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126 Entering the Dungeon

 As the group dawdled around the clearing, the night sky began to fade into the greyish blue of morning. All around them the flowers of the fir trees, which gave them their light source during the evening, started to dim.

Once again, the brightly colored trees were out on display, much to the disappointment of Xinya. He sighed at the unbearable sight, before checking to see if his water bar was full. When he saw that it was he was glad, since he wouldn't have to worry about it for quite a while.

"This sucks, why haven't we caught any fish?" Melting Snow asked, pouting at the empty bucket next to him.

"I think that our fishing skill is too low for this pond," Xinya started. "Plus you didn't even use any bait."

Slapped himself on the forehead, Melting Snow yelled, "What...why didn't you tell me?!"

"I thought you were trying something new," Xinya told him why laughing. "You did try to catch fish with your hands once upon a time."

"Well, I still think I could have caught some that way. But now we will never know since you made me use a fishing pole." Melting Snow said while sticking his tongue out at him.

Snickering, Xinya put his fishing supplies away, before getting up off of the ground. The day had finally come, and it was time to explore the treasure dungeon. Opening his interface he made sure that his title was changed back to Saviors of Baldahurh Forest, before turning to look at Melting Snow.

"What are you still sitting there for? It's time to go inside the dungeon." Xinya said.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Melting Snow's face transformed entirely. His pout had completely disappeared and all that was left was a large toothy smile.

After putting away his fishing rod, Melting Snow bounced up from the spot where was sitting, and started to quickly walk over to the other two members of their group.

"Come on, Drifting Cloud! The faster we help them take down the campsite, the faster we can explore the dungeon." Melting Snow said as he walked towards Wei and Wandering Sound, who had already started to clean up the fire pit.

While smiling softly to himself, Xinya stretched his arms above his head before following after Melting Snow at a slower pace. By the time he made it over to the rest of his group, everything was already cleared up. Xinya had to admit, he liked how that worked out for him.

"Is everyone set to go into the dungeon?" Xinya asked them all.

"I am," Wei said. "My Hp is full, I upgraded my skills, and I have the potions you gave me in an easy to grab place, in my inventory."

Wandering Sound nodded his head in agreement, "I'm all set too."

"What about you, Melting Snow are you ready?" Xinya asked after he didn't reply.

"I was born ready." Melting Snow said smiling gleefully. "I always wanted to say that."

The whole group started to chuckle, at how cute Melting Snow was. Once there laughter died Xinya begin to lead them to the dungeon entrance. As he was walking he remembered something and stopped dead in his tracks, and turning back around towards the group.

"Roaming Wind, did you put some extra potions in your pouch?" Xinya asked. "You know just in case something happens like it did in the Baldahurh forest."

"Oh!," Wei exclaimed, taking some potions out of inventory to put them into the pouch that was hanging from her hip. "I forgot all about that."

Xinya just nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders," It's fine, I had already put a couple of stacks in my combat potion slot bar. I just wanted us to be prepared in case we get split up."

As Wei watched Xinya turn away from her and continued to walk towards the dungeon entrance her face crumbled slightly, feeling useless. She threw a glance at Wandering Sound, which allowed him to see her expression.

Going over to her he gave her a quick side hug to cheer her up, seeing her smile he nudged her to continue walking. He didn't understand what upset her though, from his point of view it was something that should have been asked. If they were adventuring on their own he would also ask her the same question.


Once they were at the entrance of the dungeon, Xinya took out four glow flowers from his inventory. After handing one to everyone in the group, he proceeded to wrap the stem of the glow flower around his neck.

Melting Snow, on the other hand, made his glow flower into a headband, while Wei and Wandering Sound wrapped theirs around their arms. Once everyone had their glow flower equipt, they climbed through the thick tree roots and inside the dark hole that was the dungeon entrance.

Once he was completely inside, his first impression was of the darkness, it was as if sunlight never existed in this place before. Even the glow flowers could barely pierce the darkness that he was in.

This was the complete opposite of his expectations. Instead of the crazy and colorful atmosphere he imagined, this place was dark, deary, and a bit alarming.

With what little Xinya could see with the help of the glow light, they were in a small square room, with a large door with a distorted looking head on the far wall. What made him alarmed was that the walls looked and felt as if they were made up of stretched out flesh.

"Is the wall made out of what I think its made out of?" Wei asked, shocked.

Moving towards the wall to get a closer look, Xinya saw that the wall was indeed made out of skin. It wasn't old dried out flesh either, but flesh that looked as though it was torn off someone's body just this very day.

Creeped out by this place, he said, "Let's just go inside the actual dungeon."

"Yeah, let's." Melting Snow said, ready and waiting.

Xinya and his group carefully walked across the hard floor to the eerie door that was on the opposite side of the room. They made sure to take their time in case there were any hidden traps, dying before even starting would be very embarrassing.

Once they made it to the door, they could see the head attached to it in more detail. They were taken aback about how grotesque it looked. Its appearance was somewhat reptilian with it had large ears, a snout full of fanged teeth, and a stubby nose.

Since the head was facing downwards, they couldn't see every aspect of it. Trying to get a closer look moved a little closer towards it only for the head to suddenly lift and looked at them with piercing orange eyes.

This startled the startled Xinya making him jump back. The squeak he heard from Wei, let him know that he wasn't the only one affected by the movement. Xinya wondered if he had activated some sort of trap when the gremlin looking head began to speak in a croaky voice.

The foolish four ventur'd within

Seeketh'rs of death those gents has't be

Just glints of gold awaketh their sin

And cousin shall turneth to foe, I see

Dang'r awaits at ev'ry turn

And what they seeketh remains unknown

And gre'd shalt starteth to lurk within

And once t's out, just death is seen

When the poem was complete the gnarled face looked at each one of them, it's lips upturned in a malicious smile, "Do you still dareth to enter?"

A notification popped up in front of everyone:

[Would you like to enter Mormântul lordului nebun? Yes or No?]

"The tomb of the mad lord," Xinya whispered, translating the dungeon's name. " Well, this will be fun."

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