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128 Wei Madness

 "This wasn't what I was expecting at all from a treasure dungeon," Melting Snow said as he walked next to Xinya.

Cocking his head to look at him, Xinya asked, "What did you expect?"

"Something more than this, I guess," Melting Snow begins. "I thought that there would be traps and monsters around every corner. We have been walking for 30 minutes and nothing exciting has happened at all."

"Maybe the maze is the only challenge in this dungeon. I really wouldn't mind that, we can finally have a nice and easy adventure." Wandering Sound said, smiling slightly.

Shaking his head, Xinya said, "While I do wish that this would be an easy adventure, I sincerely doubt that we will be that lucky. Some kind of monster is bound to pop up."

"I know," Wandering Sound sighed. "It was just wishful thinking."

"I don't know, Drifting Cloud. I think that Wandering Sound might be right." Melting Snow said.

Rubbing Melting Snow's head with his free hand, Xinya said, "Just because nothing exciting is happening now, doesn't mean it won't later."

"Your right," Melting Snow said while nodding to himself, "I bet all we have to do is wait until we find the treasure, then the big bad to come out and attack us."

"The big bad?" Wandering Sound asked Melting Snow with furrowed eyebrows.

Smirking, Melting Snow said, "You know a boss monster, or if we are extremely lucky all of the bodies on the wall will come to life and attack us."

"Tell me, how would thousands of bodies attacking us be lucky?," Wandering Sound asked, with his mouth gaped open.

"Hmm... I have no clue," Melting Snow said while scratching his head. "But It would be the greatest experience I have ever had."

The three men continued to talk happily together about random things as they walked not noticing how quiet Wei was being. If they did then they would have realized that something was very wrong with her.

She may have appeared normal on the surface as she continued to walk behind the group, but in reality, her mind was a complete mess. Thoughts that wasn't her own kept swirling around her brain, these thoughts were horrifying and slowly eating her up from the inside.

She wanted to talk to Xinya and tell him that something wasn't right, but every time she tried it was as if her words would get caught in her throat. No, it was more than that, to her it felt like something had invaded her mind and was messing with her.

Every time she tried to fight whatever was trying to take control of her, the thoughts in her head became louder. So loud that it drowned out every rational thought that she had.

Like a broken record player these thoughts kept repeating themselves over and over again. She started to succumb and started to think that maybe there was some credence to these thoughts. How she not when they made perfect sense to her.

They think you are worthless.

You can't do anything on your own.

You are always causing problems for others.

They don't need you.

They are planning to get rid of you soon.

They plan to kill you and keep the treasure for themselves.

Wei began to mouth these words repeatedly to herself, the more she did it the more her outlook changed. Soon the thoughts changed, becoming even more horrible until her mind felt as if it wasn't her own anymore. Everything around her became so jumbled, it got to the point where being near the others made her feel weary.

The light conversation that was going on around her became distorted when it reached her ears, taking on a sinister tone. Paranoia was starting to set in, slowly distorting every last bit of her reason.

Everything that was once clear to her only a few minutes ago, became cloudy. All trust she had for her friends disappeared up in smoke and the only thing that prominent in her mind was that they were out to get her.

'I won't let that happen,' she thought to herself, gripping the butt of her guns more tightly. She would be ready for them, she would show them that she didn't need them and then once they were dead, she would take the treasure for herself.


"I just remembered! You never gave me my fancy dessert."Melting Snow exclaimed stopping right in his tracks.

"Your right," gasped Xinya, stopping right next to Melting Snow. "Do you want to eat it now as we walk?"

Licking his lips, Melting Snow said, "Can I really?"

"Sure, the dessert I made for you doesn't need a plate, so we can eat it as we walk," Xinya said, already taking the puff pastry fruit pizza out of his inventory.

"They look delicious," Wandering Sound said, moving closer to the two.

Seeing how eager Wandering Sound was to have one of his desserts made him laugh a little. After Xinya handed one of the puff pizza pastries to Melting Snow he took out one for himself, before handing the box to Wandering Snow.

"Make sure to share it with Roaming Wind," Xinya said as he took a bite of pastry.

Xinya did notice how quiet she had been on the walk through the maze and wondered if she felt left out because of all the guy talk. Once they log out he will make it up to her, maybe they could watch a movie together and rate all the cute boys in it.

When he had first moved in with her they spent the entire second night of his stay doing just that. He found it quite amusing, especially since Wei would make up strange criteria for the men to have.

Coming out of his musings he finished his last bite of the puff pastry pizza and saw a notification pop up:

[Puff pastry fruit pizza buff has been activated, for four hours you will have: Mana +50 HP+50 Str+ 21 Sta+50]

Closing the notification he saw that Melting Snow was looking at him with a pout on his face. Seeing that Melting Snow had already finished his pastry, Xinya realized that he had probably wanted some of his. Smiling at the boy, he was going to tell him that he would make more for him later when he heard Wei's yell.

"You want to poison me, is that what you plan to do?!" Wei yelled accusingly at Wandering Sound, who now had Xinya's pastry all over him.

Confused, Xinya ran over to the two of them, "What is going on here?"

"I know what you are trying to do! You think I'm worthless and want to get rid of me! You want to cut me out from having a part of the treasure!" She screamed half-crazed. "But I won't allow that to happen."

Before Xinya could get a word out to deny those accusations, Wei had her guns pointed at all of them. That's when Xinya noticed that Wei's eyes were completely red.