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115 Gurney

 Xinya watched as Melting Snow ran out of the dimly lit cell to get the table he requested from the Banquet Hall, this left Xinya alone with the badly bruised Mayor. The Mayor who looked like he was about to knock on death's door.

His pitiful appearance made Xinya winch, he could only imagine the pain that the Mayor was in. It was a shame that he didn't have the first aid skill, although he knew that he didn't need it since player's bodies couldn't be covered in wounds, but it would still be good to have since he might run into this type of situation again.

After informing Wei and Wandering Sound that he located the Mayor via party chat, Xinya begins checking the status of the Mayor's health bar, only to find that it was slowly depleting. He had to do something fast or the Mayor would die here and now. Which would be horrible, because they would fail their quest.

Positioning himself by the Mayor's head, he took out one of his high-quality potions from his inventory to give to the Mayor. The high-quality potion would give the Mayor more HP but also keep giving him HP for a certain period of time.

This would put the worry Xinya had that the Mayor might die before the rest of his party arrives. As Xinya was about to pour the potion into the Mayor's mouth he saw that it was shut tight.

Setting the potion bottle to the side, Xinya tried to see if he could shake the man awake, because of the man's unconscious state, this endeavor proved to be pointless. He tried many different ways to awaken the Mayor from his comatose state, from lightly tapping his face to outright slapping him, which he truly regretted having to do, but nothing worked.

Realizing that he had no other choice but to try to force-feed him the potions, Xinya couldn't help but sigh. Bringing his hands to the Mayor's mouth he begins trying to pry open the man's mouth.

He thought that it would be an easy task, that even someone with his meager strength would be able to do it. That wasn't the case at all, it was like the Mayor jaw was locked shut, it wouldn't open no matter how hard Xinya pulled. After a couple of attempts at it, Xinya became irritated that it wasn't opening.

Stopping the futile action, he began thinking of another way to get the Mayor's mouth open. As he thought, he could see that the Mayor's health bar was almost depleted, making him very anxious.

After a couple of seconds, it came to him, like a shot in the dark. He almost slapped himself on the forehead, for being so simple. Xinya continued to silently berate himself as he grabbed the Mayor's nose and pinched it closed. It didn't take long for the Mayor to open his mouth to take in a breath of air.

Letting go of his nose, Xinya held his head up once more and begin pouring the high-quality potion into the Mayor's mouth. As Xinya expected, it didn't heal him at all, but the Mayor no longer looked the deathly shade of grey as he did before and with the extra health he seemed to be coming around.

The Mayor begin groaning as he came to, struggling wildly in Xinya's arms, "P..please let me go...let me go..let me."

"It's alright, your okay, I have come to rescue you." The begging voice of the Mayor struck a nerve in Xinya's heart. Rubbing the man's hair, Xinya did the best he could to soothe him as he waited for the others to arrive.

Minutes passed as Xinya sat there in the dark decrepit cell trying to calm the frightened man. Just as he was about to open his interface and contact his friends through party chat, Melting Snow came running in, carrying one of the long rectangular tables from the Banquet hall that from what Xinya could see, was just the right size for the Mayor to lay on.

Entering the room, Melting Snow laid the table on the ground right near the Mayor, before kneeling next to Xinya with a worried expression, "Is he doing better?"

"Yeah, I gave him a potion, he should be stable for now, but his health is still going down," Xinya replied.

Just as Melting Snow was about to speak again, a cry echoed throughout the cell. It was so loud that it startled the Mayor awake. He began shaking in fear and groaning due to the pain.

As Xinya calmed the Mayor, Xinya looked up to see who was the cause of the noise, only to see that it was the Mayor's daughter, Elaine. She had arrived along with Wei and Wandering Sound. The young girl looked wretched as she stared at her father's broken body.

Xinya could see that the young girl was shaken up just by looking at the state she was in. Gone was her noble poise, leaving only a scared little girl who was worried about her father.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she ran to her father's side, "Daddy?"

The Mayor calmed down at the sound of his daughter's voice. Turning his head to look at her, he struggled to move his arm, very slowly he brought it up to caress her face. An unknown expression appeared in his eyes before his hand fell and he passed out again.

"Daddy! Please wake up! Daddy!" Elaine shouted while looking around as if to search for help.

Checking the man's health, Xinya saw that the Mayor was alright. "Your father just passed out."

"My father will be fine, right?" Elaine asked while looking at Xinya with teary eyes. "He won't die will he?"

Xinya shook his head, "As long as we get him patched up he will be fine, but none of us have any first aid kits to do so."

At this moment all Elaine wanted to do was to burst into tears while hugging her father tightly, but she wasn't a young girl anymore and her father needed her to be strong, putting on a brave face she asked, "What do we need to do to be able to save my father?"

"First, we need to get your father out of this cell," Xinya stated. "Afterwards we get him patched up, then we need to get him out of this town and inform the military about what's going on."

As if something Xinya said triggered a response in the girl, Elaine quickly stood up, "I know! We could use the emergency escape tunnel."

"The what?" Melting Snow asked confused about what the girl was going on about.

"The emergency escape tunnel, my father built it, just in case something happens to the town and we needed a way to leave the mansion unnoticed. It leads out of the mansion to the harbor where we keep a ship." Elaine explains.

After hearing about the escape tunnel and the ship, Xinya let out a sigh of relief. He thought that they would have to carry the Mayor to Danlases on a gurney. Logically speaking that wouldn't make any sense, but in this game, Xinya knew anything was possible.

If there was one thing that Xinya knew for sure, it was that if they had to walk to Danlass carrying the Mayor, there was a good chance that the man would be dead before they arrived. It was the Mayor steadily decreasing health bar that made him very clear on that.

"Alright then, once we load the Mayor onto this makeshift gurney, Elaine will take us to where the emergency tunnel is located," Xinya told everyone.

Wandering Sound just looked at the Mayor, who looked like he was around 220 pounds and back at Drifting Cloud, "Do you think we can lift him? Because I tell you now my strength is low."

"," Xinya replied, this was a problem if he couldn't open the man's mouth, there was certainly no way he would be able to lift the man, even with Wandering Sound help.

"I can do it!" Melting Snow said as he gently picked up the Mayor before anyone could stop him. "I have a lot of strength."

Watching as Melting Snow held the Mayor's body as if it weighed nothing, was an amazing sight to behold. It also made him want to put some points into strength himself, but Xinya knew that he didn't need that stat and at this level, it would be just a waste of points.

"Do we still need the gurney?" Wei asked. "Melting Snow can carry the Mayor just fine."

"Yes, we do. Although it would be easier to get him to the ship with Melting Snow carrying him, the problem is that his health is dropping faster now that he's not laying down." Xinya told everyone.

After making Melting Snow lay the Mayor gently on the gurney, Xinya poured another health potion down his throat. Checking the Mayor's health bar, he saw that it was dropping at a slow pace once again.

"Okay, let's go," Xinya said, grabbing the homemade gurney along with Melting Snow and Wandering Sound. With the girls leading the way they made their way to the emergency tunnel.