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111 The Banquet Pt 7

 As Xinya was lying there wondering what they were going to do a beautiful melody sounded in his ears, followed by a bright white light. Wandering Sound had used his skill Liturgy of the Damned, destroying the wisp-like monsters that were going to attack them.

Wandering Sound was about to go help Wei when he saw that she could handle the shadowy wisp monsters on her own. So instead of helping her, he ran towards the Tall Man. The bright light of his shield started damaging the monster, distracting it away from Melting Snow.

The Tall Man tried to swat Wandering Sound away, but his shield was too strong and it only caused pain to itself. As Xinya watched, he was grateful that Wandering Sound had this skill, he didn't know what would have happened if he hadn't been here.

By this time Wei had already dealt with the two tiny monsters and had run over to Xinya who was still unable to move. More of those wisp monsters had started appearing and the other players couldn't handle them all, some begin to come over to where Xinya and his group were at.

While Xinya was incapacitated, Wei made sure to protect him by shooting any and every wisp monster that came in her sights. While she was doing that, Wandering Sound mana was draining quickly, in another couple of seconds his shield would break and Melting Snow would be in trouble.

Knowing that his shield was about to give out, Wandering Sound called out to Wei, "Roaming Wind, come switch places with me. I'll protect Drifting Cloud, while you help Melting Snow.

Killing off two wisp monsters that were attacking her, she checked to make sure no more was coming before aiming her guns at the Tall Man. Taking the shot, she knocked him back, allowing Wandering Sound to put down his shield and drink a mana potion.

Between looking out for Xinya, and the shadowy wisps, they brought down the Tall Man's health to 50%. At that time the Désorienter Goo that the Tall Man hit Xinya with wore off. With Xinya back in the fight, they knew they would be able to take out the monster no problem.

It seemed that they spoke too soon, one of Wei's shots missed, allowing the monster to attack. One of the Tall Man's tentacles stabbed right through the neck of Melting Snow's Flare dog. It was a critical hit draining the dog's health, much to the dismay of Melting Snow.

The Flare dog wasn't permanently dead, once a partner loses 99% of its health it is placed in a crystal orb and sent to its owner's inventory. A partner can only be revived three times by a beast tamer before it can no longer be saved.

To revive a partner is also very expensive, so most players would rather just get a new one, especially if the partner was a low leveled monster. Although his flare dog wasn't dead, Melting Snow was still distracted by it's lost, allowing the Tall Man to hit him with a sneak attack.

Five of the Tall Man's tentacles came at Melting Snow stabbing him in the stomach, it was like he became a pincushion. Melting Snow screamed at the pain, Xinya hurried and threw a floral attack potion at the Tall Man, while Wei shot it, knocking it back.

Wei kept shooting it as Xinya rushed to Melting Snow, luckily he was left with 6 health. Pulling out a potion Xinya, gave it to Melting Snow to drink. Once his health was back to full, Melting Snow was ready to dissect the Tall Man into pieces.

As Melting Snow was about to rush back into the fray, one of the Tall Man's tentacles lashed out at Wei knocking her gun away. The Tall Man than let out a loud roar, causing the floor beneath them to move around them. It was so strong that it caused them to lose their balance and fall down hard against the floor.

Once the floor stopped moving, the four of them got to their feet, only to notice the Tall Man had stopped attacking for the most part. Six of its tentacles were still on the defensive and Xinya knew if they were to attack the Tall Man now its tentacles would lash out at them.

Xinya didn't care if they did since something much worse seemed to be happening, four of the tentacles behind the Tall Man started transforming. Gone was the sharp metal claw, it was replaced with a red-ish spheroid.

These red-ish spheroid begin to glow, slowly moving around the Tall Man's body in strange gyrating motions, and a low rhythmic sound started to emanate from them. Wei went to shoot it, thinking it was preparing for a strong attack but when she did her attack was stopped by a force field of some kind.

Melting Snow and Xinya also tried only to be stopped in the same way. This was unprecedented, they couldn't understand why they couldn't attack the monster. The one good thing was that it seemed that the Tall Man couldn't attack them either.

"What's going on?" Melting Snow asked.

Shaking her head, Wei said, "I don't know, but I have a feeling that we won't like it."

"Get ready," Xinya begins. "We need to prepare for the worst."

To their shock and disbelief, the worst did happen, but not how they expected it too. There was no giant attack like they thought, what happened was a lot more terrible. Wandering Sound noticed it first and pointed it out to everyone else. It seemed that the red-ish spheroid tentacles had begun healing the Tall Man.

The Tall Man's health that was at 18k was going up, and as it went up they saw all their hard work up until now going down the drain. After seeing the monster's health become full once more, Wei was so pissed that she shot at it, only for her attack to actually hit.

"The force field is down, attack it with all you got!" Wei shouted while shooting it some more.

Xinya saw that the monster's red-ish spheroid tentacles didn't transform back and saw that they were still healing the Tall Man even now without the force field.

Knowing that if the tentacles kept healing the monster they would never be able to kill it, he shouted, "Melting Snow slice off those tentacles on his back!"

Melting Snow who was just about to go attack the monster, looked at Xinya weirdly for a moment before going to do what he said. Only when he was close enough did he understand why he wanted him to cut them off. With a smirk on his face, Melting Snow started attacking.

"Let's see if you can heal yourself now." Melting Snow said as he slashed down at the Tall Man.