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98 Looking at dresses

 Using his sturdy knife, the boy began taking off the leftover skin that was on the monster's legs and any other spot that the skin was stuck to the meat. "Your one of the few people who could watch me do this without vomiting on the spot, I must commend you."

Xinya noticed that the red-headed boy had a smirk playing around his lips and understood that the boy knew he was watching him since a long while ago and was just messing with him. Xinya wanted to be upset by the boy's actions but he thought it would be best not to yell at someone who knew how to skin a body.

"Well, I'm sort of a chef, I'm used to handling meat." Xinya started. "This is just the first time I'm witnessing someone taking the meat directly from a monster's body."

The boy laughed, "You amuse me, would you like to learn how to do it yourself?"

[Quest Triggered!]

Xinya was about to say no, although it was a useful skill to have, pulling entrails out of a monster's body was something Xinya could live without. Just as he was about to decline he remembered the Death Flower and how it grows.

He began to second think his decision, If he were to get the skill he could use the parts of the monster he doesn't use for food to help him grow the Death flower. He would just have to find a place to store it so it would become rotten and he should be good to go.

Seeing how much the skill would benefit him, he swallowed his doubts and said, "Yes I would very much like to learn how you did it."

"Wonderful," the red-headed boy said with glee.

[Quest Created!]

John the owner of this prestigious butcher shop has way too many monster carcasses to skin, and he needs to send 20 pounds of meat to the mayor's house for a banquet by tomorrow. John needs you to help him skin 15 monster carcasses, so he will be able to make his deadline and not lose his credibility with the mayor.

Reward: 2500 exp / 15 bronze coins / Learn: Field Dressing

Xinya sort of felt like he had been tricked, but since it was too late to back out of it now he just went with it. Walking to the counter Xinya asked John to show him what he wanted him to do.


After Wei separated from Wandering Sound the first thing she did was go check out the shops. To be more specific the clothing shops, one thing that Wei was really excited about besides making money when she started playing this game was checking out the different styles of clothes in the game.

Before she got the pod for Haven Online, she would go on the forums, mostly to search what class she wanted to get, but also to check out the different types of clothing the game offers. There was a feature in this game where a player could hide their armor for costume clothing.

A lot of people took advantage of this feature, mostly girls when they are hanging around town going on dates with their boyfriends. This feature is also there for fashion designers, just as there are idol singers in Haven Online there are fashion designers.

There is a good percent of tailors in this game that wants to break into the fashion industry, there are even yearly contests where a player can design a fashion line and the players around the world can vote for which one they like.

The top ten competitors would then compete, being judged by the very top people in the fashion industry. The winner would get $100,000, a contract with one of the elite fashion companies and their fashion line mass-produced in the real world.

Wei would follow the competitions every year since the game came out, she never wanted to design clothes herself but she dreamed about wearing those clothes a lot. Those designers always created the most beautiful clothes that she had ever seen.

Wei had promised herself that once she gets a lot of coins she would get one of those outfits that she had fawned over for years. She would get one in-game and in real life, but she knew she would have to wait a long time before she could make that happen. Although, right now she would settle for one of the NPC made dresses.

Sadly, she didn't have the coin for even an NPC outfit right now but that didn't mean she couldn't look. With that thought in mind, she found the nearest clothing shop and rushed to it. It didn't take her long to find one. Hurrying inside, her mouth opened in awe at the sight of all of those lovely outfits.

Walking farther inside, she browsed through the outfits until she saw something that caught her eye, it was a glittering white elven princess dress. Taking it off the rack, Wei couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It was one of those sheath dresses that was cut to fit tightly through the body.

It highly tailored through the waist and hips and fitted through the full length. It was embellished with blue trims and elegant buttons on the sleeves. There was also some blue lacing on the back to ensure it fits nicely.

Moving to one of the mirrors she put the dress up in front of her and imagined herself wearing it. She wonders what Wandering Sound would say if she showed up wearing this. As she pictured it her face began to turn red, she would really like to see his reaction.

Wei was so caught up in her imagination that she didn't the young woman behind the counter looking at her warmly. The woman was very interested in what the young girl was thinking as she stared in the mirror hold the dress that she made.

Leaving the counter the woman walked slowly over to the girl, slightly amused that the girl had yet to take notice of her. Seeing that she wouldn't the woman cleared her throat and began to speak.

"You seem to really like that dress." A woman's voice said startling Wei out of her fantasy.

Blushing, Wei put down the dress and said, "Yes, I think it looks very beautiful."

"Thank you I designed it myself." The woman came over to Wei and took the dress out of her hand and held it back up against Wei." It would look beautiful on you. Are you going to buy it?"

Wei just shook her head, while caressing the satin material of the dress, "There is no way I could afford to buy something like this."

The woman was moved by the care that the young woman in front of her, took when handling her creation. It's been a long time since she saw someone's eyes light up by just looking at the clothes she made. It made her very happy and she wanted to make the girl as happy as she made her.

"What if you pay for it in another way?" the woman said.

Wei was slightly confused and was about to ask her what she meant when a notification appeared in front of her face:

[Quest Triggered!!]

"What do you mean?" Wei asked excitement showing in her voice as she asked.

The woman just answered Wei's question with another one, "This dress, are you willing to work for it?"

Wei finally understood where the woman was going with this and was extremely excited, she didn't mind working hard if it meant that she could have this dress.

"Yes, I'm most definitely am willing to work for this dress just tell me what you want me to do," Wei said.

[Quest Created!]

Mary Joe the clothing shop owner is in a slump, her designs haven't been selling as they did before. She wants you to help her creative juices to start flowing again. She would like you to go around the city and talk to the townspeople to learn their likes and dislikes. Once you interview 20 people, Mary Joe will reward you for your help.

Reward: 200 experience/ One Clothing Voucher

Mary Joe reiterated everything that the quest stated while giving some additional information. She also handed Wei a clipboard with a questionnaire on it, so Wei would know what to ask the people she finds around the city.

"Don't worry Mary Jo, I will make sure to get the information you need," Wei told her with a smile.

Mary Joe just gave Wei a smile and told her, "I know you will and I will be looking forward to seeing the answers you get from the townspeople."

Waving goodbye, Wei rushed out of the shop and started roaming around town, there were people everywhere she looked but she still didn't know how to start this quest. She never realized how hard it could be to walk up to a total stranger and start asking them questions.

She really wishes that Xinya was here, he would be able to help her, but as soon as that thought started she shut it down. She needed to stop relying on Xinya all of the time and do things for herself.

She is the one who wants the dress, so she needs to be brave enough to go out there and get it. Mustering up her courage she walked up to the first female NPC she saw and started talking.