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107 The Banquet Pt 3

 "There's no use staring." Wandering Sound said. "I doubt that the so-called Mayor is going to slip up again."

Turning back around to face everyone, Xinya replied, "Your right, I think we need a way to make this fake Mayor show if true colors."

"Do you have any idea how to go about it?" Wei asked.

Not yet, but give me a while, I will come up with something." Xinya replied.

Touching Xinya's arm to get his attention, Melting Snow cheerfully said, "I will help you think of something too."

"I know you will," Xinya said while rubbing Melting Snow's hair.

The four of them begin discussing what they should do to trigger the quest, but after an hour, none of them had a good idea. Melting Snow was getting the feeling that maybe they wouldn't be able to trigger a quest after all. Although he longed for adventure, he didn't mind waiting for the next one, being with Drifting Cloud was good enough.

Seeing that they weren't going to come up with anything anytime soon, Xinya thought that they should just try to enjoy themselves. It was a banquet after all and who knows maybe when they took their mind off the problem a solution would come to them.

Another reason why he thought that they should enjoy themselves for a bit was, Wei. Xinya saw how she wistfully looked at the couples out there on the dance floor while they were talking. He knew what she was thinking, the couples swirling bodies, moving rhythmically to music in harmony, looked like something out of a fairytale.

Xinya knew how appealing that was to her, plus he didn't know if they would be able to ever have a chance to go to another one of these types of events. Even though there is a potential quest here doesn't mean they couldn't enjoy themselves also.

"How about we stop thinking about this potential quest for a while," Xinya started. "We have been mulling over what we should do for an hour now. Let's relax for a while and maybe an idea will come to us."

Wandering Sound nodded his head agreeing with him, "Drifting Cloud is right, maybe while we are enjoying ourselves an opportunity might appear."

"Your right, we should go and enjoy ourselves!" Wei said way too quickly like she couldn't wait to do something else.

Xinya just looked at her and smirked knowing exactly what she was thinking. "I feel like there is something, you want to go and do. Am I right, Roaming Wind?"

"What are you talking about?" Wei said shyly. "I'm just agreeing with both of you."

"Sure you are." Xinya snickered.

Wandering Sound gave Drifting Cloud a glance, wondering what he was conveying. Seeing his glance, Xinya just smiled and cocked his head discreetly to the people dancing. Wandering Sound's eyes widened in enlightenment and looked at Roaming Wind knowingly.

Standing up, Wandering Sound walked in front of Wei's chair and held out his hand, "Roaming Wind, would you give me the honor of dancing with me."

"S...sure," Wei stuttered, blushing slightly as she took Wandering Sound's hand.

As Xinya watched as Wei and Wandering Sound walk towards the dance floor a small smile played on his face. This was Wei's princess moment, the moment all little girls dream of as soon as their parents let them watch their first princess movie.

They would dream about going to a ball and having the boy they like to ask them to dance. Well most girls anyway, some would want to be like the princesses that could kick ass, and some would want to do both. Xinya knew that Wei always wanted both.

Watching as the two of them twirled around the dance floor, made Xinya happy but at the same time, he felt a bit lonely. He doesn't think he would ever find someone for himself, not with all of his issues. Just as he was about to start a pity party for himself, Melting snow nudged him.

"Hey, Drifting Cloud, when do you think they will bring the food out? I really want to try some, you know just to compare it to yours." Melting Snow said.

Looking around Xinya saw that the banquet tables that should be filled with food weren't set out yet. A banquet without food, was no banquet at all, was Xinya's thought as he looked around. Thinking that maybe the Mayor wanted the food to make a grand entrance, Xinya turned to Melting Snow and told him exactly that.

"Maybe we will see Junipère since he would probably be one of the chefs bringing the food." Melting Snow said.

It was like a light bulb suddenly went off in Xinya's head. "You are a genius, Melting Snow."

"Well, I do try to be one." Melting Snow puffed up, while confusingly asking, "So, why am I a genius?"

"I just figured out how we can trigger this quest, and Junipère is the key we need," Xinya explained.

Intrigued, Melting Snow asked, "What do you mean?"

Xinya begins explaining in detail his idea, and why Junipère was needed, but this idea would only work if Junipère came out to bring the food. If not then he would have to think of something else.


Fifteen Minutes Earlier

When Wandering Sound asked Wei to dance she was extremely excited, but it wasn't until they were at the dance floor that she realized she couldn't dance. Panicking, she wondered what she should do. She couldn't just tell Wandering Sound that she didn't want to dance anymore, that wouldn't go over well.

As if sensing her panic, Wandering Sound asks, "Is there something wrong, Roaming Wind?"

"I just realized I can't dance," Wei replied, deciding to tell Wandering Sound the truth. "Maybe we should return back to the table."

Smiling, Wandering Sound grabbed her around her waist and pulled her close, "Don't worry, it's fine if you can't dance. Just let me lead you."

"Alright," Wei said as Wandering Sound began to move around the floor with her.

As Wandering Sound began to twirl her around the dance floor, she couldn't believe how well she was doing, until she got a notification saying that she just learned the dancing skill. That's when she remembered that she was inside of a game, of course, she would catch on faster than she would in the real world.

She begins to truly enjoy herself once she realized she wouldn't step on Wandering Sound's feet like she thought she would. Wandering Sound suddenly spun her around, before dipping her, the dance move was very elaborate, like something out of a movie.

As he slowly pulled her up, bringing her close enough for their faces to touch, he whispered to her, "Are you having fun?"

Before Wei could answer a bell rung, causing the music to stop all around them. The Mayor once again called everyone to attention.

"Please be seated everyone," The Mayor started. "The food is about to be brought in."


Deleted Scene:

As Wandering Sound and Wei twirled around the dance floor, Wandering Sound suddenly starts singing the lyrics, "You spin me right round, baby, right round..."

"You have a good singing voice," Wei said, not knowing how else to reply, beginning to think something was wrong with him.