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117 First Aid Ki

 As they exited the tunnel, Xinya shut his eyes on reflex, because of the brightness of the sun. Once he opened his eyes again he saw that besides an endless blue sea and large rocks, the only thing around was a lone Schooner ship, which was docked at a custom port.

"That's our ship, it's called the Scoilteoir Tonn," Elaine told the group while pointing at the boat.

Tilting her head in confusion Wei asked, "What does that mean?"

"It means Wave Splitter in old galish," Xinya answered, causing everyone in his party to look at him weirdly, before looking at Elaine to see if he was correct.

"He is right, that is what the name means," replied Elaine.

This caused the rest of the party to look back at him, Xinya could tell from their eyes that they were wondering how he knew what it meant, shrugging he said, "I enjoy learning different languages."

"I never knew that," Wei said softly, but she could acknowledge that there was still a lot thing that she didn't know about him, despite being his best friend. It made her a little sad, but she understood that everyone had secrets. She could wait until he feels comfortable enough to tell them to her.

"It never came up," Xinya said. "But enough dallying, we need to get the Mayor to the ship and patch him up."

Melting Snow nodded, wanting to hurry and get on the cool looking ship, "Yeah, what Drifting Cloud said, let's get moving. The Mayor needs saving."

Heeding to what Xinya and Melting Snow said, the group began walking to the ship. The closer they got the clearer Xinya could see how it looked. He found the ship to be simply magnificent, just a wonderful sight to behold.


As they boarded the ship, Xinya saw that there was no crew on the ship. He couldn't help but wonder how they were going to use this ship to get to Danlases if nobody knew how to sail. Sighing, he hopes that this wasn't the quest trying to make things difficult for them since going through the tunnel was so easy.

"Quick, follow me to the room below, there is a first aid kit in the cabinets down there," Elaine said, hurrying down the few steps that led to the room.

Wei followed after her first than Xinya, along with the other's who were carrying the Mayor, carefully followed afterward, making sure nothing happened on the steps. Once they entered the room, they saw that Elaine was holding the first aid kit, waiting.

After they placed the Mayor on the bed, Elaine walked over to Xinya and handed him the first aid kit. Xinya just looked at her in confusion for a minute, since he didn't have the first skill, but looking into her trusting eyes, he took the kit from her.

Luckily for her, first aid was a skill that is learned by trying and not through an NPC. Sitting on the bed next to the Mayor, Xinya opened the first aid kit, inside there was a bottle of ointment, some cleaning cloths, scissors and tons of bandages.

"Do you need any help?" Melting Snow asked.

Xinya turned to see everyone watching him and just shook his head, "It's fine I think I know what to do."

Grabbing the scissors, Xinya begins cutting off the Mayor's clothes, only to hear a gasp. Looking up, he saw that it was Elaine, who was in the middle of covering her eyes.

"Roaming Wind can you escort Miss Elaine out of the room, please?" Xinya asked, not sure if a noble lady of her delicate sensibilities should be witnessing her father being undress.

Shaking her head frantically, Elaine said, "No, I want to stay, I need to make sure that my father is alright."

"Don't worry, Miss Elaine. As soon as Drifting Cloud is finished patching up your father, we will come and inform you." Wandering sound said, trying to calm her down.

Nodding her head at the two of them, she allowed Wei to escort her out of the room, but not before saying, "Please take good care of my father"

Once the two women were gone, Xinya continued cutting off the man's clothes. When they were removed, Xinya could finally see the full extent of the damage that the Mayor sustained at the hands of the Tall Man.

From what he could see, there was a lot of damage. Open wounds were covering his arms chest and legs. He couldn't see the man's back but he would bet that there were some wounds there too. Despite what he said earlier he would indeed need some help, moving the man's body around.

"Melting Snow, I think I do need your help," Xinya said.

Cocking his head at Xinya, Melting Snow said, "How can I help?"

"Can you sit the Mayor up for me? I want to see if he has any wounds on his back."

Walking over to the other side of the bed, Melting Snow crawled next to the Mayor and proceeded to sit him up. While Melting Snow was holding him up Xinya checked his back and saw that besides a few scratches it was fine.

"Okay, Melting Snow, you can lay him back down," Xinya told him.

After Melting Snow gently laid the man back down on the bed, Xinya took the ointment and cleaning cloth from the first aid kit. Opening up the ointment bottle, Xinya squirted some of the orange liquid onto one of the cloths.

With a cloth, Xinya proceeded to dap the ointment onto the Mayor's wounds. As he did so the wounds started to magically heal themselves. It wasn't to the point where they closed up completely, but from what Xinya could tell it was very close.

After putting ointment on every wound he could see, he grabbed the bandages out of the first aid kit. "Melting Snow, for this part I will need your help once again in moving his body around."

"No problem!" Melting Snow replied, happy to help.

Working as a team, Xinya begins bandaging the Mayor's body up, while Melting Snow helped move the man's body around for him. In no time at all, they had the Mayor all bandaged up. Checking the man's status, Xinya saw that his health bar had stopped declining. Just as he was about to get up off the bed a notification appeared:

[You have learned the first aid skill!!]

First Aid: If a person is in an accident or a battle of some kind they will often sustain wounds that need to be treated before medical aid can be obtained, this is where the first aid skills can be of use. Be warned when you use first aid on a person their HP will not restore.

"He is completely stable now, we should go inform Elaine," Xinya told them.

"Let me go," Wandering Sound said. "I haven't done much to help."

Just as he was about to leave, the boat lurched forward, making the three of them have to catch their balance. Before they could wonder what was happening, Wei bounced into the room.

"Are you guys done?" Wei asked. "Elaine has already begun sailing the ship to Danlases."

"Really?!" Xinya said surprised, not understanding why he was. He should have figured she knew how to sail, the quest would have equipped the NPC with it. This being a lower level town an all.

"Yeah, I just told her that the quicker we get to Danlases the safer her father would be, and she started prepping the ship all by herself," Wei explains.

Nodding his head, Xinya said, "That's great. Let's go up and see if she needs any help."