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112 The Tall Man’s Death

 Just as Melting Snow was about to slash off one of the Tall Man's red-ish spheroid tentacles, Wei used her light skill attack on the Tall Man, knocking him backward. This caused Melting Snow to miss. Sucking his teeth at Wei's bad timing, Melting Snow dashed back towards the Tall Man, once again aiming for the monster healing tentacles.

Seeing how Wei's skill was hindering Melting Snow's progress as he tried to cut off the tentacles that were currently obstructing them from killing the monster, Xinya while speaking in their party's voice chat said, "Roaming Wind use another skill to attack the Tall Man!"

"Why?" Wei asked, confused as to why Xinya wanted her to use another skill. Especially, since her light skill did double the damage on the monster. Using another skill would be stupid and a waste of time in her opinion.

"Because your attacks aren't helping at the moment, if anything they are impeding us," Melting Snow said while dodging a particularly fast tentacle, "The knockbacks your skill does is stopping me from getting the red-ish spheroid tentacles, that is still healing the Tall Man. If I don't cut them off we won't be able to kill this thing."

Wei looked over to Xinya to see if Melting Snow was being for real, seeing Xinya confirmation she started using her other skills. They wouldn't do as much damage, but they would keep the Tall Man distracted.

The Tall Man had both Wei and Melting Snow on their toes, from dodging it's sharp deadly metal claws and the hazardous substances that it squirted from its tentacles. Wei already had two close calls from being hit with the Désorienter Goo that Xinya got hit with. If it wasn't for her quick reflexes she would have been in a confused state already.

Knowing how dangerous the monster's goo was Xinya wanted to throw a floral attack potion to bind it, but he knew he couldn't. If he did the monster's whole body would be covered head to toe in petal similar to a mummy and Melting Snow wouldn't be able to get to the tentacles that were healing it.

Therefore while Wei and Melting Snow were double-teaming the Tall Man he split his attention between helping Wandering Sound, with the wisp-like monsters and throwing mini-fireball potions when an attack of the Tall Man's go to close to the two.


Melting Snow sped between the attacking tentacles, that always seemed to grow back as soon as Roaming Wind shot one-off. He had already sliced off two of the Tall Man's red-ish spheroid healing tentacles. He just needed to get the last two before they could completely destroy this monster. This was proving difficult because every time he cut one of them off the tentacles attacking became faster.

Jumping to the left, Melting Snow barely missed getting stabbed by one of its metal claws, but it seemed that the Tall Man was leading him into a trap. When he jumped to the left, the Tall Man using immense speed attacked him twice, once in the arm and the other in the leg, causing him to groan in pain.

As the monster was about to strike him for the third time, he was saved by Drifting Cloud throwing one of his Mini-fireball potions at the tentacles. The potion spread two the other tentacles, buying him enough time to dash away. Those two hits did cost, Melting Snow a lot of damage, checking his health he saw that his HP was down to 300.

He knew if he gets hit a couple more times, he would die, so he needed to be more careful as he proceeds in destroying the other two tentacles. Skirting between the tentacles that were coming at him, he saw an opening. Using his swords as a springboard, he jumped up high above the Tall Man doing one spinning flip in the air.

Melting Snow then proceeded to use a sword attack in the air to slice off the last two tentacles. Once his attack ended, Melting Snow flipped down to the ground and begin attacking the monster in earnest.

Seeing that Melting Snow had destroyed all of the tentacles, he shouted, "Roaming Wind, use your light attack now. It won't be able to heal itself now!"

"Good, let's take this bastard down!" Wei said, cocking her guns. She was already sick and tired of fighting this thing.

"Hurry and take care of it!" Wandering Sound said while he was attacking the nearby wisp monsters with his Soprano Blast. "I will take care of these pests, so you won't have to worry about them."

Noticing that Wandering Sound could handle the wisp-like monsters by himself, Xinya gave his full attention to taking down the Tall Man. With Xinya throwing the Flora Attack potion that bound the monster for 25 seconds while doing damage, Wei with her light attack that did double the damage and Melting Snow running around attacking the Tall Man with clean, concise movements, it wasn't long before they depleted the monsters health.

Just as the Tall man was about to die, it started laughing evilly, "Do you think it will be over will my death? You have now doomed this whole entire town!"

Tired of listening to him, Xinya threw one last potion at the Tall Man completely killing the monster. Instead of dissipating like other monsters, it burst apart like a glass shattering and billowy black smoke ascended above them before dissipating in the air. That's when a notification appeared in front of the party.

[Quest has been Complete!]

[Reward: 2000000 exp / 5 gold coins]

[You have leveled up!]

With the Tall Man dead the wisp-like monsters begin disappearing back into the shadows, and the doors in the Banquet Hall started opening. As the players who were fighting with the wisp monsters cheered the NPCs begin leaving quickly.

Just as Xinya and his friends congratulating each other on a job well done, an announcement sounded which everyone in the Ziam region could hear.

[Drifting Cloud, Melting Snow, Roaming Wind, and Wandering Sound have completed the first part in the Errinisworth town event quest activating the new update, town siege! In 24 hours a horde of monsters will swarm the town of Errinisworth. Any party who destroys the most monsters and saves the most townspeople will be able to collect 1% of the taxes of the town for one month!]

This announcement was repeated twice more causing an uproar in the region of Ziam. All around the Ziam region, players stopped what they were doing and begin hurrying to Errinisworth as fast as they could. Even Xinya and his friends were shocked when they heard the announcement.

Before they could say anything another quest appeared in front of them:

[Quest Created -Town Event pt 2 ]

The Tall Man is dead, but the Mayor is still missing. Somewhere in this mansion, the Mayor has been hidden in an unknown state. You have 23 hours to find the Mayor and along with his daughter and escort them out of town. Once out of town, take them to the Danlases, a military town and alert them of what is happening in Errinisworth.

[Reward: 1000000 Experience / 2 Gold / Unknown Reward

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Saviors of Baldahurh Forest

HP: 325/325  (+15) Level: 22

MP: 275/275  (+15) EXP:800600/1300000

Stamina: 275/275  (+15) Skill points: 21

Str: 19 (+15) Dex: 27(+15)

Int: 19 (+15)  Luck: 26 (+15)

Coins: 9 gold 997 silver 700 bronze

Stat Points 4