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108 The Banquet Pt 4

 After everyone was seated once again, the Mayor picked up a giant golden bell from the table and rang it twice. A door on the other side of the banquet slid open, and a long table covered with the most appetizing food that Xinya ever has seen, besides his own was rolled out into view.

The table was at least seven feet long, filled to the brim with different types of food. There were all sorts of soup, meat, vegetables, and other types of dishes. The variety of food was immense and Xinya knew that it probably took a long time to make it all.

Once the table was presented to the guests, the three chefs rolled it to the space against the left wall of the banquet hall. When the table was in position, the three chefs took their places behind it, ready to serve up the food.

Seeing the chefs standing in their respective spots, the Mayor once again rung the golden bell. The door opened once again this time revealing, another seven-foot-long table, but this time it was covered with desserts, with the cake Xinya made sitting in the center.

"I can't believe how beautiful your cake is, even surrounded by all of those other desserts," Wei whispered to Xinya while gazing at all of the delicious looking desserts that were on the table, just waiting to be eaten.

Xinya just nodded at her not saying anything, but he couldn't help but be proud of how his cake turned out. Trying not to be overconfident, but he thought that it would probably taste better than most things on that table. Then again he did dislike cherries and there were a lot of cherry type desserts on the table.

The dessert table was rolled over to a space on the right side of the banquet hall by three different chefs. Xinya looked all three over, but none of them were Junipère. Xinya let out a sigh, it seemed like he would need to think of another idea now.

Just as he was about to go back to the drawing board, another chef quickly walked out the door where the food came from and hurried to the dessert table. When Xinya saw the short, blonde man come out from the door, he felt a great sense of relief. He thought that his idea might have a chance of working now.

The Mayor rung the bell once again while saying in a loud, booming voice, "Dinner is served! The servants will come around and tell you when it's your turn to go and fill up your plate."

While he was talking, a couple of servants brought dishes filled with food to the Mayor and the people seated at the table of honor. It seemed that they were exempt from having to make their plates. Xinya understood why, but if this was real life, it would seem as if the Mayor was putting himself above the common people.

"After you finish dinner," The Mayor continued, "Summon a servant over, so they can clear off your table and escort you over to the dessert table. Now commence with dinner everyone."

Once the applause was over the Mayor sat back down and begin eating, while the servants went around calling up five tables at a time. By the time it was Xinya and his friends turn, Melting Snow was practically salivating.

Xinya always had a feeling that Melting Snow was a little foodie at heart. Well luckily for him, Xinya was willing to feed him, plus after the update, because his race is beastman, he would need to eat more food than any other race.

After the update, Xinya knew that Melting Snow would be similar to those hobbits that Xinya read about long ago. Although it wouldn't be that bad, he wouldn't need to eat 7 times a day like them, only 4-5 depending on the size of the meal.

Beastmen became an expensive class to play because of this since the cost of food items skyrocketed. There were only two recipes that Xinya knew of that could keep a beastman satisfied that after eating it they would only need to eat once more that day.

These recipes, although not hard to get, was hard to make because of the ingredients needed for it. One of the recipes was out of Xinya's reach, it had an ingredient that he would never be able to find in this region and buying it all the time would be expensive, but the other recipe, well that was something else entirely. All he needed to do was find it.

"Come on, Drifting Cloud. Let's go grab some food." Melting Snow said while holding the silver tray the servant gave him, heading to the dinner table.

Shaking his head at the boy's eagerness, Xinya followed him with Wandering Sound and Wei trailing behind. Once he arrived he saw that Melting Snow was already filling up his tray with food, mostly meat, and pasta. He was a young kid, after all, there was no way he would want any of the vegetables.

Xinya was about to chastise him since young kids need vegetables to grow, but then remembered that this is a game and let him pick any food he wanted to. Looking at the table, he saw that the food was separated into an appetizer, salad, soup, vegetables, starch, fish, and beef.

Going down the table he decided to try a dish he never had from each of the sections. He got some canapes, radish salad, pumpkin soup, broccoli and cauliflower gratin, brown sugar-glazed salmon, and beef medallions.

After getting everything from the dinner table that they wanted they went back to their table and begin to eat. Xinya was gobsmacked at how delicious everything was, the food was way better than what he could make at the moment. Opening up his interface, he checked the food only to see that it was made by a master chef.

It was only scored two stars, and Xinya realized that a two-star dish made by a master will always be better than a dish scored four stars made by him. He would need to train his cooking, he wanted to be able to make food like this.

Melting Snow, who was trying to sneak a piece of salmon off Xinya plate, saw Xinya eyes fire up as he ate and knew that soon he will be able to test more yummy food. When everyone finished their dinner, the servants came over and started clearing off their tables and escorting them over to the dessert table.

This was Xinya chance, once he was over there he would ask Junipère if he could introduce him to the Mayor. The best scenario is that he could, but the worst is that he can't, and if he can't, well he will just think of another way to get close to the Mayor.

Who knew that things would turn out better than what he expected, after making his way to the dessert table, Junipère greeted him and pulled him aside.

"I was so worried, you would decide not to come," Junipère said.

"Why were you worried?" Xinya asked.

Sighing, Junipère replied, "My boss knew I wasn't the one who made the cake. He said and I quote: 'That cake is too good to be your work.'

"Are you in trouble?" Questioned Xinya.

"Nope, I just said that I made it with a friend." Junipère begin. "But the Mayor came in as I was telling my boss that. He already rewarded me and now wants to reward you by sitting at your table after he cuts the cake later."

"That's great. I will look forward to meeting him." Xinya said genuinely happy. It seems the game is working in his favor. After grabbing some desserts Xinya went back to his table to wait.