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110 The Banquet Pt 6

 "And you, young Dryad, will be the first to die by my hands!" The Tall Man cackles maniacally. There an evil gleam in the monster's eyes, it felt as if the monster was looking forward to tearing Xinya apart and devouring him with its razor-like teeth.

After the Tall Man spoke a notification appeared, the quest that Xinya was waiting for had finally come.

[Quest Created -Town Event pt1 ]

A monster called the Tall Man has infiltrated the town of Errinisworth in an attempt to bring it under the monster rule. After taking over this town, the Tall Man plans on spreading his influence to other towns, until all of Haven is under the monster rule. You need to destroy the Tall Man, only then will you be able to save this town and the world of Haven. *This quest is sharable up to five people.

[Reward: 2000000 exp / 5 gold coins]

Quickly Xinya shared the quest with the rest of his friends, even before they got the quest they were on their guard. They had their weapons out and ready, Wei had her guns cocked, Wandering Sound flute was already to his lips, and Melting Snow had his swords out.

He also called out his Flare Dog, with its white and black enormous body. Standing next to Melting Snow, it snarled at the monster in front of it, waiting for Melting Snow to command it to attack. Xinya couldn't help but approve of how fast they were ready for action.

Xinya moved back from the Tall Man, so he wasn't in reaching distance and said, "Who's to say it won't be you dying by my hand."

"Dying by your hand, little Dryad? I would like to see that," Clapping his shadowy clawed hands, the Tall Man summoned tiny wisp-like creatures from the shadows. "Go, my shadow children, and kill everyone in this hall, but leave these four to me."

The wisp-like creatures started to scatter, heading to the scared NPCs that were huddled together by the wall farthest away from the Tall Man. Xinya and his friends were about to head over and help them when they saw the other players that were invited to the banquet had started fighting the tiny wisp monsters.

Seeing how the players had everything handled, Xinya and his friends turned their attention back to the Tall Man. What they didn't know was those players, once Xinya got his quest, received a quest of their own. They were tasked to protect the NPCs and would receive 100 bronze coins for each NPC that was alive by the end of the battle.

Checking to see how much health the monster had, Xinya saw that it was a little over 50k. It was way less than Wyatt's, much to Xinya's relief, but less health doesn't make killing a monster easier, which Xinya soon found out.

Opening the party voice chat, Xinya said, "Alright guys, spread out. We don't know what type of skills the monster have."

"Way ahead of you," Wei said, already backing up from the Tall Man. Since she was a ranged fighter, she didn't need to be close to the monster for her attacks to work.

"Easier said than done," Melting Snow said. "I'm a close combat fighter, remember."

Wandering Sound shot a glance to Melting Snow, saying, "Well I hope your quick on your feet little puppy, I don't think this monster is close combat friendly.

Wondering what Wandering Sound was talking about Xinya turned his attention back to the Tall Man, only to see that Tall man had shadowy tentacles emerging from its body. These long and phallic-shaped tentacles, with a metal claw at the end, surrounded the Tall Man poised attack.

Moving a tentacle closer to Xinya, the Tall Man maliciously grinned, "I will enjoy it so when I impale you on my sharp long tentacle, your death will bring me bliss."

Xinya ignored the Tall Man, taking out a combat potion, he casually tossed it up and down in the air a couple of times, before throwing it straight at the monster. Petals begin wrapping themselves all around Tall Man, causing him to become immobile. "How are you going to impale me now?"

After throwing a mini-fireball potion at the Tall Man, it was as if Xinya gave the signal for the rest of his party to start attacking the monster. Melting Snow was the first to jump forward, becoming a blur as he slashed at the monster with his swords. His flare dog also joined the fight, the two of them started attacking the Tall Man in tandem.

Once Xinya's potion wore off, one of the Tall Man's tentacles grabbed Melting Snow and another one grabbed his Flare dog and slam them to the floor before throwing them. The sound when Melting Snow landed was a sickening crunch. The Tall Man turned his attention to Xinya and using his tentacles like whips the Tall Man attacked him.

The Tall Man was attacking him so fast, that Xinya could barely dodge, let alone take out a potion to defend himself with. Seeing that Xinya was in trouble Wei used her light skill to knock the monster away from him.

While she kept using her skill to knock back the monster, Melting Snow once again entered the fight. He was running quickly around the monster, attacking from every side never staying in one place too long, so the monster couldn't lock on to him.

Xinya on the other hand while Melting Snow and Wei were attacking, threw a combination of the Flora Attack and Mini-fireball potion at the Tall Man to keep it immobile and do some damage to it. Sadly, his Dreaming Dust potion didn't work on this type of monster.

Wandering Sound watch as the health of the monster went down and felt a little down that he couldn't contribute much, two of his four attacks weren't working on the Tall Man. He was using Soprano Blast this whole fight and that skill wasn't damaging the monster that much. He wanted to use Liturgy of the Damned, but with that being such a mana killer, he could only use it in emergencies.

While the four of them focused on the fighting the Tall Man they didn't see some of the wisp-like creatures sneak up behind them. One of them grabbed Wei by the hair and threw her hard enough that she hit the wall. The impact cost her over 150 health, hearing Wei scream, Xinya became distracted and didn't throw the Flora attack potion on time, which led to the Tall Man once again breaking free.

The Tall Man proceeded to quickly shoot a red substance from its tentacle at Xinya, which caused him to fall back on the floor in a confused state. He felt as if he was drugged, making his movement difficult.

[The Tall Man used Désorienter Goo on you! You will be addled for 2 minutes!]

"Drifting Cloud, what wrong? Why aren't you getting up?" Wandering Sound asked as he attacked the tiny wisps creatures that were coming towards them.

"The monster did something to me, I won't be able to move for two minutes," Xinya replied.

As Xinya lied on the floor he could see, Wei fighting off two of the wisp monsters, Melting Snow trying to handle the Tall Man by himself, and five little wisp monster coming closer to him and Wandering Sound. The only thing he could think of at that moment was, 'shit!'