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127 Mormantul Lordului Nebun

 "Yes, we dare to enter," Xinya told the grotesque-looking head, as he pressed yes on the notification.

Giving the group a vile smirk the distorted head snidely said, "As you wish."

As those words left its mouth the room began to shake and all around them torturous screams could be heard. The head started to laugh maniacally, amused by the pain it caused as it opens the dungeon's door.

As the door slowly inched open a tearing sound could be heard echoing all around the room. Xinya looked every which way to see where the tearing sound was coming from when he noticed that it was the walls.

The stretched out skin that made up the wall had begun ripping and small drops of blood had begun to seep through in between the tears. The more the door opened, the louder the screams became, terrible, painful screams that sounded as if they were snatched from someone's soul.

Xinya could only barely withstand the sound, it took everything in him not to just cover his ears with his hands. Looking around he could see that Wei and Wandering Sound was managing quite well also, the only one he was worried about was Melting Snow.

He looked very shaken, he had buried himself into Xinya's side, covering his ears with his hands. Xinya knew he was scared, and tried to comfort him the best he could.

This was why younger children needed to play this game with their guardians. Some things in this game weren't suitable for children under a certain age. No matter how mature they seem to be.

The constant screaming lasted for what seemed like an eternity before the door was completely opened. The light that shone through the door lit up the room and Xinya could finally see it in its entirety. What he saw almost made Xinya throw up a little in his mouth, even though it was impossible since this was a game.

The sights around him were horrifying. The walls seemed alive, pulsating, and in a state of disrepair. Some parts were beginning to form huge scabs  while others looked infected. Pus oozed out, slowing trickling down the walls in various shades of yellow.

Making sure that Melting Snow's eyes were covered he rushed them through the open door. He knew that Melting Snow might already be desensitized to most things, but Xinya thought it is best to spare him from witnessing that.

Wandering Sound and Wei must have had the same idea because they quickly rushed inside as well. Immediately after the whole group was inside the dungeon, the door behind them slammed shut and a notification popped up before them.

[You have entered Mormântul lordului nebun dungeon! You won't be able to leave this dungeon until it's complete or you die!]

"Wow look at this place," Melting Snow said, finally escaping from Xinya's side.

Xinya had to admit, as he looked around at his surroundings, that this would be a place where he could imagine treasure being hidden. The dungeon itself seemed to be underground, the rocky ceiling above him could be a testament to that.

There were very old fashioned lanterns hanging from the walls, giving them that much-needed light, while the walls themselves were made up of dried out body parts of different corpses. They were packed together as if they were bricks.

Xinya looked over to Melting Snow to see if he was alright, but it seemed as if his concern was for naught. Melting Snow was curiously poking at the corpses like they were nothing. His mouth dropped open at the scene, and disbelief crossed his features.

'He is scared of the dark, and loud noises frighten him, but dead bodies get no reaction.' Xinya thought to himself as he watched Melting Snow stick his finger into one of the corpse's empty eye sockets.

"It seems to be just one long corridor," Wei said. She was straining her eyes from where she stood to see if the long hallway led somewhere.

"I don't think so," Wandering sound told her. "You know how dungeons are, it won't be that easy.

Pulling Melting Snow away from the dead bodies, Xinya said, "Why are we speculating, let's just go and see for ourselves.

Nodding in agreement, the four of them started to walk down the long body filled corridor. They walked slowly and carefully, eyes peeled for any sort of traps. Wei had her guns drawn, Wandering Sound flute was to his lips and Melting Snow was grasping his swords tightly.

Overall the walk thus far was quite easy and no problems occurred, they soon realized why it was that way after a couple of minutes. The corridor led to an unbelievably large maze, and as they stepped inside of it a notification appeared.

[You have entered room 1/1 of Mormântul lordului nebun dungeon! ]

"It had to be a maze." Sighed Xinya. He was terrible at mazes, he used to do virtual ones with his mother when she was still alive and he would get lost all the time, his mother had to lead him out every time.

Wandering Sound laughed at Xinya's expression, "Mazes aren't so hard, all we have to do is keep our hand on the wall. Doing that will help us find the exit, without getting lost."

"I don't think it will be as easy as that," Melting Snow told him. "There could be all sorts of dangers lurking inside the maze. How are we going to fight if we got one hand on the wall the entire time?"

"I hate to say it, but Melting Snow got a point," Wei said.

"Only one of us needs to do it." Wandering Sound explained to her.

Looking around at the group, Xinya realized that only he would be able to do it. Everyone else needed both of their hands for their weapons, and he didn't, it was as simple as that. It didn't mean he had to like it, the walls were made up of decayed bodies, who in their right mind would want to touch that, besides Melting Snow that is.

Letting out a deep breath, Xinya said, "Since I'm the only one who can fight one-handed I guess it's up to me."

"Don't worry Drifting Cloud, the bodies don't feel squishy at all." Melting Snow said in comforting tone after seeing Xinya disgusted face at the prospect of touching the body wall.

Xinya almost laughed at Melting Snow's attempt at comforting him, placing his fingertips against the wall he said, "Alright let's do this."

As they began journeying through the maze, they were hyper-aware of their surroundings in front of them. They didn't believe that this was just a simple maze, there had to be traps and monsters hidden within this place.

What the group didn't know was that as soon as they stepped into the maze a curse was activated. Ghastly black smoke seeped out one of the mouths of a body on the wall and made its way towards the group.

It analyzed them as they walked through the maze, studying them on an internal level, searching for the mentally weakest in the group. At first, it had thought it would be the youngest, children always were the easiest to control, but it was wrong. It wasn't the youngest, but the female.

After locating its target, it took off faster than the eye it crept up upon the woman, hovering just behind her. Before the girl could even blink it moved quickly and went up inside her nostrils. Wei started coughing, which caused the group to stop walking and look back at her.

"Are you alright Wei?" Xinya asked, wondering what could make her cough inside the game.

Smiling slightly, she said, "Yeah I'm fine, I just remembered the room we came from earlier and it caused me to gagged a little."

"Urg, don't remind me." Xinya paled at the mention of the skin room from earlier.

The group continued inside the maze, not noticing the crazed look that graced Wei face from time to time behind them.