping the cap and placing it somewhere in reach.


Sounds of pleasure floated through the air, mingling with the musky scent of sweat and sex. A high, faltering whine is occasionally interrupted by lower moans, the sound of skin slapping on the skin in the dark. A drop of sweat slid down one of the boy's necks as his fingers clench tighter, digging into the lighter skin under his hands. When a word finally pierces the air, it's in that same high whine, needy and desperate, coming from the plump, kiss-swollen lips of the boy on his hands and knees. "Zixuan!"

As if saying his name was some sort of signal, the rhythm of flesh on flesh speeds up, which in turn increases the volume of the whine. Each thrust joins them together as close as possible until tight, hot, fuck is all that is running through Zixuan's mind.

Xinya is slamming his ass back onto Zixuan's cock with each and every forward thrust of Zixuan's hips, both of them lost to the pure, carnal pleasure coursing through their bodies. Zixuan never wants this to stop, the tightness of Xinya's walls, the intense feeling of being completely enveloped on each thrust. He would do this forever, but his muscles are burning from the fast pace, his sweaty palms are slipping on Xinya's skin, and he feels like he might explode if he doesn't get to cum soon. "God baby, you feel so fucking amazing. It was like you were made for my dick."

Xinya was close, so very close, Zixuan does twists his hips perfectly stroking his sweet spot making everything he was feeling explode. It was like a supernova of pleasure sending a shock wave through his body.

A white light bursts behind his eyes and he is screaming his pleasure into the pillow under his face as his body bucks and thrashes against Zixuan's dick, his muscles squeezing and clenching around Zixuan's still thrusting cock as his own cock is shooting a flood of semen between his body and the sheets.

Feeling Xinya come apart around him is the final straw for Zixuan as his own orgasm hits him, tearing a scream from his own lips as his cock explodes inside of Xinya, filling him up with his seed. He keeps thrusting until they are both milked dry, and Xinya is a dead weight in his arms.


It was the middle of the night when they awoke. They cuddled against each other in the dark, Zixuan was placing light kisses on Xinya's neck when suddenly Xinya turned towards  him and said, "I'm still a little upset about my apron."

"I promise you I will replace it, baby," Zixuan replied giving him a deep kiss.

Breathless Xinya said, "You better."

The End

Possessive vs Protective

"You are so possessive," he says to me a pout forming on his face.

Coming to him I ask "What do you mean I'm Possessive?"

"What would you call it then?" he says curiously.

"Well... I guess I would rather call it Protective." I say.

Laughing he says "Protective huh.... give me some examples?"

"Don't laugh I will give you some very good examples" I replied smartly.

"....Waiting" he said while giggling into his hand.

"Okay... Example One:

"You know how you're always asking for people's phone numbers,"I say.

"I don't ask for them they just give them to me," he says indifferently.

"But you take them,"I reply.

"If it makes you feel better you can erase all of them except the important ones." he huffs.

"Fine... I will." I said smiling.

Rolling his eyes he says "Done? Are you happy now?"

"Yes. Hopefully, they will learn to stay away from my property from now on." I said smugly.

"Your property? I've become a thing now?" he says while crossing his arms.

Kissing him on the cheek I reply "Thing or not, you are mine."

"... I'll pretend I didn't hear that. What does this have to do with you being protective again? He asked.

"Oh, one thing or another," I say.

"You don't really sound sure," he says with an amused smile.

"I am," I say.

Licking his lips he says "You know something?"

"What?" I say.

"You sound jealous. Are you?" he asks with a wicked glint in his eyes.

Laughing "Me...Jealous? Don't joke with me."

"Ok, so you're not jealous. But you're possessive, don't even try to deny it no more," he says smirking.

"I am is not possessive," I say.

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Am not."

"Are too," I say.

"Gotcha," he says giggling.

"So you have... I guess I am possessive but only towards you.. Xinya." I say while grabbing him by the waist and kissing him Passionately.

The End.

.... and that is why I don't like sweet things.

It was Saturday afternoon and four out of five players from the internationally known Haven Online could be currently found hiding in the bathroom closet. Now I know you are wondering why they are hiding in the closet and three out of four of them would say it was all Jun's fault.

So your now wondering how they knew it was his fault... well because when they ask who's fault it was. With a guilty expression on his face, Jun said. "I'm sorry, I should have listened to Xinya when he said he didn't like sweet things, but you have to believe me... I never thought it turn out this way." Once again I know what your thinking what could he possibly mean by that... well, let's rewind a little and see.

2 hours earlier.

"What?" Jun questioned in amazement? "You've never eaten sweet foods?"

"I said rarely.....There's a difference," protested Xinya.

"Why? They are really good." Jun asked a little confused.

Shaking his head Xinya started mumbling something about how he didn't want to know.

"Well, we're gonna have to change that," Jun said completely ignoring Xinya's mumblings.

With that Jun disappeared into the kitchen. When he came back he was loaded down with 2 containers of ice cream, various candy bars, soda, and a package of sugar.

"Ooh, goodies!" Qiang excitedly exclaimed while coming into the room with Wei. "Can we have some?"

Putting down a load of goodies Jun shrugged his shoulders.

"Sure...why not? Ok everyone, dig in!"

Qiang and Jun started gobbling up the sweets in their mouths. Even Wei was letting himself indulge took a little. Glancing over at Xinya, Jun saw that he wasn't eating anything. In fact, he was edging away from the table. Jun grabbed his hand and pulled him next to him on the couch. He poured a glass about 3/4 of the way with soda, raised the level about an inch with sugar, and added a scoop of ice cream.

"Go on and try it!" Jun said, forcing Xinya to drink the concoction.

Xinya swallowed the sugary substance. He looked thoughtful for a moment and they made himself another glass and drank it down. Several candy bars and spoonfuls of sugar followed that. He had shortly finished off 1/3 of the stash.

"," Jun said after watching him.

Xinya's eyes were totally glazed over and he had a huge smile on his face.

"Are you okay?" Wei asked him, waving his hand in front of his eyes.

Xinya just nodded. With a big smile on his face, he jumped up from the couch and rushed out the door.

They didn't know it at the time but in a few minutes hell as they never knew it would descend upon them.

Xinya ran into the kitchen and came back out with soda. From the couch, Jun spoke "Xinya, what are you going to do with that?"

Xinya smirked, an evil one that graced his lips; soda in hand - he shook up the soda.

"Fire in the hole!" He yelled as he popped open the lid of the drink. Sprays of sticking carbonated liquid sprayed everyone, at this point, Qiang was really pissed.

"What the hell Xinya!" He jumped from the couch, slipping on the previous soda drenched floor; he went face-first into a bowl of ice cream.

As if it were planned, out of nowhere Xinya placed a cherry on top of Qiang's head while dancing merrily screaming "Ice Cream Man! Icecream Man! Qi Qi is an Ice Cream man!"

Wei and Jun busted out laughing, falling to the floor, their eyes tearing - stomachs aching. Qiang stood up; his face had an "I'm going to kill you" expression. He was so angry that you could literally see steam pouring out of his ears, melting the ice cream on top of his head.

Seeing this, the two started to laugh again, even harder this time. The so-called 'ice cream man' had enough, wiping away the dissolved coconut ice cream from his eyes, he gave chase to Xinya. As the two ran back and forth Xinya was throwing random objects; this time he picked up Qiang's stuffed dolphin Mushu and threw it at him in the middle of the forehead.

Qiang screamed. "You Hurt Mushy..." He snatched up the discarded stuffed animal from off the floor and started petting it. "It's okay ... I'm sorry the bad man hurt you ... he's gone now ... it's okay ... ssshhh!" He rocked back and forth comforting his little friend. Xinya was confused. "Why aren't you playing anymore?" He asked. Qiang ignored him and continued to comfort himself and Mushy.

Darn, now I have to find a new playmate ..."Hey Jun Jun!?"

"Umm . . . Yeah, Xinya" Jun answered nervously.

"Let's play a game," Xinya said hiding something behind his back.

Backing away slowly Jun cautiously spoke, "What kind of game?"

"The shaving game", Xinya replied, brandishing a can of shaving cream and a razor from behind his back, while grinning.

"Ohhh! Hell No!" Jun frantically yelped. With this, Xinya lunged at him; dodging him Jun took off running.

"Come on Jun, you have too much hair! It's the evil hair from Pluto that's come to take over your body . . . I MUST SAVE YOU BY SHAVING IT ALL OFF, ALL OF IT!!!" Xinya yelled.

"O.o;" Jun whipped his body around like a rocket and sped away from Xinya, who was right on his tale.

Trying to get away Jun screamed "HELP ME WEI, OH PLEASE GOD HELP ME!!! It's ... Its Xinya ... he's ... HE'S GONE BANANAS!!!

The sugar hyper boy had now caught up to his prey and way making shaving noises with the razor. Running in circles around the chair, Jun started to become hysterical.

Jun then realized that it was just an empty chair and that he had been talking to a mop. "Jun-Jun why are you calling Wei, she left a while ago, when we were playing in the bedroom." Said a giggling Xinya.

"Now there is nobody who can help you while I save you from the evil hair empire! Muahahaha!!!" Clearly he had lost his mind.


Meanwhile At the Workshop

Wei came through the door flustered. "Zixuan!"

Hearing his name he stopped working, turning around he saw Wei who was looking distressed.

"What's wrong with Wei?!" Zixuan asked.

"It ... it wasn't my fault!!! It was Jun... he ... he wanted to know why Xinya didn't like sugar ... so ... he ... gave him some ... and then a lot ... and then a lot more ... I've never seen someone each much sugar!"

"Are you telling me that Xinya is on a sugar high ... oh... this is bad!" Zixuan said worriedly.

"Wait, has this happened before ...?" Wei asked.

"Yes, a long time ago, a couple of months after we first met. But, there's no time to get into that. Xinya is wreaking havoc right now, right?" Zixuan said, seeing Wei nod he went on. "There's only one way I know to bring down Xinya from a sugar high ... Wei I need you to go home and watch out for Jun and Qiang. I'll be there as soon as I can, I need to get some stuff prepared."

"Okay, but please hurry home!" Wei said while leaving.

After he left Zixuan smiled evilly to himself, he whispered: "Well now isn't this going to be fun!"

2 hours later

Now that the flashback is over; we are back to realizing four out of five players from the internationally known Haven Online could be still found hiding in the bathroom closet, and two out of the four of them would still say it was Jun's fault, while one with a suspicious smile would silently nod and agree with them hiding a large bad behind his back.

"Zixuan, what are we going to do? I think Xinya is going to find us soon". Wei said while wringing his hands.

With an eerily smile on his face Zixuan spoke, "Wei I need you to do something for me in five minutes, I'm going to distract Xinya. I need you to take Qiang and Jun out of here." Pulling out a credit card, he handed it to Wei who placed it into her pocket. "First take Jun to a stylist and fix his hair, then go stay over at a friend's house and stay there until tomorrow."

"Are you sure you're going to be alright here by yourself, we are speaking of a sugar-crazed Xinya." Asked Qiang who was cuddling his dolphin Mushy.

"Yes, I'm sure," Zixuan responded trying to hide his obvious smile. Now on the count of five going to go out there and distract Xinya while you ..." glancing at his friends, "get the hell out of here!" He continued.

Nodding, Wei whispered an "okay, when everybody is out the door I'll knock three times to let you know we're out.

"Okay everybody gets ready? Zixuan began, crouching by the door. "One ... two ... three ... four ... five!" With that Zixuan ran out of the closet and went into the living room only to find Xinya taking apart the TV.

"Hey, Xinya what are you doing?" Zixuan asked cautiously.

Looking up, he smiled a big smile and waved. "Hi Zixuan, I'm building a robot, wanna help?!

Just then three knocks could be heard from the door, smirking evilly Zixuan said: "How about a game?"

"What sort of game Zi Zi? Xinya asked while putting down the telephone pieces. "Is it going to be fun?"

"It's going to be really fun..." he said while pouring the contents of the bag out.

"Um, Zixuan... what are you going to do with strawberries and whip cream? Is it part of the game?" He asked tilting his head to the side cutely.

Smirking harder than one would think possible Zixuan said: " Yes it is we're going play human sundae."

"Oh, I remember that game we played it before!" Xinya said while clapping his hands together.

"I'm so glad you remember, so do you want to be the sundae or should I be it again?" Asked Zixuan.

Pouting Xinya said, "Nah un Zixuan that not fair you been the sundae already it's my turn."

With an almost scary glint in his eye, he said "whatever you want Xinya. Do you remember how to play?" but Xinya was already ahead of him walking towards the kitchen stripping along the way, picking up the whipped cream and strawberries he ran to catch up.

Splayed upon the tabletop Xinya said: "I'm ready to play now Zi Zi."

Zixuan begins to coat Xinya's entire body in the white fluffy substance, making sure to pay extra attention when spraying it on the brunette's cock and balls.

His erection twitched at the feel of the fluff being put on his lower anatomy. Making a gasp spring from Xinya's throat.

"Did you like that," Zixuan spoke in a low tone, seeing the confused look on Xinya's face he couldn't help but think that he will.

It was really turning him on to see Xinya like this. Getting a strawberry from the container, he dropped it onto Xinya's stomach. Grabbing four more, he repeated his earlier action. He put the box down beside them, then picked up one of the strawberries on Xinya's stomach. Smearing it around in the cream before he brought it to the others' lips.

"Come on have a taste of my yummy Ya ya sundae."

Xinya opened is mouth and took the strawberry, along with Zixuan's index and pointer fingers. He chewed around the two fingers, sucking on them when he swallowed the strawberry.

"That was yummy Zixuan can I have some more," Xinya said, strawberry juices glistening on his chin.

Zixuan moaned at the erotic sight before him before saying," Naughty Yaya this is my sundae I can't let you eat it all.

Zixuan started to move his hand down Xinya's body as he started to suck the whipped cream off of Xinya's stomach, deliberately avoiding the strawberries. Teasingly, Zixuan moved one of the wet digits over his lover's entrance, coaxing a moan from the other. It slipped in, slowly moving as far as if could go, letting the raven adjust to the intruder before it began moving in and out at a steady pace.

"Are you having fun yet Xinya?" Zixuan asked.

"Yes... I'm ready to be eaten!" replied Xinya.

Pulling his finger out so it was just barely rimming his lover's entrance, Zixuan stuck a second beside the first and started to move inside of him again slowly as he moved to lick farther down on Xinya's anatomy. The two fingers working Xinya's entrance moved to stretch it, hoping to make it less painful for the other.

A slight whimper reached Zixuan's ears as the third finger sidled in with the other two while licking the last of the whipped cream from around his boyfriends' swollen cock. Zixuan licked the head, slowly moving up to the tip as he pushed the three fingers in and out.

He moved to take in the entire erection as he probed around the brunette's insides, stimulating the small gland he knew resided within. Zixuan smiled around the dick within his mouth as he pressed Xinya's a scream of pleasure was heard. Proceeding to stroke the spot within Xinya, Zixuan removed his head from around Xinya's erection, then removing his fingers from within.

Coating his erection with some cooking oil that was conveniently on the table Zixuan positioned himself so his tip was touching Xinya's entrance.

"Are you ready to be devoured," he panted.

"Y..yes," the brunette sighed in pleasure.

Slowly, Zixuan pushed, a slight pop signaling Xinya's entrance. He entered slowly, pumping Xinya's erection to try and remove the pain from his mind. When he reached as for in as he could go, Zixuan remained still, resisting the urge to pull out and roughly fuck his lover.

Minutes passed before Xinya thrushes his hips downward, a slight moan eliciting from him.

Zixuan took this as a sign and began moving. Pulling out slowly, to move in a little faster. A steady rhythm was formed, the sound of slapping skin throughout the house. Moans, groans, panting and mewling. Xinya leaned up, catching his arms around the back of Zixuan's neck and pulled him into an extremely sloppy kiss.

The brunette let go as a loud moan erupted from his mouth as Zixuan hit his prostate. Grabbing the pale hips, Zixuan began thrusting quickly into the spot he had before. Xinya continually moaned out loudly.

"M..more, Zixuan, please," Xinya yelled amidst panting, a tone of begging.

Zixuan felt his length harden even more as Xinya begged him. Feeling the beginnings of the hot coil slowly release in his stomach, he moved faster and harder within Xinya.

If he thought his Xinya's moaning was loud, this would be considered deafening. The brunette moved against his Zixuan, also feeling the tightening in his stomach begin to release. He tried to move faster, trying to reach completion.

"Zixuan!" He screamed as spurt after spurt of a sticky white substance coated his and Zixuan's stomachs as wave after wave of heavenly pleasure coursed through his body.

Feeling the tight gripping of Xinya's body around his cock, Zixuan thrushes as fast and hard as he possibly could, with a couple of more thrushes, he released his seed inside Xinya's body. A loud shout of "Xinya!" could be heard before and he collapses upon the other.

Waking up from his pleasure infused daze Zixuan looks at Xinya to find him dead to the world.

"Look at you, you're a mess," Zixuan whispered to a sleeping Xinya as he scooped him up and took him into the bathroom.

5 hours later

Jun, Wei, and Qiang came back to a quiet and clean house, just in time to see Zixuan exiting the kitchen.

"Hi guys your back, I see you fixed Jun's hair," Zixuan replied cheerfully.

"That doesn't matter where's Xinya?" asked a slightly scared Qiang.

"Oh... he's sleeping," Zixuan said airily.

Dumbfounded Jun asked, " How were you able to calm him down?"

"I just wore him out..." replied Zixuan as he walked away chuckling, making the other stare after him confounded.

The End