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133 Dungeon Complete

 Moving away from Wandering Sound's embrace, Wei looked around at the three boys slightly confused, "Would somebody tell me what is going on here?"

"A lot of things went on here," Xinya told her. "But here's the cliff notes version, you were cursed and tried to kill us."

"Really?! But I have no memory of trying to do that!" exclaimed Wei. She tried to search through her memories to see if she could remember anything but she couldn't. The only thing she could recall was walking with everyone and then seeing red.

Wei thought that must have been the moment when the curse first took effect. She was a little glad that she couldn't recollect anything from then to now. It would hurt her too much to know that she purposely stalked her friends with the intent to kill them.

"Do you really not remember anything? Like how you felt or what it was like?" Melting Snow asked as he moved closer to her. Although he knew it was for the best, he couldn't believe that the game could just wipe the memories from a person like that.

After trying once again to dig deep into the recesses of her brain, she shook her head slowly, "I can't remember a thing."

"If you could, would you even want to remember?" Xinya asked. He had thought about why she couldn't remember anything and had an idea of how that could happen. He wasn't sure if his assumption was correct, but with the high tech world they lived in, maybe it could be.

"I don't..." Wei begins hesitantly, really thinking about it. "I don't think I would want to."

Wandering Sound and Melting Snow, who was standing near her nodded their heads in understanding. If they were in Roaming Wind's shoes and tried to hurt the people they cared about. They wouldn't want to remember the things that had transpired either.

Xinya, on the other hand, could understand how Wei felt, but if it was him, he would want to remember. Not as a source of guilt or repentance, but he would want to know what he did, so it could never happen again. Since this was a game, where evil can be defeated, he had a feeling that Wei could have fought the curse if she had known there was a chance of it happening.

"Roaming Wind, check your interface, just to make sure everything is back to normal," Xinya told her.

Doing what Xinya said, Wei opened up her interface to make sure that everything was in working order. As she was checking, she saw a flashing white message symbol near her name. Opening it up, she began to read what it said:

To Pan Wei, player name Roaming Wind:

Because of the psychological nature of the curse, you were under and the way it affected your mental state, the game took it upon itself to remove the memories of the event from your mind. If you feel like you could handle them, they have been downloaded to your pod and you can retrieve them anytime you wish.

Sincerely, Haven Online team.

Wei was conflicted after reading what was sent, a small part of her wanted to know what happened from the moment when she saw red, but a bigger part of her didn't want to know. She decided to wait until she dealt with her insecurity, before bringing more mental stress upon herself.

After showing the letter to the group and telling them her thoughts about it, they finally left the subject alone. Xinya felt like there was more to say, but thought it would be best to respect her wishes at this point of time, plus he really wanted to leave this dungeon already.

"So this is the end of the dungeon?" Wei said in lieu of not talking about what happened to her.

"Yes, I think so," Wandering Sound said as he looked around the museum-like room they were in. "But no notifications have appeared yet."

Xinya walked over to the different artifacts looking them over one by one. As he studied them he began to have a feeling that something wasn't right, although the artifacts looked expensive, they didn't seem real. They were like something a person would buy to decorate their homes.

Curious to how it would feel, Xinya picked up the closest one to him. As soon as he lifted it a rumbling sound was heard, the entrance they came in was now sealed, and an empty stone pillar rose from the ground next to where the spring was located at. Before Xinya could even begin to wonder why a notification popped up in front of the group.

[The second part of room 1/1 of Mormântul lordului nebun dungeon has begun, find the genuine artifact before the ten minutes has passed or prepare to die! ]

"Drifting Cloud, what is going on?!" Melting Snow asked as he watched the walls around them start moving closer in on them.

"This wasn't the end of the dungeon," Xinya begin. "Everyone, look around the room, we need to find the real artifact or we going to die here."

Panicking Wei looked around the room wondering where to start. There were over 100 artifacts in this room, how would they be able to tell which one was the true artifact. "What are we going to do? There way to many for us to check each and every one of them."

"There must be a clue here somewhere, there is no way we could find it if there wasn't." Wandering Sound said as he looked around the room for one.

After hearing Wandering Sound words, a sudden idea popped into Xinya's head. During this entire dungeon, there was one constant, to find the spring to cure Wei of her madness. Knowing that this whole dungeon revolves around madness and the spring is the key to sanity, with understanding the nature of this dungeon he knew exactly what the clue is.

"The spring is the clue to finding the real artifact," Xinya told the group while explaining how he had come to that thought.

Melting Snow thought that what Drifting Cloud said made tons of sense, but even with knowing the clue, how would it help them. "So are we looking for an artifact with a similar design as the spring?"

"Yeah, Wei said. "How does that help us the real artifact?"

"It narrows it down what we are looking for," Xinya explained.

Wandering Sound who was looking over an artifact, turned his head to look at him, "Which is?"

"An object that is able to hold water," Xinya said, he was certain that it had to be something like that.

Knowing what they were looking for, the four of them spread out and started looking for any artifact that would be able to hold water. After six minutes of looking through the artifacts, they found three potential items that it could be, a chalice, a flask, and an urn.

"Which one is it?" Melting Snow asked.

Xinya really had no idea, "Let's try them all. There was no rule against that."

"Although there was no rule, you know how this game is, something bound to happen." Wandering Sound warned him.

"Do you have a better idea?" Xinya asked. "If you do then I'm all ears."

Wandering Sound shook his head, he had no idea's to put forth, "Alright let's do it."

Grabbing the flask, he put it on the stone pillar. As soon as it touched the pillar the walls started to move faster in on them. Soon as he saw what was happening, he knew for sure they were screwed.

"I told you something bad would happen!" Wandering Sound yelled.

"We don't have time to play the blame game right now," Xinya told him. "We need to hurry and find the true artifact."

They quickly tried the other two artifacts only for them to be wrong as well. The walls started to close in on them faster than before. The artifacts that were all around them were being knocked to the floor and crushed. Xinya was so confused, he was sure that it had to be something that could hold the water spring.

"What are we going to do? We are going to die in this dungeon!" Wei sad panicking.

With an angry expression, Wandering Sound turned his gaze towards Xinya, "We shouldn't have listened to you. Now we doomed!"

"I didn't hear no ideas coming from you." Melting Snow said angrily at Wandering Sound, he was still irritated at him from earlier. "Don't blame Drifting Cloud for this."

While the rest of the group was arguing among themselves an idea came to Xinya, and he really hoped that it would work. Moving quickly to the place where he set the glass jug, Melting Snow gave him to save Wei with, he picked it up and bring it over to the stone pillar.

"What are you doing, Drifting Cloud?" Wei asked when she saw that he was about to put a random item on the pillar.

Glancing at her quickly, he said, "I think that this must be the true artifact."

"What if you're wrong?" Wandering Sound asked.

"If I'm wrong," begin Xinya as he placed the jug down on the pillar. "Then we will just die quicker."

As soon as the jug was placed down, the walls stopped moving and a sidewall panel opened. Looking inside they could see a single treasure chest and they knew they had completed the dungeon even before the notification told them.

[You have completed Mormântul lordului nebun dungeon!! Please collect your reward before you leave!]

[System: Because you have completed this dungeon without any casualties, you rewarded with being able to skip a step in the chain!]

"We did it!!" Melting Snow yelled happily, before going over Xinya and hugging him around the waist.

Rubbing Melting Snow on  his head, Xinya said, "We sure did, now let's go get our treasure and get out of here."

With big smiles on their faces, the four of them walked in the room that held a single treasure chest. They couldn't wait to see what was inside of it.


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