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118 Danlases

 Leaving the Mayor in the room alone, Xinya and the others followed Wei as she took them to where Elaine was at. As Xinya walked along the ship, with the others, he was grateful that none of them suffered from seasickness. He was certain if they did, with the way the ship was moving, this would be one unpleasant trip.

As they walked, Wei explained to them that she was taking them to the wheelhouse. Xinya, just nodded knowingly, he had read up on boats, it was one of the things he wanted to buy in the future in the game. So he knew exactly what a wheelhouse was, but never saw one with his own eyes.

Even the houseboat that Wandering Sound rented didn't have one since it wasn't able to be used as transportation. Once they arrived, just as Xinya expected, the wheelhouse was just a small enclosure that housed the steering wheel. As soon as they walked inside of the enclosure, Elaine turned to them with a hopeful expression on her face.

"Is my father alright now?" Elaine asked.

"Yes, he is stable now. Once we get to Danlases and he receives treatment from a healer, he should be perfectly fine." Xinya replied.

With tears appearing in her eyes out of gratitude, Elaine said, "Thank you, thank you so much."

"Your welcome," Xinya said, while Wei walked over and patted the girl on the shoulders in a comforting manner.

After Elaine calmed down, she wiped her tears from her eyes and started informing them of what they needed to do to maintain the ship as she sailed it. Once everyone had their jobs, they set off to work, so no mishaps would happen along the way.

Their journey to Danlases wasn't long or eventful, in Xinya opinion it went very smoothly, with the group mostly took in the sights until they arrived. For Xinya this was an easy quest, and he would enjoy it because he knew that there would be harder quests waiting for him.


The journey from Errinisworth to Danlases took over two hours, once they arrived at the port there was a group of soldiers standing there waiting for them. Xinya assumed that they saw the ship from far away and was told to come and meet it.

After they docked, three of the soldiers came aboard the ship, weapons in hand. They didn't appear to be hostile, just cautious. Seeing this, Xinya made sure to tell his party to not take out their weapons, he had a feeling if they did they would trigger the soldiers into attacking.

"Who are you and what brings you to these parts?" A red-headed soldier, who seemed to be in charge asked.

Elaine walked out of the wheelhouse, with her noble attitude at the forefront, "I am Eliane Kingsley, the daughter of Ian Kingsley, the Mayor of Errinisworth. I have come to seek your assistance."

"My lady, please excuse my rude behavior," The redhead said while giving Elaine a slight bow along with the other two soldiers behind him. "How may we be of service?"

"Something terrible has happened in Errinisworth, and my father was injured. If it wasn't for these four people my father and I would be dead." Elaine said while pointing at Xinya and his party.

The redhead soldier gave Xinya's group a good once over, before turning back to Elaine, "Where is your father now?"

"He is in the room down below," replied Elaine.

"Private Smith and Jacobs, go with Lady Elaine to where her father is being kept and check his condition." The red-haired man said.

"Yes, sir," The two soldiers said together, before following Elaine to the room that the Mayor was in.

Turning his attention to Xinya and his group, the red-haired soldier said, "I am first Lieutenant Jones, of Errinisworth defense calvary. Can you tell me who you are and how you came in contact with the Mayor?"

"My name is Drifting Cloud, and these are my friends, Melting Snow, Roaming Wind, and Wandering Sound," Xinya said while pointing to each of his friends in turn. "We met the Mayor at his Banquet, or at least the person we thought to be him."

Before Xinya could continue one of the soldiers from earlier returned, he informed Lieutenant Jones about the terrible state that the Mayor was in. This shocked Jones, who couldn't help but wonder what happened in Errinisworth that would leave the Mayor in such a state.

Jones had a feeling that whatever happened, was something that his captain needed to know about. From what he could gather from the Dryad before he was cut off, something terrible happened at the Mayor's Banquet.

"Private, go and get a few more soldiers, I will need you to move the Mayor to our medbay," Jones ordered.

"Yes, sir." The soldier replied, before running off to do what he was told.

"You four, follow me," Jones told Xinya and his group. "I'm going to take you to my captain, so you can explain to him what happened in Errinisworth."

Following the lieutenant, Xinya's group walked through Danlases Village only to see that it wasn't a village at all, but instead a military camp. Everywhere they looked they saw soldiers going about their day, doing different tasks, such as training, farming, etc.

It didn't take long before they reached the largest domicile in the whole village. Xinya was certain that this was were the Captain lived, because no other person's station should be high enough to be able to have this type of residence.

"Captain, please come out, there is something I need to report!" Lieutenant Jones yelled from outside the residence.

A couple of seconds passed and the entrance of the domicile was opened to reveal a strong-looking man with bear ears, he began to frown at Jones when he saw the four strangers that he brought with him.

"Who are these people and why did you bring them here?" The bear-like captain growled.

"Captain, something terrible happens in Errinisworth. The Mayor was badly wounded, I had him taken to medbay, along with his daughter to get him healed." Lieutenant Jones explained.

The Captain's face turned serious, "Tell me, what happened?!"

"I don't know, that why I brought these four, they were there when everything took place," replied Lieutenant Jones.

Turning to the Xinya group, the Captain said, "I am Captain Valentine of Errinisworth defense calvary, please tell me everything you know."

"It all started at the Mayor's Banquet..." Xinya started explaining everything that happened while they were at the Banquet. From the Tall Man pretending to be the Mayor to rescuing the Mayor from the dungeon.

"Is that all of it?" Captain Valentine asked.

"No, that's not all, a horde of monsters will be arriving in Errinisworth," Xinya said, before looking at his clock. "In 18 more hours."

Captain Valentine and Lieutenant Jones were shocked at what they heard, they shared a glance between them, it was as if they could read each other's thoughts by just using their eyes. After a moment of intense staring, Lieutenant Jones rushed away to inform the soldiers to get ready for battle.  After he left the Captain proceeded to thank Xinya's party.

"I would like to thank you for saving the Mayor and bringing this information to us. You can stay in the village if you want, you will be safe here, but for now, I will need you to leave my residence. I have to start preparing for battle." The Captain said shooing them away, before going back inside his domicile.

Once the man disappeared the four of them just looked at each other in bewilderment. They were very confused because the quest didn't complete. Xinya couldn't help but wonder if there were some sort of bug.

"Guys, what's going on, didn't we complete the quest?" Melting Snow asked.

"Maybe we didn't." Wandering Sound replied, just as Melting Snow was going to ask what he meant, they saw Elaine running over towards them with a wide smile on her face.

"I'm so glad that you haven't left yet," Elaine said. "My father has been healed and would like to talk to the ones who saved him."