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121 Talking to Wandering Sound

 Different thoughts begin to circle through Wandering Sound's head, but the one that was forefront in his mind was, 'When did Drifting Cloud figure out who he was?' This question was so plainly written on his face, that he didn't even need to speak to ask it.

"I know you're wondering when I learned your identity," Xinya told him. "It was fairly recent, Melting Snow told me who you are."

"He knew?! But, he acted so normally around me..." Wandering Sound trailed off, he couldn't believe that little boy was just pretending not to know him all along.

"I told him too, I figured there was an important reason why you haven't told us yet and I didn't want to rush you," Xinya explained.

Rubbing the back of his neck, Wandering Sound looked Xinya in the eye, asking, "Does Roaming Wind know about me?

"No, I didn't tell her. I thought that you would like to do that yourself." Xinya replied.

"Thank you." Wandering Sound said as he sagged against the wall of the wheelhouse.

As he watched the tension disappear from Wandering Sound's body when he told him that he didn't tell Wei about him being a famous singer. This made Xinya realize just how much Wandering Sound liked her.

"You should just tell her," Xinya said trying to convince him. "She won't be like your fangirls and treat you differently."

Wandering Sound flinched from Xinya words. He wanted to believe that they were true, that when he told Wei she wouldn't treat him any different, but he just couldn't bring himself to do so. Not yet, anyway.

Shaking his head, Wandering Sound said, "Please give me time, once I know for sure that she likes me for me, I will tell her."

Xinya understood what Wandering Sound was going through. Being famous isn't always great on an interpersonal level, but he also knows that there are people who don't care if a person is famous or not. Take him for example, he didn't matter to him that Wandering Sound was a star and he didn't think it would matter to Wei either.

"Alright, I will give you time," Xinya begins. "But until you tell her, you're going to need to wear a mask, no even after you tell her you still going to need to wear one."

Frowning, Wandering Sound asked, "Why?"

"Well, after Baldahurh forest incident and now with the Errinishworth town event quest, our names are well known. Which wouldn't be a problem for us since they don't know how we look, but because your famous, people will know your face, and with you being with us all the time..."

Wandering Sound nodded his head knowingly, with him being as famous as he is, sooner or later somebody will recognize him. Although he usually keeps his head down for this exact reason, buying a mask wouldn't hurt. He was even thinking about buying one for himself, a few days ago anyway.

"Alright, next time we are in town, I will make sure to get one." Wandering Sound to Xinya.

Patting him on the shoulder, Xinya said, "Good, now let's go see what Roaming Wind and Melting Snow are up too."

"Let's go." Wandering Sound said, leaving the wheelhouse with Xinya.


Entering the living room, of the boathouse, Xinya and Wandering Sound wasn't even phased at all by what they saw. Wei was running on a treadmill, while Melting Snow was lifting weights with two giant dumbbells, that was bigger than his body.

Xinya thought, as he watched Melting Snow lift the humongous dumbbells over his head with ease, that he should be shocked by this scene. He wasn't though, and that was probably because he saw Melting Snow pick up a 220-pound man like he was a baby a couple of hours ago.

"Having fun?" Xinya said, smiling at how hard the two of them were training.

Turning around at the sound of Drifting Cloud's voice, Melting Cloud put down the dumbbell, saying, "Yeah, this houseboat is awesome. I didn't know I could train my stats by just lifting weights."

"Now you do," Wandering Sound said while going over to the treadmill next to Roaming Wind.

"Are you going to train to Drifting Cloud?" Wei asked, after smiling at Wandering Sound who sidled up next to her.

Shaking his head at her, Xinya said, "No, I'm going to go make some potions before we reach Laetus forest."

"You still going to make me my fancy dessert right?" Melting Snow asked him.

"Of course I will, as soon as I finished making the potions, I will make a snack that we can eat before we head into the dungeon," Xinya said.

"Awesome!" Melting Snow exclaimed, beaming at Xinya.


After leaving his friends to their training, Xinya entered the potions lab. This was his first time seeing the houseboat version of it and found it to be quite different from the potion lab he used in Bellport.

It was way more modernized, for one thing, the white walls were lined with shelves filled with glass jars. These glass jars had all sorts of items inside of them, but when Xinya tried to open one the jar was completely sealed. Xinya could tell that they were just there for decoration.

Going over to the black table in the middle of the room, Xinya opened his inventory so that he could take out his cauldron and ingredients needed for his potions. After laying everything out on the table neatly, Xinya was ready to begin his potion-making.

Deciding to make health potions first he grabbed the Ennunise and Awegella first, otherwise known as the red and green herb and got to work. Health potions were the easiest to make, so after around 20 minutes he had a stack of 100 high-quality health potions ready to go.

After repeating the process with the Mana and Stamina potions, he got to work on his combat potions. These potions were the most difficult to make for him, and he needed to concentrate very hard while doing so. It took him 2 hours and 4 explosions, but he finally had a stack of 50 or more of Dreaming Dust, Mini Fireball, and Flora Attack potion.

While he was making his combat potions, he noticed that he could make them a lot faster than he could before. This made him very happy, it seems all that potion making in his previous life was working in his favor.

As he started cleaning up the potion lab, he couldn't help but wonder what was happening in Errinisworth, as he thought about checking the forum, a knock on the door interrupted him.

"Drifting Cloud, Wandering Sound says that in an hour we will arrive at Laetus forest!" Melting Snow shouted through the door.

Walking over to the door, Xinya opened it, revealing Melting Snow who had his hand half raised as to knock once again, "Only an hour, then let's go make that fancy dessert."

"Okay!!" Melting Snow replied, already bouncing over to the kitchen.

As the party sailed to Laetus forest with no worries, they were oblivious to what was occurring in Errinisworth at this very moment. If they knew, they would be shocked to see the changes the monster horde has wrought, since the last time they were there.