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113 Interlude Frozen Ice *Updated

 When Melting Snow's brother interface broadcast the announcement of the Errinisworth town event, he was in the middle of a meeting with his group of rankers. It was certainly surprising to hear his little brother's name in a region announcement. His little brother had only left a couple of days ago and now here he was, getting his name out there faster than he ever could.

As the announcement faded away, everyone in the meeting room turned to face Frozen Ice. They couldn't believe that someone they knew triggered this sort of event, it was mind-blowing, and it would still be so even if it had nothing to do with Frozen Ice little brother. Even with the partial sponsorship, their group had because of Frozen Ice, they still weren't making a whole lot, compared to him.

If they were able to collect 1% from the taxes of the town for an entire month, that would be wonderful for everyone in the room, well except Silken Envy who was rich already. They could upgrade their armor and weapons, so they would be able to wear it for a longer time. Instead of having to resell them so often to buy new ones.

"Frozen Ice, are we going to participate in the town siege." Silken Envy, Frozen Ice's girlfriend asked. This was something every member wanted to know, so they awaited Frozen Ice answer eagerly.

Frozen Ice wasn't paying attention to what was going on around him, those names that were mentioned with his brother he recognized them and wondered how they were connected to his brother. When he heard Silken Envy question, he became was a tad startled.

Making sure to hide the irritation he felt every time he heard speak, he said, "Yes, we are going right away. Which one of you has the fastest vehicle?"

"I do," A dragonkin in fiery armor said. "My UFO cloud can get us there in two hours."

"UFO Cloud? What is that?" Asked the lovely blue-haired siren who was sitting next Silken Envy.

The dragonkin just rolled his eyes at the girl, when he first joined this group he had very strong feelings for her, but now he knew better. That girl was a green tea bitch like that chick Rose Lilly. They were both extremely manipulative and were only after one thing.

"It's exactly what it sounds like." The dragonkin told her, before completely ignoring her.

"You.." The girl angrily started before being interrupted by Frozen Ice.

Frozen Ice already knew all about the infighting in this group, but he just let it happened. He didn't care, either way, this group to him was only a means to an end. Since he already got his means it was time to end. He didn't need stupid people, who couldn't see the big picture.

His sponsor was finding other rankers for him to join up with, in a couple of weeks, everyone besides Rose Lilly and Silken envy will be replaced. He didn't mind letting them have this since their income will be gone soon.

"Will your vehicle fit all of us?" Frozen Ice asked.

The dragonkin looked around the room doing a headcount before saying, "It will fit all except one of us."

All the members of the group looked at each other wondering who would have to stay behind. They hoped that they wouldn't be the person chosen to stay behind and miss out on earning that sweet coin.

Just as the group was murmuring to themselves on who was going to be left behind, Silken Envy said, "I will stay behind. I am not playing for the coin anyway, so I don't mind staying here and relaxing."

Everyone gave their thanks to her, they had a feeling that it would have turned into a big argument if she hadn't stepped in. The members gave her grateful smiles, even Frozen Ice gave her one, which made her extremely happy.

Once that was solved, everyone started to leave and get prepared for the battle in Errinisworth. Silken Envy stayed behind in the meeting room wanting to talk to Frozen Ice but got shooed away with the excuse that he needed to call his brother and find out what was going on.

When Frozen Ice was alone, he opened his interface and tried to video call his brother only to find the line was busy. After trying 3 more times he gave up and called Rose Lilly. After one ding his call was answered and he was face to face with her.

"What's going on?" Frozen Ice asked. "From what you told me a couple of hours ago, Melting Snow was going to have dinner with his friend. How did dinner become a town event quest?"

Rose Lilly knew she had to play this right, she knew that Frozen Ice was extremely interested in Melting Snow's friend. Even more so now, because only an idiot wouldn't realize that the names that were announced were the same as the ones from the Baldahurh Forest quest. Knowing Frozen Ice he must have put it together that Melting Snow's friend is one of those people.

Luckily Melting Snow had sent her a message, telling her where he was going last night, that way she will be able to spin this into her favor, "He was going to have dinner with his friend."

"What happened then?" Frozen Ice asked. "Didn't you stay with him?"

"I wanted to, but his friend was wary of strangers, so I followed them instead. Nothing happened as they walked through town,  besides them bumping into a pastry chef making him drop his cake." Rose Lilly said.

"A pastry chef?" Frozen Ice asked wondering what that got to do with the town event quest.

Nodding her head, Rose Lilly said, "Yeah, a pastry chef. They talked for a while before they once again went their way. I kept following them until they reached a rented boathouse. After waiting for a long time, four people came out carrying a huge cake, which they took to this town Mayor's Mansion."

"So it was a cooking quest." Stated Frozen Ice. "But that still doesn't explain how my brother got the town event quest."

"After they came out of the mansion, I got closer to them without their knowledge and heard them talk about getting invited to the Banquet the Mayor was having." Rose Lilly said. "That's where the whole thing took place. You know your brother always wanting adventure, he probably triggered something."

Frozen Ice felt that reasoning was logical, nobody knew how his brother was better than himself. There were many times where his brother would stray from the path when they were doing dungeons together, that landed the group in strange predicaments.

He was 50% sure that his brother was the one who started the whole quest, but he also had a 50% feel that one of those people that his brother was hanging out with might have done it.

He had already mentally discarded Melting Snow's dryad friend, he might have been the one who leads them to the quest, but there was no way someone who chose to be a dryad and got the cooking skill, would be triggering these big quests.

After he ends the call with Rose Lilly he continued to sit in the meeting room for a while saying the names of the three people to himself in an attempt to figure out which one could be the catalyst to all these events, and once he finds them he will keep them in his grasp.