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114 Nascent Soul Helps

 In a room dimly lit by the candles and fireplace, there was the sound of metal being hit. The clanging sound echoed throughout the room in a steady rhythm, as if it was set to some invisible beat.

The person who was creating the sound was a shirtless man, he glistened with sweat that dripped down his body from all the heat that was in the room. He was standing over a forge heating a piece of wrought iron, until the metal became soft enough for him to shape with one of his hand tools, such as a hammer or an anvil.

Just as he was finished working with the piece of metal his interface popped open broadcasting an announcement of how four players activated the mini update, town siege. When the man saw the name Melting Snow he smiled, shaking his head in disbelief.

"He did say his friend always finds the best adventures for them," Nascent Soul chuckles to himself. "I feel bad for doubting him."

Once the broadcast faded, he got in touch with his guild. Before he could even speak a word his second in command already stopped him. He was informed that everyone was already getting ready and they were setting up the teleportation device and in an hour it would be ready to use.

Smirking Nascent Soul closed the voice chat, he could always rely on his second in command Xafnir. He was with him since the beginning and was the only one in the guild to know his true persona in-game. This was because they knew each other in real life.

They were best friends who grew up together and had similar circumstances, he and Xafnir aimed to get a better life for their families. They were extremely similar to each other except whereas Nascent Soul was calm and collective, Xafnir was more cold and logical.

One day he hopes that Xafnir will find someone to break that cold mask of his, but for now, at least he has the guild work to keep him busy. Nascent Soul stopped thinking about his friend's love life, since he couldn't talk, with him not having a semblance of one himself.

Opening his interface he video called Melting Snow wondering if he would like to join him fighting the monster horde. He could bring his friends along and they could meet in person, plus he wanted to see the other two people Melting Snow was with.

He might be somewhat overprotective of Melting Snow, but there are some creeps in this game. This game might seem safe, but criminals play this game. There are many prisons, who use convicts to farm money for them, from his connections Nascent Soul knew that well.

Plus there is the fact that even though he knew their names, he never saw how they looked like, he could pass them while walking through town without realizing that they were the people that the broadcast was about. Sometimes he wished the players had their names above their heads for all to see.

After the video call dinged three times, Melting Snow's face appeared on the screen. From Nascent Soul's point of view, it looked like he was frantically looking for someone in a dingy-looking area. He was quickly running about looking every which way, not even paying any attention to the call.

"What are you looking for Melting Snow?" Nascent Soul couldn't help but chuckle at how much Melting Snow looked like a puppy searching for his bone.

Glancing at the screen, Melting Snow said, "I'm trying to find the Mayor."

Melting Snow had been searching for about an hour with Drifting Cloud for the Mayor. When they got the second part of the town event quest, he thought it would be very easy. All they had to do was find the Mayor and his daughter and escort the two to safety.

They found the Mayor's daughter quite easily, although that could be attributed to her being the only NPC left in the Banquet hall asking where her father was. Melting Snow should have known a quest like this wouldn't be easy as they thought it would be.

After they found the Mayor's daughter, they split up into two groups. Wandering Sound and Roaming Wind took the Mayor's daughter and went to search the above floors, while he and Drifting Cloud search the floors below.

So far no one in the party found anything, although he and Drifting Cloud did find a promising lead when they found a door leading downstairs to the mansion's dungeon. Melting Snow was sure they would be able to find the Mayor here, but so far the two of them still had no luck.

"Kiddo, I'm going to need more information than that." Nascent soul said with a slight smile.

Melting Snow begins explaining to him everything that has happened since they last talked and how he ended up here. He couldn't help but brag about the awesome quest that he was on to his cousin. Before he could continue he heard Drifting Cloud calling out to him in party chat.

"Melting Snow! Follow your map to me, I found something." Xinya said.

Rushing out the area he was in, Melting Snow quickly went to the place where Drifting Cloud was located. When he found him, he was standing in one of the dungeon cells standing next to a dark open space that appeared to be a hidden room.

Melting Snow gawked at the hidden room and was certain that this was where the Mayor was hidden, "How did you find this place Drifting Cloud?"

"While I was searching, I saw all the chains on the beds were rusted, but when I came to this room the chains on this bed looked like they have been used often. I just knew there had to be more to this room." Xinya explained.

Melting Snow was amazed by Drifting Cloud, he would have never noticed small things like that, on the other hand, Nascent Soul who had been listening, the entire time was very impressed with Melting Snow's friend. He couldn't help but feel that there was more to him than what he first thought.

As they walked into the hidden room that was lit by the light of a single candle, they saw the Mayor, lying on the ground in terrible shape. Rushing over to him, Xinya saw that the Mayor was badly bruised and his legs seemed to be broken.

Xinya didn't know what to do, he could give the Mayor a health potion but that would only replenish his HP and not heal him. He wished he had a first aid skill right, not knowing that he said the sentence out loud.

Melting Snow who was standing next to Xinya wondering what they should do, listened as his cousin spoke, before repeating it to Drifting Cloud, "My cousin said he has the first aid skill."

"You're on a video call right now?" Xinya asked before shaking his head, he knew that wasn't important right now, "That doesn't matter. Tell your cousin, that his first aid skill is no use to us, as he can't use it, with being so far away."

Nascent Soul just snorted before telling Melting Snow to let him speak to Drifting Cloud. Once Drifting Cloud could hear him he said, "Since none of your party has the heal or the first aid skill, make a gurney so you can carry him out. Just keep using health potions on him so he doesn't bleed out."

"Thank you for your help," Xinya said reluctantly. It was a great plan, he just wished he hadn't been so rude to the man before he gave it to him. "Melting Snow go back to the banquet hall and get one of those tables, I'll stay here and give the Mayor some health potions."

"Alright," Melting Snow says, happy to be of help. Before he ran out of the room he thanked his cousin for his and told him that he would talk to him later, before cutting the call.

After the video call ended, Nascent Soul, contacted Xafnir once again to ask him how much longer until the transportation device would be ready.