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104 Finished Produc

 Once the cakes were completely cooled, Xinya grabbed the largest pan. Carefully he removed the cake from within and proceeded to place it on an empty cake stand. The cake stand was something Xinya found in the kitchen cabinets, it was white, round and big enough to hold the cake he made easily.

He frosted the top of the cake that could become the bottom piece carefully. Making sure the frosting was spread evenly on the top of the cake before proceeding to stack and frost the other four cakes in the same way.

Once all five cakes were stacked and their tops were frosted, Xinya begins to coat the entire outside of the cake with the rest of the frosting in the bowl. By the time he was done smoothing the frosting so that the cake had a clean sharp look, there wasn't a bare spot to be seen.

The frosting was finished so now it was time to start decorating the cake. Opening up his inventory Xinya took out the design that Junipère gave him. Tearing the scroll in two, it dissolved, being collected into his recipe journal in a small section under the Pink Champagne Velvet Layer cake recipe.

Clicking it, a 3D image of how the cake would look with the design appeared. The design itself was simple, the cake was to be covered with roses on the top two layers. The design showed two ways of doing it, one way was to make candy roses. Which Xinya couldn't do since he didn't have the materials or recipe on how to make them.

The second way was to make the roses by piping them out with frosting. This was the only option that Xinya could choose to do. Besides roses, the design also called for putting strawberries and raspberries on the outer edges of the last three tiers of the cake.

Xinya thought that the cake in the 3D projection looked simply outstanding. He hoped that he could make his cake just as beautiful as it was in the projection. He didn't want to think of himself as being cocky, but he thought that he could.

Preparing a pastry bag, Xinya laid it down next to the bowl that the leftover frosting was in. From the design, Xinya saw that the frosting roses were red, so he needed to change the color of the frosting he made.

Remembering the bottle of rose petal blood he got from John's grocery shop, he pulled it from his inventory. Rose petal blood is a special ingredient that changes the color of food, it not only changes the color but gives off the lingering scent of roses that will refresh the person who eats it.

Dropping a few drops of the rose petal blood into the bowl of frosting, he stirred it for a while. It took about 30 seconds before the frosting turned a bright rose red. Scooping the frosting into the pastry bag Xinya was ready to decorate.

Before doing so he glanced at Melting Snow, he was being awfully quiet which was unlike him. When he looked at him he saw that Melting Snow was looking at him expectantly. Curious as to why he was doing so, he saw Melting Snow glance down at the counter and then back at him.

Looking down at the counter, Xinya saw the bowl he was using, which still had trace amounts of frosting inside of it. Smiling, Xinya now knew why Melting Snow was being so quiet and well behaved. He used to do the same when his mother was alive and she was baking. The more well behaved he was the more rewards he got at the end.

Xinya picked up the bowl from the counter and held it out to him, "Do you want the leftover frosting, Melting Snow?"

"How did you know I wanted it?" Melting Snow asked, rushing over to take the bowl. "It's like you read my mind or something."

Laughing at how silly Melting Snow was being, he watched as the boy took the bowl of frosting back to the table he was sitting at and start eating it. If the blissed-out expression that Melting Snow had on his face meant anything than Xinya knew that he succeeded in making it delicious.

"After you finish with this quest, you so have to make me something as good as this." Melting Snow said while licking his fingers.

"I already plan to," Xinya replied while taking out some strawberries and raspberries to use for the cake.

Melting Snow stopped eating and looked at Xinya very excited, "Do you mean it?"

"I wouldn't say something I didn't mean," Xinya said beginning to decorate the cake.

After 30 minutes Xinya had finally finished decorating the cake. A ding sounded notifying him that his cake was complete.

[Pink Champagne Velvet Layer Cake has been completed!!]

[Pink Champagne Velvet Layer Cake evaluation: Taste 4 stars/ Quality 4 stars/ Presentation 3.5 stars!]

[Cooking has leveled up!]

[Catering has leveled up!]

'Hmm.. a 3.5 on presentation.' Xinya pondered why he got that score and the only thing he could think of was that he used frosting to make the roses instead of making the candy ones. He still thought the cake looked beautiful without the candy roses. Thinking that he missed something he started inspecting the cake for any flaws. So immersed with looking the cake over that Xinya didn't hear Wei and Wandering Sound walk in.

"Wow, so beautiful," Said an awestruck Wei as she walked into the kitchen, startling Xinya from his inspection. "I can't believe you made this,  Drifting Cloud."

Melting Snow agreed with Wei, nodding his head at her statement, "I know right, I was here watching as he made it and still can't believe how great it turned out."

"Why are you acting as I have never cooked before?" Xinya asked.

"Not on this scale," Wei said while gesturing at the size of the cake.

Looking at the size of the cake, Xinya wondered if he could make it in real life, "I guess you're right."

"Drifting Cloud told me he is going to make me something better than this," Melting Snow suddenly said.

"Really?" Wandering Sound asked. "I hope you share it with the rest of us."

"I'll think about it." Melting Snow replied causing the other three to smile.


Checking the timer on the quest Xinya realized he only had 30 minutes left to deliver the cake to Junipère or there would be trouble. Opening up his inventory, Xinya tried to put the cake inside only to be stopped by a notification.

[Quest Item is not allowed to be put in inventory!!]

That's when Xinya realized that he was in trouble, he was expected to carry this giant cake all the way to Mayor's mansion, through crowded streets, and on a gravelly road with loose rocks.

As Xinya stood there thinking how much of a pain this was going to be only one word came to mind, "Shit!'

"Drifting Cloud language!" Wei yelled at him. "There are young ears here."

Melting Snow just rolled his eyes at her, "How old do you think I am? Five?! I have heard worse."

"What's wrong, Drifting Cloud?" Wandering Sound asked, ignoring the other two.

"I can't put the cake inside of my inventory, I have to carry it to the Mayor's house," Xinya said irritated.

"We will help you." Melting Snow said.

"Yeah, me and Wandering Sound can clear away obstacles as you walk and Melting Snow can help you carry it," Wei explained.

"That's a good idea Roaming Wind, who knew you had one in you." Wandering Sound said as he and Xinya looked at Wei with pride.

Wei just huffed and elbowed Wandering Sound in the side before saying, "I do have a few good ideas from time to time, you know."

"Alright let's do it, I only have 28 minutes left before it needs to be there," Xinya said.

Going over to the counter, Xinya and Melting Snow picked up the giant cake and begin to maneuver it outside of the boathouse, with Wei and Wandering Sound leading the way out. Everything was going smoothly until they got to the steps of the boat that led down to land.

It was quite an ordeal trying to walk down those steps, Xinya had to walk down them backward because It was the better option than letting Melting snow do it. There was only one mishap but luckily Wandering Sound came to the rescue. He then proceeded to keep his hand on Xinya back as he walked down the rest of the stairs to keep him steady.

Wei found a shortcut while using her map, causing them to walk beside the lake. Which was a plus for Xinya since he could walk in the water, wetting his feet, making his water needs, go down. After ten minutes of walking on the rocky, watery shores of the lake, they reached a road.

The road was empty for the most part only a few people walking around. Wei explained to them that once they cross it, they would only need to cut through a back alley and they would arrive behind the mayor's house.

The walk was easier said than done, after a couple of mishaps, such as, Melting Snow tripping over a rock, Wei bumping into a person, which almost knocked her back onto the cake. If it wasn't for Wandering Sound catching her the cake would have been squashed.

Even with all those mishaps, 8 minutes later they arrived with the cake safely and sound at the back of the Mayor's mansion, only to find Junipère waiting. He showed a giant smile once he saw Xinya holding the cake.